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Resolutions are Like Assholes, Everyone Has One

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness.What I love about New Years ( ya, ya, you’re all sick of hearing about the NY, I get it ) is that most of us are in it together.

And when it comes to a new year, we can all relate to wanting to wash the slate clean, right?

I mean, resolutions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Like, how often have you heard: NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!!!!

Gag me.

It’s kinda true though: year after year, we all want to do better. Be a better friend, work harder, sweat more, eat less, blah, blah, blah.

( Side note: I would love to find out how many actually follow through with their resolution ).

So anyway my 2014 resolution? I’m living in the now.

I’m sick of hearing: “the best is yet to come.”

For me, the best is today.

Because why wouldn’t I make the best of today?

I’m not going to rely on ‘the best coming.’

Like, sorry.

And taking that a step further: I’m not looking in the rear view mirror.

I’m living in the now.

No making excuses for today’s behavior because of the past.


“I was bullied in high school so it’s hard to be in social settings.”

“When I was 24 I went through the worst breakup ever so I don’t want to ever date again.”

“My upbringing was way too tough so I don’t ever want a family of my own.”

I can’t deal.

ESP when people do this over & over…so I’m holding myself accountable to make sure that I’m not using the past to justify the now.

I guess what I’m saying is that if negative things have happened in the past, look forward, not backward.


What’s your 2014 resolution? Are you over hearing every single person in the world’s resolution? I’m guessing yes?

Either way: happy Friday!

x L

  1. Totally agree with you. It’s so much better to just live in the NOW, and not try to predict the whole year. Striving for perfection inevitably leads to failure.

  2. No joke, my friend and I were just talking about this. “New Year New Me” makes my eyes roll. It’s certainly an overrated cliche. I wish people would put forth that effort on any given day. I don’t get why New Years is so special for resolutions. I like yours though. It’s a good one. Living in the now.

  3. I LOVE this!!!!!! So true. No point wasting your life away 🙂 here’s to 2014!


  4. This is so true…I actually could never understand why people come up with New Year’s resolutions if most never follow them anyway. If you feel like changing anything in your life why wait till New Year, we have every single day to develop ourselves and be better. Because it does not really matter what date the calender shows, it is how you feel inside that matters.

  5. My job is literally killing me. I am very healthy but it has given me enormous amounts of stress and an ulcer at 30 years old. This year I am committed to living a more abundant life, starting with finding a new job.

  6. NYE is amaze because of the party, the end. I don’t get caught up in resolutions. Sure, using a new year as a time to take stock of your life is great. But setting yourself up for failure is not.

  7. First post i’ve read from you and you made me totally belly laugh at the title. Awesome post, and definately on point. I wanted to tear my own face off at my facebook news feed on New years eve and day from people having rediculously sentimental statuses, like ‘oh this year has been like crazy rollercoaster of tears and crabs, but this year it’s a new me!’ – Raarrrr!!

    Anyways, really liked your post love! 😀


  8. Love your resolution! I hope you manage to stick to it!

    I just have a list of things I want to do in 2014, rather than a general resolution for the year.

    Great post 🙂

  9. Hahah It’s so true! I do always have the resolution of finally getting fit/skinny.. But I never really follow through.. And it’s silly, you don’t need one day in the year to turn around your life/make changes for the better. So totally agree live in the now! And if you want to change, just do it now! Not tomorrow or next year :p

  10. Why do people wait for the new year to change the way they do things. The best time for a new resolution to start is now, not tomorrow!

  11. Couldn’t agree more. Life is what you make it, right? My goal this year is to improve on being present, living with intention, and holding myself accountable. AKA, be in charge of my own decisions and back them proudly without falling back on excuses/ my environment/ etc. Cheers to a new year!!

  12. I really like your resolution. I agree with this, so many of us are “waiting” for life to get better or perfect, and sometimes only more obstacles get in the way and we didn’t appreciate what we have/had. I like the idea of resolutions just because I think we should always try to improve ourselves over time. It’s nice to reflect and make changes. I think we should do it year round though, and not just at New Year’s.

  13. In complete agreement. So much so that I couldn’t even come up with a resolution this year except simply to love my life. I did complete my resolution last year which was to get closer to my pre-relationship weight the healthy way. But this loving life thing is way better than simply losing weight.

  14. I agree 100%! I wish I lived more in the now! I always have goals “for the future” and I always seem to kinda think I can get around to them! With 2014 starting I decided to go after one and start my blog! I’m pretty excited about it!

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