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Relationship Realness With The Nanz

the nanz is back 1 the skinny confidential
the nanz is back 2 the skinny confidential

She’s backkkkkkkkkkkkk.

That’s right, the Nanz is back & is as feisty as ever.

If you don’t know the Nanz… who are you? Read this post first & then come back.

But basically she’s a gangster.

SO much SO that guess who’s making a guest appearance on The Skinny Confidential Podcast next week?…..; ) let’s hope she rocks her pink bomber with pristine white nails. I live for her latest look.

Ok relationship time. Oh yes, this is where it gets fun. Listen, the Nanz is going to get specific. Are you ready? She’s a real hoot:

| Hi kitty, what’s your secret relationship tip: |

The Nanz: Oh, first the two ‘H’s.’ Honesty & humor.

Then the two ‘C’s.’ Compassion & character.

You have to have honesty with a person because if you’re ever dishonest, then the other person will never trust you again. That’s a must. Also you have to have humor. You have to laugh at things together. As you build your life together, you can go back & laugh on funny instances.

For the two ‘C’s,’ you need compassion & character. Be deeply compassionate. Wanting to be the best that you can be. Character is for everybody. You have to have depth & character in a relationship. Character should be a part of the personality.

| Biggest mistake women can make in a relationship: |

TN: Smothering ( she laughed like a cackling jackal for 1 minute straight here ).

If you just hover over someone all the time, it’s too much. You have to pay attention – be smart but don’t hover.

Give each other a little space. Don’t smother them.

Lauryn, in my eyes isn’t smothering. When I’m around her, she is never hovering over Michael. Hahaha ( another cackle ).

the nanz is back 4 the skinny confidential

| OK kitty, what’s something you can do for your partner that seems little but makes a BIG difference? |

TN: Respect. It’s not so little.

Look at me giving advice, I’m no champion on this.

…But you need respect. Always show respect. Never put each other down.

A little back rub, a little massage, cook something nice you know they like, always look out for their benefit and try to make them feel happy with their surrounds.

OH, cleanliness, that’s another C that’s important in a relationship! Don’t you think so, Lauryn? Get that?

Oh my God, you don’t want to have dirty nails or not shower regularly. Keep your hair clean. Grooming is important to keep up. It’s important to a relationship. You don’t want dirty-ass clothes ( YES, she did say dirty-ass, for the record – she’s been reading too much TSC? ).

Cleanliness is maybe a deal breaker, don’t you think?

| How do kids affect a relationship? |

TN: They change the focus.

You can’t only focus on each other & your desires all the time anymore. The kids have to be considered first. You train them by example. They pick up things. Your manners, how you talk – they start to do things how their parents do them.

It’s definitely something where you can’t be single-minded.

You’re together trying to build a family which is important in the long-run. You can’t just focus on yourself anymore or your partner.

The rewards are tremendous. People think “oh don’t let it get boring.” No matter what you do in life, there are parts of it that are boring.

But if you’ve got a sense of humor, you start laughing about it.

| Best hobbies in relationships? |

TN: Reading is terrific.

Picking up a sport together that you both like. Even if it’s horseback riding or… whatever. Something that you like doing together. There are other things besides sports but you build on a hobby together.

Music, site-seeing, walking, & decorating are my favorites.

In Lauryn & Michael’s life they love their dogs so much. They enjoy it. You need that kind of closeness.

the nanz is back 5 the skinny confidential

| Out of all the relationships you’ve had, what did a guy do that was just SO annoying? |

TN: I’ve never thought about that.

You either enjoy someone’s company or you don’t.

Either I just want to see them again or I don’t. I think personality or humor helps for a great companionship. Companionship is a huge part of a relationship. You share it together.

Focus on the positive. Definitely. You will have negatives. It wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t. You can create the feeling around your scene by having some lighthearted-ness.

| If you could give all The Skinny Confidential readers one piece of relationship advice in one sentence, what would it be? |

TN: Kindness. Be kind to each other.

+ she doesn’t have an Instagram ( YET ), however she will be making multiple appearances on my Snapchat this weekend.

++ btw, this is my blouse ( some of you asked! ). She borrowed it because looks way chicer than me. You can find it here. Her glasses are fab too, right.

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the nanz is back 3 the skinny confidential

  1. Omg I love this!!! Love her advice. So true!!! Love isn’t perfect, you’ll have fights but as long as you respect each other and focus on the positives, everything else will work out!

  2. ummmmm can we get a link to that chic black and white blouse?! she is the best! Also loved the part about “either I want to see them again or not”. I love that there are no shades of gray with her & relationships. You two kittens have a great weekend! 😉 x Shannon

    1. OH MY GOD Shannon, get this!! It’s my blouse that she borrowed. LOL. You can find it here. I love it!

    1. These aren’t ads. They’re called Pub Exchange. Basically sharing traffic to other blogger/sites that are similar to The Skinny Confidential. I am not being compensated at all for these. There are absolutely no ad’s on my site, just traffic exchange.

  3. She has a great smile, looks like a movie star!
    That’s the hard truth about life being boring sometimes … just have to mentally give yourself a slap in the face and try to find some interest in what needs to be done!
    I like the top as well, Ralph Lauren has some nice tunics that would be amazing for work / summer!

  4. SHE IS SO EFFIN CUTE, I CAN’T. I love her and her advice she is fiesty like you said…like I seriously need to meet her and shake her hand.

  5. TN: Smothering ( she laughed like a cackling jackal for 1 minute straight here ).

    If you just hover over someone all the time, it’s too much. You have to pay attention – be smart but don’t hover.

    — how related are you guys? HA. Seriously – that quote is so YOU!!! Just hang around – ENOUGH. Be SMART. HA

    Love her – she’s the cutest.

    Hoping your well babe!

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