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Reebok x The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

Ahhh– it’s official: spring is finally here!


As you guys know I’m a huge fan of black, grey, white but a lil color during springtime never hurt a flea.

So today I’m excited to share the new periwinkle Reebok #Skyscape kicks I’ve been rocking! They’re super comfortable/lightweight & add that pop of color to my normal black/grey/white get-up. Also, for extra flair I added a gold ankle bracelet.

Side note: tennis shoes are making a major comeback— I’m so over ten inch heels that kill my feet, ESP in hot weather. Tennis shoes are sexy in an understated way.

Don’t believe me? Welp, believe Miranda Kerr then:

Reebok x The Skinny Confidential.

Reebok x The Skinny Confidential

She loves her Reebok #Skyscapes so much that they’re all over her Instagram. Miranda ( << one of the most beautiful women in the world. I mean…right?! ) makes the #Skyscapes look so chic & sexy, I needed a pair ASAP. Check it out:

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

BTW, lucky you: Reebok is giving away a $120 gift card to customize one pair ( << created by you & only you ) of your own Skyscapes! Enter to win by simply ‘liking’ the TSC Facebook page and sharing your dream weekend plans rockin’ it in your custom Reebok Skyscapes. One lucky sex kitten will be chosen on April 23rd, 2014. Also, don’t forget to enter Reebok’s theEscape with SkyScape Sweepstakes–– basically it’s the best prize ever: an all-inclusive spa weekend for two!

Ummm…can I enter?? I need a vacay stat.

Anyway, find more on my Reebok-inspired Pin board.


{{ Shop it: black beanie ( << on sale! ) || black & gold sunglasses || grey tee || black jeans || periwinkle kicks }}

++ Giveaway closed; winner of giveaway announced 4/23: Erin Wimmer.

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

The Skinny Confidential x Reebok.

  1. My dream weekend rocking those Reeboks would be pairing them with a cute spring bikini and taking a vacay somewhere tropical! Miranda Kerr is def one of my biggest girl crushes.

  2. I’m diggin’ the new kicks! I’m finally coming to San Diego for a weekend in May with my girly friends for my dirty 30, and I think that these would be the icing on my cake! I’m a Seattle girl, who’s meant to live in So Cal…until then, I’ll keep dreaming of sunshine!

  3. Welp, I’m feeling fairly lucky as I’ve just finished planning my dream weekend out in London for my 21st Birthday this month! However, as everyone knows all too well, the city’s cobblestones are a nightmare to traverse in skyscraper heels. I need these sexy tennies to replace my painful stilettos, and give me a break during the day without making me look like a frumpster <3

  4. Those are some good looking shoes! I’d like to say I’d only wear them to work out, but let’s be honest, I’d totally wear them to the bar as well.

  5. My dream weekend plans with a new pair of custom skyscapes would be to spend the weekend at the beach on a beautiful spring/summer day with blue skies and lots of sun and walk on the sand and the boardwalk and have a great time with great company and look cute and feel comfortable doing it.
    (I liked on FB btw)

  6. My dream weekend would be rocking those reeboks to a yoga or barre class in the morning, following by brunch with the girls and lounging around

  7. My dream weekend wearing these beauties would be on my trip to New York City this summer. I would love to feel comfortable AND fashionable as I was the streets of the city, exploring with my boyfriend.

  8. my dream weekend would be no technology, leaving everything at home and just relaxing on the beach and talking a walk on the boardwalk with my n sneaks!

  9. I have been obsessed with these shoes since they announced them on on Miranda kerr’s Facebook page!
    They are so comfy and adorable but they just weren’t in my budget. 🙁
    My dream weekend would be spent near the beach. Some cute shorts, my graphic tee with the sexy peekaboo back and of course, a pair of customized reeboks skyscapes! I’d be able to do everything in them except, unfortunately, surfing! Or can I? 😀

  10. Perfect weekend with these sneaks would be a getaway to a really chill city like Louisville or Nashville and bar/restaurant/boutique hopping. Gotta look stylish without the pain that comes with heels!

  11. The perf weekend with these sneaks would be a quick getaway to a really chill city like Nashville or Louisville and bar/restaurant/boutique hopping all weekend. Gotta look stylish without the pain of high heels!

  12. I want to wear these shoes at the Saturday farmers market with a pair of cutoffs and my favorite t-shirt, and at a Sunday picnic. These would make lugging bags of fresh produce look DAMN FINE.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  13. Dream weekend would be a Saturday morn walk to the farmers market or on a hike, then Sunday afternoon to the park to play with my darling pup and cute family.

    P.S I literally wear my black and white nike’s e v e r y w h e r e because they go with everything and so so comfy. esp with warm weather. This would be a dream to win! gotta expand from nike sometime right?

    J’adore. Kaitlyn Claire

  14. My dream weekend would be laying on a beach in California and being pampered at a spa. It would be great to relax! I like you on facebook as Amanda Sakovitz. Thank you for the chance!

  15. My dream weekend would be heading somewhere warm to lay out in the sun and move around outside. I live in the twin cities and we have had the longggggest, collllldddest, snoowwwiesssttt winter in forever. Literally have spent the last 6 months posted up inside in the coziest sweaters I can get my hands on. My only release has been hot yoga which sadly is only an hour long. Would love to get outside and move around in those hot reeboks anywhere that you can wear shorts right now. literally anywhere. even deep south Alabama. ok maybe i’m exaggerating a little. 😉

    PS. black and white is my life as well. Always classy and so easy to mix up.

  16. Dream weekend, hanging out with the family, bbq, walks around the neighborhood, playing with the dog, and running around with the kid. Quality family time beats everything else!

  17. My dream weekend would be a getaway up in VT checking out the sites and festivities by for with my husband and baby! (likes you on FB as Amanda Naro!)

  18. My dream weekend rocking those Reeboks would be pairing them with some cute jean shorts and a baggy top and walking around Santa Monica and spending time by the beach!

  19. I like you on FB as JenniferAnne
    My dream weekend would involve jetting off to Cabo San Lucas for the weekend! Not that that will ever happen, but it’s fun to fantasize!

  20. Those shoes are EVERYTHING! My dream weekend plans rockin’ the reebok skyscapes would be visiting Byron Bay, Australia to walk the Lighthouse Trail like my parents did on their honey moon (in these awesome shoes) & then go surfing!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway Lauryn!

  21. My dream weekend would be walking around town enjoying the sunny weather while visiting cute coffee shops with my boyfriend! We are in a long distance relationship so a simple weekend just spending time together would be the best!

  22. my dream weekend would have to be a beautiful sunny weekend full of friends and family, going to universal studios & riding all the rides on one day, and spending the next day on the beach relaxing!!

  23. These would be PERFECT for my dream weekend of exploring DC, checking out a farmers market or meeting up with girlfriends.

  24. Those babies are perfect. I’m especially digging the purple. I’d sport those on a Saturday hike/camping trip with my love in gorgeous Colorado. Or maybe just to prance around sunny San Diego hand in hand. <3

  25. I have been seeing the Skyscapes everywhere lately…and I want a pair! My dream weekend would be heading to Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard, and spending my weekend riding a bike around the islands. And eating lots of seafood, and having cocktails by the beach. All while wearing my new Reeboks, of course! 🙂

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