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Mini DeLites x TSC’s Blogiversary

{ Tiny hand-painted arrows made by a friend } { Latest potion: oil of oregano } The Skinny Confidential launched today

Mini DeLites

{ This weekend & still drinking mocktails ; ) ( hat | top | jeans | sunnies ) } { Because I can’t stop eating

Mini DeLites | Zen Place

{ Japanese tiny candies } { Prepping for the blogger workshop; more here } { Farmer’s Market spicy kale kimichi

MmMhmmm, I’m Getting Realllllllyyy Real Today: My Birth Control Experience

Is this awkward? Hmmm. It’s not awkward for me, if it’s not awk for you guys. Ok so, A LOT

Resolutions are Like Assholes, Everyone Has One

What I love about New Years ( ya, ya, you’re all sick of hearing about the NY, I get it

Mini DeLites ( + The Lil Things )

{ PINK {!!!} raw coconut water. Pink= extra antioxidants } { Pretty excited about these metallic sponges } The little things.

WARNING: XXX RATED POST!!! All You Need to Know about KEGELS

ATTENTION: if you get offended easily, stop reading. If you’re a nun, stop reading. If you don’t have a perverted

Mini DeLites + Sober November

{ New floral bowls to match my sheets } { The cutest headpiece by 5th & Farmer } I grabbed today by

Ask Me Anything

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of questions via e-mail/Twitter/Instagram. And I think the easiest, most efficient way to answer


Apparently camel toes are a serious epidemic. I mean, really if we’re all being honest many of us have been

How to Deal With Annoying, Obnoxious Aunt Flow

Ohhhh yesss. I went there. Let’s talk periods. It shouldn’t be some top secret, taboo, hush-hush topic. I mean, if

The WTF on GMO’s

So GMO’s are kind of confusing. To be honest, I’m still learning about the little shits. In the past five

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