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The Skinny Confidential Summer Workout Playlist

[ The lovely Jordan & I with our friend Jeff ] Heyyyyyyyy beach bunnies! Summertime is around the corner, so

Mini DeLites

[ Neon colors for dying eggs ] [ Organized spice rack ] I’m big on sleep. This doesn’t mean I’ll

Traditional Pilates= Tight, Toned Abs

Who doest want to tighten up that annoying muffin top area? Classic Pilates does wonders for the core/obliques/abs. My girlfriend,

Super Food Deets

[ Yellow baby carrots ] What’s a super food? It’s a specific food that’s high in nutrients with tons of

No one likes the Freshman 15

Hi Beauties! Let’s talk about the dreaded Freshman 15… Here is a grocery list for college students [ that have


Things that are making Saturday happy: ++ In appropriate pic order. 1.) Breakfast: fresh fruit salad with a juiced lemon,

Bye-Bye Blubber!

[ Arms & abs: elevated push-ups ] [ Arms & back: WLT’s ] With all of the DIY-at-home-workouts available, there’s

Cell Rejuvenation Therapy

[ During the therapy, you’re given an eye mask & therapeutic tunes ] Useful discovery: cell rejuvenation therapy cured my

Oh, Heyyyy Bee Pollen & Flaxseed

It’s rare for my day to begin without bee pollen & flaxseed. I sprinkle it in smoothies, cereal, & oatmeal

Lululemon Ambassador: Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly is known around San Diego for her insanely motivating & challenging workouts. Every time I attend her empowering classes

Why Organic?

Recently I sat down with Jake Moss, owner of U Grow Organics. His company teaches people how to maintain &

The Training Club: Rocit

I am not a big fan of super heavy weights. It’s entirely possible to achieve long lean muscle with lighter

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