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My Favorite Free Fitness/Diet Apps

+ Women’s Health Lite app: quick exercises for women on the go. All of these you can do for home,

Motivate Yourself to Get your Butt Off the Couch & Sweat

Motivate Yourself To… …peel yourself off the couch …snack lightly, snack right …challenge yourself …take your workout to the next

Eat It, Wear It, Drink It: San Francisco Chic

Forgive my pictures; it just wasn’t practical to lug around a heavy camera while out & about, so I had

How to Recover from a Few Days of Eating like Shit

Since I stepped off the plane from SF, I’ve felt bloated, tired, & slightly hungover…until today. You know that post-Thanksgiving

Today in S.Fran

I have been in San Fran for the past couple of days on a much needed vacation- lots of fresh

Excuses are like Assholes– Everyone has One.

Excuses are like assholes. Everyone has one & they all stink. Here are some I hear all the time: +

Pretty & Cute Neon Workout Gear

[ Neon pink/yellow kicks ] [ Hot pink Under Armour top ] Last week Kirsten [ <<<< a total sweetheart

Calories, Smalories: Why I Don’t Count my Cals

[ Evolution Essential Greens juice ] [ Laughing Cow cheese wedges ] Calories, Smalories! Recently I have received a lot

Let’s Play the Guessing Game! Pick Which Food is Healthier

[ Trop 50 or Simply Orange Juice? ] [ Mayo with olive oil or light mayo? ] [ Lite syrup

How to Flatter Your Figure with Blogger Erin Brodie

Recently I talked with my GF/fashion expert, Erin Brodie on fashionable tricks to flatter your figure. The busy lady is

San Diego’s Most Delicious Sushi: Katsuya by SBE

The best ambience/sushi in San Diego? Katsuya by SBE. It turns out, this restaurant made it entirely possible for me

Ugh! I Hate Getting Sick

[ Westin, Michael, and I at Wood & Vine in LA ] Yesterday we had to go up to LA

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