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REAL TALK: How Much Weight I Gained During Pregnancy


No for real though, you’d find loaves of fresh sourdough bread, mac n’ cheese-filled Tupperware, & raw chocolate chip cookie dough with spoon marks everywhere ( ya, I would eat that shit raw sometimes- judge away ).

Seriously though- never in my life have I eaten SO.MANY.CARBS.

I was ACTUALLY tired of eating. Carbs were coming out of my pores. But that’s what I craved: CARBS, CARBS, CARBS, & more CARBS. Did I mention sourdough? Like I should have named the baby Sourdough Bosstick. It has a ring to it, ehh?

Anddddd as you may have guessed: as I ate more carbs, I gained weight.

Yes, weight. Ohhhhh, such a taboo word. Something that feels uncomfortable to talk about. Kind of even gives me a pit to say the word.

But ya, the weight packed on during my pregnancy.

And what’s crazy is I had so many DM’s or Instagram comments from people asking me about the weight topic: “How much weight have you gained?”

It felt like SUCH a big question.

One that I felt like I would answer after my pregnancy, in a blog post, tied with a pink bow for you. So here we are- it’s a messy bow though. Because there’s so much to say about it, you know?

But the reality is, if I can use my platform to talk about a subject that women feel guilty about ( hey ! Me included ), then let’s do it- let’s go there.

So yes, one of those subjects most definitely is ‘HOW MUCH WEIGHT “YOU SHOULD” GAIN WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT.’

First of all, all I kept hearing from my doctor, social media, friends, etc. was “you should gain between 25 to 35 pounds.”


Hi, hello, I did not gain 25 pounds. 25 pounds? Uhh, I gained that in the early 2nd trimester.

In fact: I gained 50 pounds at 40 weeks.

And to be blunt: I delivered at 41 weeks, so I probably gained 55 pounds- maybe more?

Almost SIXTY POUNDS is not what your doctor tells you to gain. But it’s what I gained. That’s my truth. And really everyone is different- like I have huge boobs, they blew up. I hold on to water. & I ate a lot of bread…because shit, that’s what I craved.

Looking back, I can pinpoint times throughout my pregnancy where I felt like VIOLET from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Rolling around like a huge ball- feeling out of control in my body. Sure, I was eating very healthy too, but after a heaping bowl of cinnamon cereal four nights in a row before bed, you’re not necessarily feeling your best.

BUT at some point instead of stressing out I just embraced the process & gave into my cravings- I could not choose my cravings. Like I wish it was vegetables & fruit- but it wasn’t. Most foods turned me off, to be honest.

I remember being in France with Michael surrounded by all the delicious breads, pastas, croissants, & lemon soufflé pancakes & just being like “live your best life, bitch.”

And boy did I ever !!! I ate !! And ate !!…And ate !!

& lived to tell you- the real tale. Not the social media pretty tale- the actual truth!

There were definitely times after I ate too many carbs & looked in the mirror & thought: “FUCKKKKKK. Is that more cellulite? Ugh, I can’t fit into that anymore. Shit, my love handles have doubled !!” To be real my ass truly tripled- my ass was like WHOAAAAAAA.

…And then there were other times where I just simply embraced the fact that I couldn’t shave my vagina or legs because I couldn’t see them.

You gotta laugh at that point ??

As far as clothes, towards the end, nothing fit- like not even Michael’s hoodies. All I could do at that point was go with it- I mean, what’s the point of stressing if there’s nothing you can do about it? You realize in pregnancy you can either be stressed ( which in my opinion, is bad energy for the baby ) or you can just laugh & accept the craziness that is happening to your body.

Luckily I had a healthy 7 lb. 11 oz. baby with a full head of hair, so what if I enjoyed too much sourdough? She was worth it.

My pregnancy taught me again the importance of stoicism– it reiterated why I love the philosophy so much. How to endure pain/hardship without complaint. How to accept what you can’t control. BE CALM. Accept what is happening.

And you know what? I meditated on that a lot- I really hope that energy transferred to the baby. CALM, CALM, CALM was a mantra I meditated on.

SO ! Why did I do this post? Because social media puts a shitload of pressure on women when it comes to weight gain, so to be able to showcase some realness here is very much important to me. For anyone who is pregnant, been pregnant, or just in general… I don’t want things to always look effortless, when sometimes they aren’t.

To me, it’s wild that after giving birth 3 & half weeks ago, people are messaging me: “are you back to your pre-pregnancy weight?”

HELL NO, I’m not. I have flabby skin right now. My uterus is still not back to normal ( it takes 6 weeks to go back to normal ). My hair is a mess. I’m tired. I feel slow- like my brain is slow. & I have a lot of work to do in the weight department.

The whole process has felt like a mind fuck…but also a lesson…one from my daughter maybe?

The funny thing is that shamefulness around weight gain is not bringing me negative emotions like they used to- maybe because I had a perspective shift or maybe it’s being vulnerable with you? Who knows. All I know is instead of making everything look Instagram-ready, I have decided to share my experience in hopes that it settles someone’s voice in their head who’s pregnant. Hopefully it enables them to give THEMSELVES a break too.

Ultimately whether you gain 25 pounds or 80 pounds- it is what it is. So instead of feeling any way about it, just realize you created a baby & it’s part of the gig.

( By the way, you should know any time I spent stressed about weight was fucking pointless because when I arrived home from the hospital I lost 30 pounds. Lots of water weight. Which happens to so many women- so now I have 25 pounds to lose. Which will be VERY challenging but what can you do. So as you can see, things are not Instagram-ready over here k? Don’t fall for any kind of facade here ).

Anyway, after this post, I’m trying not to give it too much energy. Like yes I have weight to lose. I will walk. I will move. I will drink a shitload of water. Have my vegetables. Intermittent fast. Use compression wear/belly band technique. Do Pilates. And The Skinny Confidential Body Guide. Enjoy inulin in my coffee. Sleep. Lower my cortisol. Be with my baby. Meditate. Walk some more.

…And give myself a fucking break. Ya know?

Would love to hear your thoughts- x lauryn

+ the thing I craved the MOST in pregnancy. 

++ the pillow that saved my life for 9 months.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you for being open and honest. My son is now 16 months old and I still feel like I have about 10 pounds to lose. It isn’t easy. Your body changes, and it takes time to adjust. I truly think my body will never “be the same” and how could it? But I am hoping to feel strong and confident in my skin again.

    1. it doesn’t have to be the same!! you are so much stronger now for it

  2. I seriously cannot get enough of your honesty. I hate sugar coats. Me and my wife are talking about starting the baby process and I am filled with fear. But only honest shit will get me through the fear. I’m tired of people wiping away fear with “It will all be okay”. So thank you. Your honest process is such an antidote to my fear.

    1. I just got married and am so not ready to even talk about having a kid yet but I too have SO MUCH fear around everything and only one person that I know (my cousin) was like hey it’s fucking hard!!!!! Everyone else has given me the same BS – oh you’ll figure it out, we’ve been doing it for years, it’s not a big deal, I had 4 kids, etc. It’s a huge life change to your mind, body and lifestyle. It’s refreshing to hear that someone else is also fearful of it. I’m going to a new therapist soon which I know will help me work through it instead of just telling me “it’s fine, you’ll get over it.” Anyway – best of luck to you with the whole process! Know you’re not alone and Lauryn will give it to us straight always. Hope all goes well for you! Xo

  3. Thank you for your honesty! I wish I knew about you back when I was going through postpartum! I had a very difficult pregnancy with constant nausea and throwing up. Carbs were the only thing I could stomach! Even with throwing up a lot I gained 80lbs and felt so horrible about myself. I felt like it was out of control and it really was! I didn’t lose the weight either until after I stopped breastfeeding and then 60lbs dropped right off, so I think a lot of it was hormonal. I had to diet to get the rest off and it took a total of 18 months but I’m now 10lbs under my prepregnancy weight. It took me a while but I just focused on my baby and being her best mom so I tried not to stress so much about the extra weight. You are doing a great job and Zaza is so dazzlingly beautiful!!!

  4. Thank you 1000x for this. I’m 25 weeks and went shopping for maternity clothes yesterday only to leave the store with nothing but tears streaming down my face. What is this body? How does everything make me look huge? Things I ask myself all too frequently. Thank you for the reminder that this is one hell of a journey and it will be worth it when I meet my sweet baby. Thank you for reminding me to chill the F out and maybe even enjoy the cravings here and there. Thank you for being so real all the time. xoxo (ps you look great and your baby girl is the cutest, well done mama)

  5. This is so so so so so amazing. I spent wayyyy too much time worrying over weight gain with my first baby, I am
    Now on my second and even though I’m gaining way less, I never lost that extra 30
    Lbs from the first. So much pressure and people non stop asking about my weight has been so frustrating. THANK YOU!

  6. This is so refreshing to hear. Thanks for being this positive voice. I’m not a mama, maybe one day, but this is truly important for other women to hear. Thanks for using your platform to always keep it real.

  7. You’re so awesome, Lauryn! Thank you for sharing this. You are someone who I look up to and want to be more like!

  8. Preach sister! This is so refreshing and honest. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and will probably give birth about 45 lbs heavier than I was pre-pregnancy. Just chugged a huge glass of chocolate milk and Oreos ??‍♀️.

  9. THIS is the post I needed. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my second, and I needed everything in this. I need the honesty and transparency because it’s been so easy to get mad at myself as I continue to watch the scales tick up and up. My head and heart know the health of my baby is of upmost importance, so why do I give the way I look so much weight, pun intended? All this is just a long way of saying thank you.

  10. Thank you for posting this! I’m currently pregnant- 3rd trimester, and like you, carbs have been my best friend. I never had morning sickness, so when a lot of women drop weight early on due to not being able to keep food down I was getting a head start on all my cravings. As a result, I’m up almost 40 lbs and I still have ~7 ish weeks to go. I step on the scale daily and get discouraged and swear I’m going to cut back but it’s soooo hard. Thanks for being real. I know 25-35 lbs is legitimate medical advice and very real for many women, but I knew I would surpass that probably 3 months into my pregnancy because this baby is not a lover of salad lol

  11. Have never had a baby or been pregnant and your transparency throughout your journey gives me solace and comfort for when that time comes. We love your real ness and this was beautiful. Thank you always ?

  12. Thank you for this post!! I’m 26 weeks and have not worked out once during pregnancy (used to do hot yoga but had to stop after finding out I was pregnant) and have gained at least 30lbs so far. Also trying to embrace it and the cravings. Love your recommendations, I’m probably on my 5th bottle of the Elemis oil you posted and their superfood product line cured my hormonal breakouts. Glad to have found your site!

  13. This makes me so happy. I literally gained 60 fucking pounds. The doctors told me it would never come off and to be worried abo it diabetes. The nurse said once I go beyond 35lbs it’ll always be there. Here I am 14 months PP and I’m 10LBS less than I was pre pregnancy. It’s so fucked up how there is an actual suggested weight gain when you literally have NO CONTROL!

  14. love this so much! you’re amazing and a HUMAN!!! two gorgeous girls! wishing mom a speedy recovery. so inspired by your love of stoicism. ❤️

  15. Currently Prego (due in June!) And living through you. Thank you for being! So so Obsessed.

  16. I knew you’d come into the mommy space with so much brilliant advice. I wish I read this when I was pregnant. I had the exact same experience gained 55 pounds but lost it all naturally in 4 months. It makes me believe that’s what my body was supposed to do. My doctor had me see nutritionist and diagnosed me with “excessive weight gain” and I had to be monitored constantly. I wasted so much time stressing out about it when I wish I would’ve just enjoyed the moment. You attitude about it is truly admirable and I hope people reading take you message to heart! And I think you finally (after all this time) convinced me to pick up the daily stoic! I can’t wait to hear more of your reflections on parenthood ❤️

  17. Thank you SO much for this post. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and have already gone over the 25 lbs my doctor recommended gaining. I have been feeling awful about it-you see all of these women on Instagram who seemingly only gain weight in their belly, and look back to skinny almost immediately. Your post makes me feel a million times better. THANK YOU FOR BEING HONEST!

  18. Yes! Thank you for this. Currently 24 weeks pregnant and the weight gain/negative body image is a real thing. I lost 25 pounds in 2019 to then get pregnant (and probably gain it all back during pregnancy). Grateful but a mind fuck.

  19. First of all, congrats. You and Michael are seriously mom + dad goals and ZaZa is perfection! And @ this post: HELL yes! The post-baby body is so different for everyone. Thanks for sharing that it’s normal to not walk out of the hospital in your pre-pregnancy jeans. We (I feel okay speaking for the community of like a zillion women that you’ve built) thank you and applaud you for always keeping it real.

  20. You have no idea what a shift has happened in my crazy, 8 month pregnant mind after reading this post! Ive gained 40 lbs at 33 weeks and ive been feeling AWFUL about it. Thank you for calming my self conscious, neurotic self. So so appreciated by me, my poor partner and my little girl ?

  21. This was such a relief to read. I’ve been so hard on myself at 18 weeks pregnant and already gaining 20 pounds. My first trimester I was too nauseous to keep up with my daily workout regimen and went from eating healthy and being vegetarian to ordering McDonald’s and all the worst kind of foods. Nothing fits and I feel so uncomfortable in my body already. This weight gain and all these changes are so hard. Now that the nausea is gone and my good eating habits are back I feel better regardless of the weight gain. Thanks for sharing Lauryn. Your journey and all your posts pre and post pregnancy have helped me with mine and with maintaining confidence. Congratulations on your beautiful family xx

  22. THIS is what women AND men need to hear about before getting pregnant. This topic is beyond important and the BIGGEST message in this whole thing- is to accept this beautiful process and to enjoy it as much as you can. Eat the food! You can’t drink.. you can’t do a lot of shit.. but you CAN grow a healthy baby. You WILL lose the weight when you are ready to focus on that.. and it’s ALL good because you have a healthy beautiful baby. I love this. I love this message- I love the fact that you created a calm space for your baby and I love that you embrace this very scary part of pregnancy and acknowledge that it may be a lesson from your daughter. This is purely poetic and I love it!
    Thank you!!

  23. Thank you for being so real! I gained 22 lbs but left the hospital only losing like 10, and that was after having a 7lb baby! It took me 8 months to lose the rest with exercise and everything! It’s think I held on to fat while breastfeeding, and it started to fall off once she started eating more solid food. Now I’m 8 lbs under my prepregnancy weight with no effort. Our bodies are amazing!

  24. Thank you for being real!! I gained 50+ pounds with my first as well!! And I was 115 at the beginning so it was a ton of weight on my tiny frame. Everything you say so so real and legit! Like who’s uterus is flat after birth?? All those Instagram model types post their post tummy a week later and it’s flat and tight, makes everyone else feel abnormal and guilty for having loose skin and a pooch. So anyways love all your posts, congrats on the weight gain, you will be back to your skinny self when you feel like it! Enjoy this precious baby because speaking from experience, it flies by!!!!

    1. ugh social media can be so misleading! thank you for the support & reading

  25. Girl!!!! I love your continual transparency!!!! You continue to inspire and you’re the best mama to Zaza!!!! You should be so proud!!!!

  26. Thank you so much for this! I gained the exact same amount of weight during pregnancy and a friend told me “9 months on/9 months off!” And I set out to prove her wrong and basically killed myself trying to lose it faster .. but it took exactly 9 months to come off anyway and I could’ve spent less time preoccupied with my body and more time during over my baby who will never be that small again. I was sure the weight wouldn’t come off- it did- and I let it distract me too much from the precious little one in front of me. I wish people didn’t scare you into thinking your body is changed forever because your body will bounce back just fine (my body has never looked or felt better weight or fitness wise); what you won’t get back are those precious first months with your sweet baby so enjoy every minute, I say ? Enjoy that beautiful little one and soak up all the cuddles

  27. Thank you so much for this. I had my baby last May so she’s now nine months. I gained almost 60 pounds. I didn’t even enjoy it. I was super nauseous the entire time and the only thing I could eat was peanut butter toast. Seemed like everyone else in the world was gaining 25 pounds and working out the whole time. I could barely leave my bed — seriously, sick the whole time — throwing up five times a day sick — but I still gained weight! Then, I talked to my grandmother on the phone — you know what — she gained 60 pounds with all of her four pregnancies. It wasn’t my fault! It was my genes!!!

    Like you, I lost 30 pounds right away. The other 25 have been harder. I’ve done Whole30 three times since my pregnancy and I work out WAY less (because my back is shot — the other thing that people don’t tell you happens, but all that baby lifting with no abs…. uggg) Anyway, I have about seven more pounds to go so I’m close. But you know what, it’s not a super priority for me right now. And I never thought I’d say that, but I just feel like it’s ok. But it’s been HARD. And sometimes, I just want a glass of wine because I’m working my butt off (not literally, I wish) keeping a human alive.

    Thank you for your honesty.

  28. You are the best. Your are beautiful and you have a healthy beautiful babe! Thanks for always keeping it real! We will all be there with you for your new normal!

  29. As someone heading into the 2nd trimester and struggling mentally with the cravings and weight gain, I needed this post so much!! Completely brought me back to reality and the beauty of pregnancy. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  30. I always tell new Moms it took 40 weeks to grow the baby. Give yourself 40 weeks to get your body back to where you are in a good place. Nothing stays the same we are constantly changing evolving. Everything around us is constantly changing. Now at 62 I’m in the best shape/size that I’ve ever been. Embrace who you are in the present❤️

    1. great rule of thumb & such an inspo! we love a milf status. thank you for reading

  31. This is so Comforting, inspiring and relatable. I’m early into my second trimester with my first, and since the day I peed on the stick, I haven’t been able to stop eating carbs!!! Nothing else tastes good ! I’m a personal trainer and in the fitness industry on multiple levels so many people are looking at and to me to set an example in finding the right balance during pregnancy and I sometimes feel like I’m letting them down. I’m trying to let go of my expectation and find a new reality while setting a healthy, happy and stress free example ! It’s all a mind game , but of course in the end, so worth the journey. I cant wait to meet my baby and I have a long way to go, but am ready to embrace whatever happens! Thank you for sharing your story !!

    1. it is totally all our perspective. best of luck to you & thank u for reading

  32. Thank you for this honesty! I stressed stepping on the scale throughout my pregnancy worrying I would have so much work to do after my baby was born – only to wake up and realize it doesn’t matter at all!! My third trimester I was SO OVER the shame and indulging was the first time in my life I was able to eat allll carbs without feeling absolutely so guilty. I gained a lot of weight despite exercising almost daily and sure enough lost the majority in a week after my daughter was born. NOTHING is worse than hearing “how do you plan on getting your body back!!?” Now that you’ve has the baby – hopefully people just back off. Thank you for this insanely refreshing and true post! Xx

  33. Love this post. Both of my pregnancies were the same. I wish I could have craved fruit and vegetables but the truth is the baby wanted bagels and Jalepeno kettle chips ??‍♀️

  34. Wow!! Thank you for always sharing the real and the raw. I am 3 months post partum… it’s a fucking rollercoaster of emotions. I gained only 24 lbs in my pregnancy and on the scale have lost it all but I feel huge in my clothes and with my new body. I obviously have saggy skin and cellulite and huge engorged milky boobs but every time I see my baby smile or nurse her into a milk coma I feel such a huge amount of love and respect for my body. It’s just incredible what it has done in the last year. You and baby Zaza look beautiful and she is healthy and growing… that is literally all that matters. I hope you’re being taken care of too! All the love, mama!

    1. aw thank u so much & thank u for reading. xoxox
      congrats on your baby

  35. I know the feeling.. I gained 70!!! Lbs with all 3 of my kids ( they were all 10lbs too) C section baby lol.. but I lost it.. took a year and just didn’t stress. Sometimes you get lucky w genetics and I never got one stretch mark ( but I did have to get custom made bras ??). Give yourself a break, your body just did a miraculous thing ❤️

  36. Omg Lauryn thanks so much for this post. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and this month I gained 7 lb (for a total of 12lb) and I felt so shitty and started dieting. But you are so right! Is not like I would eat whatever I run into, but I will embrace and enjoy hunger and eating 🙂 regards from Mexico.

  37. Thank you for sharing – I have a bit of a different story that I’m having trouble talking about. I recently had a baby at 25 weeks because it turns out I’m not able to carry a baby. I was admitted to the hospital on bed rest for 2 weeks in a different city trying to carry her as long as possible before she came. She’s now 2 months old and the amount of people that feel the need to comment on “how my body snapped back” is insane. Yes, my body did snap back because my child is in a critical NICU and will be for awhile while she grows and heals. No new mother should have to even be thinking about her weight, and in my case, those comments just make the guilt worse over not having been able to carry my child to term.

  38. your pregnancy real ness has made me want to have a baby for the first time in my life. like you think it would turn me off?? congrats on baby zaza!!

  39. Thank you for this! I have a two year old and am currently 26 weeks pregnant. After my first I got down to within 10lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight and then I went back to work and put back on another 5-10 (depending). Balancing life with a child made it so much harder for me to focus on just me. I started this pregnancy 15lbs heavier than my last and I feel enormous. My goal after this pregnancy is to truly get my body back but I do realize it does take time. If I can be slim me again by January I will be thrilled (I’m due in June). Thanks for posting. I’m sure you will be back to looking your fab self in no time!

  40. Congratulations! You and your precious babygirl are beautiful! I LOVE your post! Thank you for being so transparent. I love your attitude and mindset. Keep doing what your doing…

  41. Thanks LEB for being truthful. I am appalled that women would DM asking about your weight. More importantly is that you and Michael have a healthy baby girl. Lots of Love from San Diego

  42. Thank you so much for your honesty here. I gained around 45lb with my baby girl 18 months ago and have only lost around 14lb since she arrived. I’ve been beating myself up about it for months as I couldn’t find my old fitness mojo again…then 3 weeks ago I found out I’m pregnant again and one of the things that have been playing on my mind (while making frequent trips to the bathroom – wow my sickness has increased 10932292847 times second time round!) Is that I may put on another 45lb+ again. I’ve found it hard to get my head around that but this post has helped me massively!!! I’m growing another little life to bring into my young family and that’s just something so special and is ultimately what my focus should be. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

  43. I had the same issue with water weight! I was so swollen at the end. Gained 40 (probably would have been 50+–I delivered at 37 weeks) and then lost 20lbs in the first week. Hard to see the scale go up that high mentally, but so worth it. My 5 week ok is worth every pound!

  44. You’re gorgeous and glow! I also gained 60 lbs with both and it’s no big deal. So I had G boobs that were like giant melons! If you dipped me in paint I would have made the perfect Mickey face on a canvas. People who shame others lack self esteem and someday you’ll teach Zaza what I taught P today. I am Rubber you are glue, what you say bounces off of me and sticks to you! Just wait till she’s 6 Lauryn, blink of an eye. What were talking about again….see, all that matters is Zaza is beautiful and you made an effin baby and she’s perfect, yay!!!!

    1. if you dipped me in paint LOL. thank you so much for the support and insight

  45. Thank you Lauryn for always being so honest and open, self awareness and irony are the greatest qualities!I’m 48, my children are 14 and 11, so trust me when I tell you that, seen in the wider perspective of your life, these pounds are meaningless. As you said, you will walk and work out, you will go back to healthy foods and to your normal weight. And maybe in a couple of years, you will have another baby, gain 40 pounds again or maybe 25 or 50, who cares…. you have the right approach: accept yourself, your cravings, your limits, knowing this is worth your wonderful baby. You are such a wise woman, Zaza is a lucky girl. Kisses

  46. The softness a baby brings to a woman both physically and psychologically is the worst and the best. I love that you shared the real real on this. Congrats on making a I didn’t lose all of my baby weight until my last child turned 14yrs old..ha, but I fucking enjoyed living life without restrictions to see what that felt like! The journey is yours have fun!

  47. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! Last week at my 22 week, appt after stepping on the scale, I cried as I waited for the doctor (how embarrassing.) I had gained 26 lbs and was only a little over half way through my pregnancy. I immediately compared it to my first pregnancy and I was beating myself up, calling myself names and feeling overall disgust towards myself. I felt like I generally ate healthy”ish” and had really started being active again in my 2nd trimester. I’m so glad when I expressed my concerns to the doctor she told me every pregnancy is different and she wasn’t worried about my weight gain (even though technically they recommend like 30/35 lbs total ?!) Lauryn- thank you for being real. I’m reading through all these comments on this post and understanding I AM NOT ALONE. Pregnancy is HARD, I have some friends who love being pregnant, but I’m not going to lie, I do not. I am GRATEFUL to be pregnant, but I don’t enjoy the process- the nausea, sciatica, melasma, trouble sleeping, weight gain, varicose veins, etc. I know it will al be worth it when I meet my baby girl. Thank you again Lauryn for your realness and the community you’ve built!

    1. yes girl!! you are amazing. congrats on your pregnancy & thank u for reading

  48. Girl me toooooo!! I just had my 4th daughter on January 19th. With each pregnancy I’ve gained between 35 and 46lbs. And I’ve lost it all every time! (And girl same- I always drop like 20 lbs by week 3 postpartum! Sooo much water weight!) I do intermittent fasting and I cut calories and it works. No guilt for us women- we have created PEOPLE with all of those carbs for Pete’s sake! You are amazing and I admire your bravery in sharing with us. ❤️❤️❤️ Your baby girl is beautiful and so are you! (And at every shape and weight too!)

  49. Same with the weight gain progression! A doctor told me to stop gaining weight at 26 weeks like they have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant…! I’m happy for you embracing what was right for you and your baby. It’s the only way to get through pregnancy. I hit 50-55 lbs too but I’m back for round two and have had entirely different symptoms and hardly any weight gain (comparatively). Not every baby and pregnancy is textbook worthy. Cheers.

  50. Ah, love this!! Thank you! I’m 25w right now and have gained 30lbs….OOOPS!! I hear so many women talk about how they’ve only gained a few pounds and I just want to cry over a burrito about it…. I gained 40lbs with my last baby and it came flying off by 4 months postpartum so let us LIVE with our heads in a whole pint of pistachio gelato.

  51. I feel this on a real level. I had my son January 2019 and also gained between 55-60 lbs while pregnant with him. Pre-pregnancy weight seems like it honestly might not be in the cards because of what giving birth did to my body. I probably could work really hard and lose the last 15 lbs to fit into my pre clothes but I don’t mind being a size 4 now instead of a 0. He’s happy and healthy, so am I. My body reshaped to the same shape as before but just a little more weight to it.

  52. Awesome and I totally gained that with my first! And early in my second trimester with my second and defo gained at least 20 already. I’m a carb queen too but it’d tough because I’m also usually a fit size 4 so whatevs it takes time and couldn’t agree with you more, thank you for sharing xx

  53. This is almost exactly my story – gained 55 lbs, was down 35 ten days after my unscheduled caesarean birth at 36 weeks 4 days because of preeclampsia onset. I stressed some (too much) about the weight gain but it was out of my hands and I gave birth to a perfect, gorgeous 6.5 lb baby boy. I’m 10 months post partum now and really just starting to work on those extras pounds. And I’m totally good with that. Pregnancy is a wild ride and I think our bodies do what they’re designed to do.

  54. 29 weeks pregnant with my first and this is EVERYTHING I needed to hear. I was unsure about following your blog before but now I have no doubts, the realness is what we all need to hear.

  55. This just made my whole day!! I had my baby girl end of October and I gained 50lbs as well. I still have 20 to lose. Thank you for being REAL!

  56. You are such an inspiration! I love how real and positive you are. I have two boys, ages 15 & 16 and would have loved to have someone with your candor around while I was pregnant and trying to shed the baby weight. You have such a beautiful family – congratulations! Zaza is such a lucky girl! ❤️

  57. This was me to an absolute fucking Tee!! And guess what…you do lose the weight…in time. Don’t rush it, it’s part of the process and it is very humbling. Xoxo

  58. Beautiful post! I’m 33 single and am on my 8th successful week of working out consistently. I’m attempting to lose all my depression weight. I don’t have a reason like a beautiful baby, but I’ve stopped shaming myself. I put myself in this position and it can only be me who gets me out of it! Thanks for sharing!

  59. Girl, THANK YOU. I’m 9 months and have reached the 55 mark. It terrified me at first but I realized the same thing… no way will I stress about my looks while a human is trying to develop inside of me. His little house better be as calm and luminous as the golden temple, not stressed and deprived for some sick mental image I’ve kept of myself. It’s a beautiful and baffling process, thank you for sharing yours and making me feel more comfortable in my own. Much love.

  60. YES to all of THIS! I am so tiredof the unrealistic expectations put upon pregnant and post-partum women. I am pregnant with my third kid and truth be told losing the last 5-10 lbs have alluded me with both of my other pregnancies. BUT I have two (almost 3) beautiful boys as a result so screw it. I workout, I walk, I drink water like its my job and I eat carbs like its my side hustle and so who the hell cares? We’re growing HUMANS. I love your honesty and transparency and I love that you’re carrying that through as a momma. You go girl!

  61. Not one to normally comment but THANK YOU for this. Currently 40+2 and have had such a roller coaster of expectations and emotions on my weight during this pregnancy. First of all, the fact that people have been asking you ???. BUT you being able to use your platform to be so transparent is so beyond refreshing and relatable. I’ve felt good, I’ve felt huge, I’ve eaten the late night cereal and cookies and also the quinoa and green smoothies. It’s amazing what our bodies can do and even though I’ll admit I’m slightly terrified of the post partum affects on my body, I’m going to try to embrace it and take it one day at a time. End rant: thanks for being so real. This read was the best way to start my day and last few days of pregnancy.

  62. YES YES YES!! I’m on pregnancy #3 right now, and girl, reading your story was like traveling back in time to my first pregnancy when I had to come to the same realization about my cravings, my body, my weight, etc. For me it took about a year with each pregnancy to loose the baby weight…partially because I was breastfeeding and you gotta eat those carbs still, and partially because I was more concerned with my growing family than my weight. But before I got pregnant with #3, I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and i know i’ll get there again after this one. If anything, my body image and priorities are SO MUCH HEALTHIER now after going through what my body has bee through.

  63. Bravo to you for being honest and real!! I weighed 110 pounds my whole life and gained 65 pounds my first pregnancy and 22 pounds the second (turns out I had gestational diabetes that probably went undetected the first time). I could only really keep carbs down both times but the second time had to be much more careful. I gotta tell you… i got mean comments both times! For some reason people are very opinionated about weight when you’re pregnant. You’re body will go back to its natural weight in time. Let it do it’s thing. You’re little girl is beyond gorgeous. Enjoy every minute. Mine are both almost in college and believe me time flies so so fast.

  64. Babies put life in perspective. Weight is so meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Its like they come over from the other side to teach us these lessons. Stare into her deep black eyes and learn:)

    That being said, those last 25 will slide off in good time. Mine wooshed-off all at once when I stopped breast feeding at 6 months. In fact, I lost an extra 10 lbs somehow. Just low-carbing and usual workouts.

    Love your candid talk. xoxoxoxo

  65. Thank you for this! I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my first and I had no idea how much attention was going to be put on weight—even from people I don’t know very well! I had a colleague see me in the halls and exclaim, “wow that’s going to be a big baby.” And yet I’ve only gained 10 pounds. If anything I’m underweight from the constant, nonstop, vomiting. I’ve stopped weighing myself at home and I’m simply listening to my cravings, listening to my body and listening to my baby. It’s so hard though, trying to keep those random comments and judgments from getting under your skin.

  66. Thank you for being honest. The amount of pressure we put on ourselves to lose the weight is ridiculous. I have a 19 month old and I am just finding the motivation to not just lose the weight but be happy and healthy. I struggled with depression and anxiety and my new identity as a mom. We all need to give ourselves grace and enjoy the journey. The weight will come off but the time with your babies goes so fast.

  67. Props to you for being so honest about this. I just had my first in October and what a roller coaster going from being a workout everyday person to eating carbs all day and gaining so much by the end. I feel much more like myself 4 Months out (sure you will too!) but have to remember what my body went through. Hope you will continue to share your journey.

  68. STANDING OVATION!! You rock in new and wonderful ways, Lauryn! Love to Z and your family from ours. <3

  69. Just wanted to say a huge congratulations to you on your beautiful baby x I’m a mum of four 12,10,8&6, and gained and lost the weight each time. The saying it takes 9 months to gain the weight to make a baby and nine months ( or longer) to lose was similar for me x I was constantly starving breastfeeding and not and definitely needed to just eat what I needed to get through the sleepness nights and exhaustion ! I’d manage some exercise but I just could never stick to a diet or restriction. You’ll be back to how you want to be when your body is ready x You look absolutely fabulous and your doing amazing sending lots of love xxxxx


    Thanks for sharing this, your honesty it is so refreshing! Every voice helps topple over the unrealistic, and to be frank, toxic ideals for women to attain. I'm expecting my first baby, and it's like too easy to gain weight. ALL I want are carbs. I look forward to all your pregnancy and baby posts. You help me feel a little more sane.

  71. Thank you for being so REAL about weight gain. I gained 50 with my first baby and 25 with the next. Pregnant with #3 and yep gonna gain weight AGAIN! Shocker, it happens people! And chances are if you want more kids, it’s gonna happen again! Keep doing what you’re doing. Focus on Zaza and Michael, the weight will come off. Or not and guess what, that’s okay too. This whole “bouncing back” in people’s vernacular needs to stop! I’m curious what your thoughts are on that. Maybe after baby #2 ?? xo

  72. Hi! First of all you did amazing. Your baby is healthy and perfect and you’re fine. It takes time. The bs about nursing making you lose weight is bs. The whole time I nursed I had a 10 lb tire across my belly. When I stopped with the last baby it finally went away! You are smart. You’re healthy and you’re so focused on all of the good ways to take care of your body. Give yourself the grace to eat cookie dough for breakfast and if you still crave carbs, it’s fine! You just created the most perfect
    Human and you’re doing great! And you’ll totally rock all of your old clothes. Btw after every baby I actually was 5-10
    Lbs lighter than when I started. At 53 and my youngest is 12 and I weigh 20
    Lbs less than when I got married. And still rock a bikini. It ALL comes back.

  73. I LOVE your honesty and how much you have shared about everything throughout your pregnancy. I am 27 weeks pregnant now with my first child and reading what you have gone through with thoughts, feelings, cravings, etc has helped me tremendously in dealing with my pregnancy. I suffered with an eating disorder for a decade, and even though I haven’t fallen back into those thoughts or ways for six years, I was always afraid of getting pregnant because of my past weight issues. Having someone just be real about all the shit our bodies are going through and how to let go and enjoy the process is refreshing and appreciated. Thank you for all that you do!

  74. Weight gain is a normal thing during pregnancy which can sometimes become problematic. The time the child takes up after the pregnancy makes it quite hard to take some time for yourself. After two children I can relate to this problems,

  75. I had my first daughter in April and gained 50lbs! The people who asked if you’ve lost all your weight clearly have never had a baby, they see soon enough 🙂 Time is your friend in this journey, with A bit of exercise and just eating moderately my weight came off, it’s really amazing what our bodies can do!

  76. I’m a Registered Dietitian and thought I would eat so healthy during my pregnancy – HA! I despised fruits + veggies and ate my weight in carbs!! Not sure what it is about pregnancy but apparently carbs are really needed for fetal development! Thank you for being so transparent, mommin’ ain’t easy and knowing other mom’s are going through the same thing makes it so much more bearable!

  77. I was always 96 lbs and I’m 5’4. Always been super skinny. I gained 60 lbs on my pregnancy. Gave birth naturally with no epidural to a 9 lb 21inch baby at 38 weeks. I only craved cupcakes and Oreos. I had the Hyperemesis during my whole 9 months and I still gained 60 lbs. Now, 5 years later, I’m 109 lbs . I feel like this is the perfect weight for me. Never did a diet and I just started pilates for fun. Enjoying motherhood instead of worrying about how I used to look before the pregnancy has led me to happiness, loving my kid more and I’m a firm believer that no stress plus lots of water will help you get your weight back. Enjoy motherhood, ZAZA is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And never compare yourself with other moms , when you concentrate on your own world ? things just get better and better.

  78. If eating sourdough bread and raw cookie dough on repeat as well as gaining 50+ pounds gets me a baby as beautiful and healthy as zaza then sign me the fuck up!! Thanks for speaking up on this! All these comparisons and judgements (from women especially) are old AF!

  79. I NEEDED THIS!!! Thank you for being so real. I live for your candid pregnancy podcast episodes. But this…this brought me back. I’m currently 23 weeks and gained 5 lbs last week and nearly had a meltdown thinking I put on so much in just one week. Mind you I’m a tiny petite girl so this weight gain is a whole new ball game. But we are humans creating precious babies. Fuck the scale!! your Zaza is beautiful and healthy. Which is all I can hope for with my little man. Thanks for making this transition easier and real!!!

    Ps we will get our bodies back all in good time and we will be hot mamas!!

  80. Thanks for sharing! 2 years later I’m still flabby but I’ve never loved my body more. My beautiful two year (with a huge attitude) is worth it all and more! Also I sure hope she gains a sense of confidence from me, not a huge concern about her weight!

  81. You did calm a pregnant woman’s mind going through this. Me. ❣️
    I appreciate you Lauren.

  82. I am literally going through this ridiculous weight gain guilt in my pregnancy right now. I’ve gained “too much” according them… but I’ve also had the easiest pregnancy ever and have a healthy baby cooking in there!! Thank you for the reminder to stay calm. I also believe in energy and all I want my baby to feel from me is love. Not a guilt or shame because of a number on a scale. Your transparency during your pregnancy has been such a guiding light for me!!! Thank you so much!!

  83. YES!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s so damn necessary for there to be more conversation and honesty around this. Almost none of these guidelines that doctors preach take into account the individual and that’s a major problem.
    I just started my 7th month of pregnancy and have already gained 30 pounds. I know that number is going to creep up fast as I get further into this last trimester because this is when the baby rapidly grows. Reading this post helped so much in feeling better about where I’m currently at weight-wise and where I’ll be headed for the rest of this pregnancy. Thanks again!!

  84. Thank you so much for talking about this openly!! I wish more women did! You looked amazing before and during your pregnancy and you look great now!! Loving all the Zaza content and seeing life as a new mom! You’re the best, thank you for keeping it real ❤️

  85. Love this. Was so easy feeling guilty about weight gain (and constantly being made to feel guilty) during and after pregnancy and you’re totally, right, that’s just bad energy for the little one.
    You have to do what’s right for you and take your time with it. I’m 14mnths post-partum and not yet quite back to my pre-pregnancy weight but really enjoying the health journey I’m on to get there.
    And the weight is just a number, what really matters is how you feel in your body, in the clothes you like to wear, in yourself and the example you set for your baby too! Healthy lifestyle over the numerical value that is weight.

  86. Dude. That was some real ass shit you just wrote.
    If I can be frank, I would have loved to hear about the transition in clothing sizes versus just weight.
    I think a good direction for content might be catering to a new found audience in the size transition. I would love to see you wear different new things now that you’re size is a bit different. Just a way to highlight & embrace every piece of your journey.

  87. You were honestly so amazing to follow in your pregnancy. What made it so enjoyable to see you go through it was that you were being REAL. I am just so incredibly happy for you, Michael and Z. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for someone I’ve never even met. I’m glad you’ve given yourself a break because you just created a human and YOU. DESERVE. A BREAK. Love the content and looking forward to seeing baby Zaza continue being the boss she already is. Take care.

  88. You are SO real & I freakin’ love it! You’re right, “it is what it is!” I earned every single one of the stretch marks on my stomach & boobs! They make me, ME! Enjoy your new title of MoM, it is by far the most rewarding (and sometimes challenging) title I’ve ever held! Love you guys!! Keep sharing pictures of your gorgeous little human ❤

  89. I absolutely love the paradigm shift you’ve had with this. As a long time reader, you’ve always emphasized health but more often than not it’s health in relation to weight. It is so nice to see you discuss weight gain in a way of acceptance, removing shame or guilt from it—as if you weighing 25 lbs more somehow makes you less valuable, important, or worthy. I hope to someday be a mother, and this is one of the first things I’ve read that shows the truthfulness in the weight gain and body change and how difficult that is, and it’s so nice to hear how you’ve come to accept the weight gain and know that as you return to your healthier habits it all will come off in due time as you put in the work. I can’t wait to hear more about your birth story and motherhood for you.

  90. You are such a breath of fresh air! This is amazing to hear while I sit here with 20 lbs of baby weight I’m embarrassed of. Thank you for being so honest!

  91. So grateful for this post. 26 weeks pregnant, stepped on the scale at my last appointment and I’ve already gained close to 35 pounds. At 5’2” and a former college athlete it’s SHOCKING to feel out of control of how your body looks but honestly this post is such an important reminder that it will all be worth it in 14 weeks. That being said I may have to roll myself into the delivery room bc it still feels a ways away lol but fuck it I can’t wait to welcome my baby girl. So excited to keep tabs on the rest of your postpartum journey. Definitely check out Premama’s postnatal vitamins I’m stocking up bc I love that the ingredients don’t just help with physical recovery, but mental too! Thanks again for showcasing the realness, it can be so daunting scrolling through Instagram and seeing pregnant influencers the same number of weeks who still look like skinny minnies.?

  92. Thank you for being so real! I am delivering in about a month ( estimates due date) and I feel the same. Constantly only craving carbs… like what?!? Pre pregnancy I barley ate carbs.
    It’s good to know I’m not the only one out there with the weight gain that is a lot.
    Thanks girl! Baby Za is beautiful and worth ever lb gained.!! Xoxo

  93. I appreciate you being real about weight gain but this whole “carbs are the devil” mentality is ridiculous. Demonizing carbs is so like 2000’s toxic diet culture.

  94. Killer post! I don’t have kids but tons of friends do. Some of them are very judgmental about other moms but damn it seems so tiring and a waste of time. I love honesty of people who focus on their journey. Thank you for sharing. We all have our own flaws and perfections. I wish you 3 the best.

  95. Love this!!! I have so much respect for you always being real and super specific. The best. You are very much “Instagram-ready” today and every day.

  96. I fucking love this post so hard!
    Such a difficult topic to talk about.
    Thanks for your candid honesty.

  97. This. All of this. I gained 50lbs with my first and yes, it took 17 months to lose it all. With my second I said, “fuck it,” and I didn’t even look at the scale at check ups. I have no idea how much I gained the second time around and both times it took me 15-17 months to get back to pre-pregnancy. It’s so fucked up that so much emphasis is put on getting back as quickly as possible. At the end of the day, it’s about your health and well-being. I’ve been more motivated to be my best self since having kids, but because I want to be a good role model for them, not because of some bullshit ideal. Thank you for being real and owning it because THAT’S what women need!

  98. Yes. Every damn word. Yes! I actually did only gain 25 pounds and it was still a mind fuck. I also didn’t lose any of it after birth except the baby’s weight (also a mind fuck) and it is what it is. The weight eventually came off. I have a healthy 19 month old named Olivia and she was worth every additional inch of cellulite, every pound gained & every sleepless night. Xoxo

  99. Thank you! I am preggers right now and ppl cannot stop asking about weight gain and how big or small my belly is…
    It is simply not ok. Too many people buying the IG perfect pregnancies and imposing their expectations on others.

    How about just saying “how are you?”

  100. Girl that’s what I love ? about you. You’re all about realness and more women should be like you. Embrace the weight gain because it’s normal and part of pregnancy ??. And everything in between because for some of us non pregnant women, we like to know all about the good and the bad and the things no one wants to admit. Just to be aware of what is to come for us if we ever get pregnant. I know it’s not the same for all of us but I like to know everything that might happen. Thanks ?? and keep up your Amazing Pod and Insta stories that I always look forward too ? by the way I was so impressed at Zara’s full newborn hair wow ? I had never seen an adorable baby ?? with so much hair. She is gorgeous like you XOXO ? ?

  101. Yep that’s what I gained during my first pregnancy, it was sooooo hard not to. I didn’t stress much until after, then I lost it all and got pregnant again and gained only (haha) 45 lbs that one. But again lost most of it, cut off the left over tummy flab i couldn’t get rid of and hey I’m pretty happy again! It’s all good! You will lose it too for sure got mama ?????.

  102. I love this post SO much. My son is 5 months old and of course I’m not back to my pre-pregnancy weight yet (I actually don’t know for sure because I haven’t stepped on a scale yet outside of my 6 week appt but it sure doesn’t look like it)! I think it’s psychotic that someone asked you that question 3 weeks after WTAF. I wish I would have read this when I was pregnant and had gained 45 lbs (that’s when I stopped looking at the scale.) the doctor told me I should gain between 25-35 and when I hit 45 I was pretty bummed. I was eating healthy and still going to barre class multiple times a week. I was also enjoying my fucking pregnancy and eating ice cream every night right after a big bowl of pasta. Listen, every thing tastes a million times better when you’re pregnant and it’s like the only joy I had (besides the joy of being pregnant ? yes yes we’re all grateful) any way thank you Lauryn for always delivering the TRUTH. ?

  103. Love you Lauren! You are the best and I have always loved and appreciated your honesty. ♥️♥️♥️ Zaza is lucky to have you as her mommy (and Michael too).

  104. Thank you….THANK YOU!!’ I laughed, I cried, I laughed again, louder and louder. I feel like you were eavesdropping on the conversation with my girlfriend last night ….my gf who sent me this post today. I’m 38 years old with baby #1, 27 weeks in at +44 lbs (buy who’s counting) with an enormous cellulite filled ass, lol. The funny thing is my husband makes me feel beautiful and sexy. Like you said, it’s the social media, Dr’s rec’s (by the way I don’t have one friend that only gained 20 to 30 pounds) extended family members, etc. that are making me feel uncomfortable and asking me how much weight I’ve gained! Thanks again! Your new fan, Meghan

  105. Awwww. Lauryn, you’re the best. I couldn’t be more different than you in a lot of ways. I’m a brunette, to begin with! Lol, I joke. I guess I just want you to know that you transcend divisions. So…I guess what I want to say–with the caveat that I normally hate advice, so this is just meant as love–keep doing you! You rock. Best of luck to you, your beautiful baby and husband.

  106. I gained 50 with my first, 60 with my second. The doctors need to update their statistics to something more realistic. ? Girl, you’re gonna be back to your skinny fabulous self in NO TIME, and you’re equally fabulous until then. ?

  107. We love you!! I will be on this weight loss journey too…. Except I didn’t have a baby ?

  108. Sorry for my “French” way to write in English. I am actually from Montreal, Canada.
    I totally understand what you have been through. My little boy is now 21 months. When I got pregnant, the only thing I wanted was a special meal from here, called “poutine”. It is made of French fries, cheese chunks and gravy. Lot of carbs and fat, but sooooo good. I was like you, vegetables and fruits were the last things I wanted to eat, sadly. I felt guilty at the beginning but at one point, I said to myself it might be the last time you can abuse of fast food like that. Before I got pregnant, I was working out, eating pretty well, took care of myself…I gained 75 pounds, maybe more.
    I am proud of what I accomplished and I give The credit to my body. I still have to lose wait and I am working on it. But I don’t give myself the same pressure I used to.

  109. You are the best. So glad you and your little one are happy & healthy. Nothing matters more. I have a few friends that have had kids or are losing weight and I know a lot of them worry about keeping skin firm or returning it as much as possible. Would love to hear any thoughts/suggestions you’d have offer women on that. Your honesty, as always, is a beautiful breath of fresh air. Xo

  110. Girl, you just nailed that! I had the exact same pregnancy story and we all need to be proud of our journey, we have beautiful babies after that. Aswell I gained between 50-60 lbs and it’s okay.. ate more carbs in that nine months then I have in my whole life. Everyone needs to stop putting such emphasis on silly points like weight and focus on what really matters, the baby and your mental health. We all feel such pressure to bounce right back as if we’re blow up dolls, I hope one day it’ll stop. Keep it up! You’re inspiring all mothers with your honesty and making the conversation less taboo.

  111. Love your open honesty! I enjoyed my first and second pregnancy too … the first there was no limit to the amount of food I ate! Fifty pounds later my daughter was born and I loved having the freedom of eating whatever, whenever as well.

  112. It’s so bloody hard the pressure we put on ourselves and society. We woman are so judgy and mean! Thank you for your honesty this would have helped me in my post pregnancy baby. I can tell you it gets better, 4-5 months post bub I started feeling like I could tackle it and now 18months on I’m back to my ‘normal’ body. Also they are worth it and id do it again all over!! Thanks for sharing something so personal! Your body is amazing and congratulations on your beautiful wee bub x

  113. Thank you for posting ❤️ I gained 54 pounds, immediately lost 25 but then gained 6 back on maternity leave because I was lounging with the baby (and my craving for carbs didn’t go away). It’s a long road but definitely worth it.

  114. You are the best! Xoxo and gorgeous! Enjoy your beautiful baby and don’t worry about anything.

  115. Thank you for sharing and for being honest. I guess part of it is that we really want to know that even you, beautiful and glamourous, can also gain 50 + lbs and live to tell. I just kinda makes us all feel normal, less “shamed”, and that, really, it’s fucking okay. By the end of my 3 babies (in 4 years) I had 80lbs to lose. I did it, over time, but mostly because I was so busy, and I found contact kickboxing to alleviate the stress. Didn’t know it was melting off. Was just trying to stay sane.

  116. Good for you! I gained 43 pounds with each of my girls and afterwards lost it with breastfeeding, mindful eating and being good to myself. You got this! Enjoy that gorge baby.

  117. Thank you for this. I am currently 31 weeks and really struggling to adjust to my ever expanding body. Reading what wrote brought tears to my eyes (hormones) but you are an absolute inspiration and a beautiful human being. Thank you for being so honest and open and congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous baby girl.

  118. Wow I needed to hear this. Currently 30 weeks and stressing over weight gain every time is step in the scale at my appointments. My diet has totally changed because I just crave things (like all the dairy) that I really didn’t like before getting pregnant. Such a good reminder to focus on your/the babies wellbeing And not worry about the number on the scale. Thank you for being so open and honest!

  119. Thank you for this. TBH, I was expecting to see a quick bounce back to perfection but this is REAL TALK right here. I gained about 45 lbs in my pregnancy and you’re right, the first 20-25 lbs just came off and then it took work. But I took my time and focused on the fact that I became a mom and have a sweet, perfect little boy to take care of! So, kudos to you for being honest and so much like the rest of us 🙂

  120. Girl, SAME!! I went from 145 – 180 but I know girls smaller than I was like 120 who went to 200! but they lost it all but omg next baby I will know better, and not eat everything I see. Thinking back to everything I ate during pregnancy really grossed me out. I also had Prenatal depression and anxiety which I shared on my blog, but honestly, it played a huge part in my pregnancy weight, I just had no control I think. Thanks for sharing Lauryn, and being so freaking honest!

    Stephanie | SPV Living

  121. You are the best IG person ever! Totally real, raw and honest. You are helping so many women live their true authentic lives. You rock! So does baby Zaza. Congrats and lots of love to all of you xo

  122. So after reading I’ll be honest I felt relieved after having a height of 5.1. With my first pregnancy I gained 50 plus as well. It seemed like I was judged by many and I it didn’t take me a month or 2 to loose the weight. But hey, after one year of doing changes I was able to loose baby weight and some. I truly appreciate this post.

  123. So after reading I’ll be honest I felt relieved after having a height of 5.1. With my first pregnancy I gained 50 plus as well. It seemed like I was judged by many and it didn’t take me a month or 2 to loose the weight. But hey, after one year of doing changes I was able to loose baby weight and some. I truly appreciate this post.

  124. This is such a great post ? I gained 60lbs in my pregnancy as well but damn I enjoyed it. I felt like I was living my best life eating all the yummy foods and didn’t have to hide my bloat lol! I had a healthy little guy who is now 4 years old and my body is finally better than ever. We must embrace and love the process

  125. Omg I LOVE YOU! Thank you. I’ve gained 26lbs at 22 weeks so far and I go back and forth to from stressing , then just being like fuck it, I’m growing a baby. So THANK YOU for ya realness!!!

  126. You are a badass, and a hottie no matter what the scale says! I had my kiddo 18 years ago and the weight yo-yo goes up and down a lot for me. My body just doesn’t like being skinny, no matter how much I try to drop weight. It’s annoying, but I love your philosophy. I should just embrace the curves, rolls, cellulite and stretch marks. But, of course, I’ll continue to make health the priority! Many blessings to you, Michael and Zaza!

  127. I gained 40 with my son…and he was a month early…umm yeah. All he wanted was dessert and French fries. Salad and fruit was all the rage with my daughter, plus I knew I didn’t want to lose all that again, so with her I put on like 28 or something. So glad you enjoyed all the things! Congrats mama ?

  128. Thank you for this post! Yes growing a human the last thing we need to worry about is weight gain. Love you wrote this!!!

  129. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m halfway through my pregnancy and feel very stressed about weight gain and recovering after. Especially because close friends who have given birth recently have bounced back so quickly and I don’t think I’ll be the same.

    Your story really helped me feel better 🙂

  130. Love your post i didn’t gain to much weight during my pregnacy because I did alot of physical activity. After baby i did go back to my pre weight but since im breastfeeding I get super hungry and now I crave all the carbs in the world I till the point were i dont even want to weigh myself but i tell myself as soon as get back to work ill loose it and prep my meals and get back at it. Im enjoying every moment with my third and last baby will miss being with him and dread going back to work.

  131. Wow! Thanks for your honesty. I’m currently on my 30th week and I already gained 25 lbs! I never thought I’d feel the same feeling as other mothers are feeling when they are pregnant. Thank you so much for making this post. Atleast I feel like I’m not alone.

  132. Thank you SO much for this honest post! I’m undergoing my very first pregnancy and weight gain has been a topic that’s caused me some major anxiety. I wasn’t at my ideal weight prior to pregnancy and hearing all the recommendations online about how much I should gain and how much I should NOT gain had me freaking a little. My therapist actually suggested I try and find some actual testimonies by REAL women and I’m so glad I found your post! Your honesty has helped me work toward accepting the process, giving myself some grace, and appreciating my body for all the amazing things it’s doing to grow And support this sweet baby. Plus that laughs really helped ?.

  133. You are really honest, Mine situation was also the same. From last 6 month I am working to reduce my weight and reduced 6 pound. Somehow it is going in right direction but still miles to go.

  134. Thank you SO much for sharing your truth!! I’m pregnant with my third and although I’ve been healthy and active my whole life, I’ve never only gained 25 pounds. So many women on social media like you make it all look perfect and the rest of us feel like we’re not doing it right. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s honest. It’s real. It’s refreshing.

  135. Hey Lauryn,
    This post is just what I needed after my doctor told me to stop gaining weight this past Thursday. I am 33 weeks, have gained almost 30lbs, and was just told that she is measuring 3 weeks ahead…I have to go in for an ultrasound to see what’s going on. I am stressed! I feel it is a lot of water weight too for me..comforting to hear it was for you. I have a good balance of healthy and unhealthy foods and I don’t feel out of control lol other than enjoying sweets every night. But again, not out of control! I am curious as to what your doctor said about your weight gain throughout pregnancy? -Allie

  136. This article really helped me. I’m currently 27 weeks and have gained almost the “recommended” amount to gain, I’m currently at 31 pounds gained! It has been scaring me and to be honest, I’ve cried about it. I was going to get maternity photography around now but have been talking myself out of it because I hate the way I look. Even though I’m essentially a Goddess for creating a human. We all are. Anyways, you’re post was so refreshing, real, raw and beautiful in its very essence. You did achieve helping out a prego chick just so you know. You motivated me to stop being so fixated on it and to give myself a break. Now and postpartum. Hush all the haters with this gorgeous, level-headed outlook. Love it!

  137. My case is a little bit different but also similar. I am at 24 weeks of my pregnancy and up to now I gained 14.1 ponds. I keep on eating healthy, cutting the carbs, and having just a small portion of chocolate with breakfast or once in a week. Not to mention that I exercised from day 1 of the pregnancy. Now I am doing 50 minutes exercises every day or almost every day. In the end, I feel very healthy, not a single complication, but the scale makes me angry with myself each morning. Some days I do not gain at all and some others I am 1-2 pounds more, so just in one day gaining so much… And I do not eat dinner. I eat until 8:30 and something light, like low fat yoghurt with berries, or a tea or just a fruit. And the result…. I know that maybe the weight I gained up to this point is not that bad, but internet is fucking up my mind. Telling me that I was overweight before BMI 25.1 and that I am gaining too much weight. All the charts makes me feel bad about my weight, and I am scared on how it is going to be after some weeks. I mean I am working out, eating healthy, feeling in great shape, but all that pressure is making me crazy. So it is great when I read some realistic sto-ries, makes me feel better with myself.

    1. F the internet FOR SURE. It’s you v you! Give yourself some grace & stay consistent

  138. my wife is 3 months pregnant. I take care of her. she is very healthy now and my baby also. I am so happy. Thank you for sharing this

  139. THANK YOU!! You just gave me such a big confidence boost!!
    I’m 26 weeks pregnant and already gained 35 pounds. Not only that… I’m still nauseous, I have pregnancy carpel tunnel, my feet’s are swollen, I have rashes all over my body and my back is killing me!! My friends keep making jokes about it because they all just gained 25- 28 pounds during their pregnancy -_- ! Thanks for reminding us that we all have different bodies and its okay.
    PS: I also just cant get my hand of those sourdough bread!

  140. Thank you so much for your honesty. I am 6 months pregnant, have had consisten carb cravings (I loved carbs before I was pregnant lol), and gained around 20 pounds in my second trimester. I have my glucose test and I’ve already self diagnosed myself with gestational diabetes. Some days are easier than others to give myself a break and do extra self care rather than look in the mirror and measure how much my thighs have grown LOL! Wish you and your family continued health and happiness

  141. Thank you for this! I am gaining more than they recommend (UGH!) and when I went to look up things on the internet I just found more fat-shaming and unhelpful guidelines: “Count your calories!” Um, no. “Watch yourself from drinking too much juice!” Bitch, my baby craves it. “Cut calories by cutting bread!” NOOOOOO.

    Needless to say, your post was SO refreshing and honest and a reminder to take the change with grace, ignore the haters and love yourself and your growing baby and the amazing creation happening inside you.

    So, thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope your baby and you are doing well a whole year later. <3

  142. I really needed to read this! I’ve been stressing about my weight so much and now that I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy.. I’ve been stressing even more. Yes, I’ve gained 38lbs already and I expect to gain a little more before the baby arrives but I just need to accept this instead of stressing about it 24/7. Reading this was so encouraging and so enlightening. Thank you, for making my day and helping me to be more hopeful and stress free through the rest of my pregnancy.

  143. I really needed to see this. I’m 23 weeks pregnant with my first. I was about 180 pounds when I first found out I was pregnant and now I’m 204. I’m heartbroken. And honestly feeling guilty for over indulging. People tell me I’m pregnant and it’s natural to put on weight, but I compare myself to all the women who hadn’t gotten this big this fast during their first pregnancy. I Know it’s just my fault for having no self control. Idk. It feels good to see you say you gained weight. It is what it is. I suppose I needed to hear from someone else that pregnancy isn’t always perfect and cute, and it’s ok. That I’m not just a overeating pig.

  144. Thank you sooo much for this post!! I am pregnant now and it’s such a helpful, real perspective. Thank you.

  145. THANK YOU!
    As a FTM, I’m quickly approaching 32 weeks. I’ve packed on about 32lbs now and hating myself for it. I try to eat well, but my brain gets to obsessing over Taco Bell and I cannot suppress it! Thank you for making me feel not alone, and that it’s okay! I love your “it is what it is” mentality! Just what I needed to read after I just stepped off the scale!!

  146. This had me so happy to see that we all need be calm way if we hungry and who cares if we had some good pizza or bread it is what we crave snd making a second baby as this is my second my first I did taht I ate and ate and I did gain 60lb like u and this second time I didn’t as I didn’t have much crave for pizza or fries like my first so I was 20lb less than when I got preg too so I had extra room to spare tho this time helps my mind set but I’m scared I wanna loose the 45lb after baby

  147. Loved reading this. With my first, I was super fit starting out. I ate pretty healthy, walked…I was hungry though!! I gained 70lbs! Lost 30 immediately after birth. I eventually got back to my prepregnancy weight. I think it took 6-8 months. I’m pregnant again…10 years later! Starting out a little heavier. Hoping I don’t gain 70 again. Lol

  148. Thank you!!!!! I’m 2 weeks away from my third trimester and I’ve gained 30 lbs already. My OB told me to watch my weight. I hated that. Because of insurance I had to switch to another OB and she never mentions weight! Love her for that. We will all lose the weight eventually and if not who cares!

  149. I love ur honesty I feel the same it’s bad enough i already am over weight before my pregnancy but my doctor says the most i should gain is 10 lb so I’m normally self conscious now i feel like a walking barrel it sucks but I eat wat i crave and try to enjoy my pregnancy it’s hard

  150. Ugh this was a breath of fresh air! Pregnant with my first and gaining weight fast! The pregnancy BMI calculators were making me feel horrible until I read this, thank you for being real! Hard to find now a days. It isn’t healthy to compare yourself with models wearing fake bellies on maternity clothing sites either 🙄 appreciate it 💓

  151. HELL YES!!! I’m 4 weeks out from delivering and I’ve gained more than I wanted to and have really been feeling down about it. Your article gave me just the encouragement I was looking for!!! Thank you!!!

  152. I had the same thing happen during my first pregnancy. I only felt better in the first trimester if I ate (I had bad morning sickness). So I definitely gained more than I should have in the first 3 months. Once it’s on, there’s no going back lol and I ended up gaining 45 lbs by the end. After getting home from the hospital I had lost 20-25 lbs and within 4 months of breastfeeding I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight of less than 120 lbs. breastfeeding will take the weight off. I actually had to drink ensure half way into my son’s first year because breastfeeding was making me lose too many calories I guess. This pregnancy I’m easily on track to gain just as much of not more than my last pregnancy. I feel gross and don’t like how I look in pictures so what do I do? I just don’t take pictures lol. Otherwise I feel fine because I trust the process and know it will come off in a few months. I suppose something has to give if you can’t drink much coffee or wine – I mean cookies and pizza are a decent replacement now. Thanks for your post. Helps to hear similar experiences from other women on the days when you do start to second guess yourself though!

  153. You fucking legend!! I am 31 weeks preg and I have put on about 40pounds, spent the first two trimesters watching my calories and piling the weight on anyways.. now I’m like fuck it give me all the cake and bread and I’m gonna eat it! I was obsessed with calorie counting and working out pre pregnancy and I have been a couch potato since the first trimester, I’m exhausted and people keep telling me to get moving .. your post is so refreshing! I love your attitude! Everyone is so judgmental the second you have a bun in the oven!

  154. Seriously… thank you so so much for this… currently 36 weeks and up 45 lbs. Trying so hard to embrace the process but all you hear is 35 lbs or less. It’s so hard not to stress or feel self conscious. Your post has helped me a lot. Thank you

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