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Quick, Skinny Tip: Spoil Your Appetite

Let me set the scene: you’re meeting some sexy babes for dinner + cocktails. It’s around six pm, so you’re beginning to feel hunger pains. Naturally, you open the fridge & poke around. Suddenly {!!!} your roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend/parent says: “don’t spoil your appetite- you won’t be hungry for dinner!”

Sound familiar? Yeuuuuuup.

I beg of you: next time this happens, pleaseeeeeeee go right ahead & spoil your appetite.

Since restaurants are full of hidden calories & added sugars, eating a snack before dining out is If I’m at a restaurant with friends, on an empty stomach, my eyes are bigger than my head. Which means I end up eating wayyyyyy more crap than a typical dinner [ not to mention I’m also a hypoglycemic bitch! ].

Simple solution: fill up on a hefty snack before leaving the house. Some my favs: a 150-cal Ready Snax, cottage cheese with a dash of cinnamon, a small salad filled with veggies, a piece of light cheese with mini pretzels, or [ not and ; ) ] low carb toast with a swipe of nut butter,

Problemo solved. Don’t let your hunger sway you towards unhealthy menu selections. Prep yourself. Because no one likes that ‘ughhhh, I just ate way too much & I feel like shit’ feeling.



  1. So true! Great reminder and I love your snack suggestions! I can’t find Oasis bread in New Mexico but I eat Ezekial Sesame and Ezekial english muffins. Not round the clock of course but maybe once a day. Thoughts?

  2. I love that snack pack – it looks delish!

    My favourite snack at the moment is Sicilian green olives, they’re crunchy but not very salty.

  3. Awesome tip! I’m going to put this into practice tonight before my evening out.
    Question- how often do you/do you recommend weighing yourself? I’m on a mission to lose just a few lbs and I started weighing myself almost daily – but the fluctuations make me a little crazy :0

    1. Yay! I am not big into weighing myself; once and while I do, but overall it’s how my jeans fit ; ). XO.

  4. I ALWAYS have a snack before going out to dinner/drinks. Totally helps me from picking at the bread or chips they place down in front of you before your dinners come. My favorite snack is probably an apple with some nut butter!

  5. Hey Lauryn I was wondering if the Oasis bread pictured is better nutritionally than Ezekial bread? I’ve never seen the Oasis before!


    1. I love Oasis and Ezekiel. But Oasis only has 45 cals and way less carbs. It depends if you want to add fiber to your diet or you want to cut back. Lately, I have started the morning off with a cup of green tea, a piece of Oasis bread, soy nut butter, & a side of raspberries. It’s perfect for a pre-workout breaky : ). XO.

  6. Hi Lauren!!!
    Great tips on snacking pre-dinner. I have never seen those little lunch packets in Canada before! What a great idea! I have been a fan and follower of your blog for some time now and am wondering if you have a button I could post on my blog?


    1. They’re amaze. I eat one like 5 times a week. E-mail me at and I’ll send you over my button ; ). XO.

  7. I always eat a little late-afternoon to stop pre-dinner hungerand I don’t have to eat so much! Wish that little snack pack was available in the UK! x

  8. Great tips! Im a sucker at a restaurant; I have this whole, we dont eat out often lets make the most of it thing in my head and end up with a main two sides a desert and 4 glasses of wine. Hahaha, I just cant help myself when it comes to food. Maybe next time I will be strict with myself and adopt your ideas. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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