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Questions/Comments/Requests ???

Lauryn Evarts, fitness model and health blogger talks how to motivate yourself.

[ Halloween ’07: Pixy dressed up like her mom ]

Reader question!!!: do you guys have recipe, snack, &/or topic requests? Or any fitness moves or specific workouts you would like to see on blog? Please, please comment below & LMK what you’re curious about. I want to answer all your questions through e-mail, but it’s easier to kill two birds with one stone & do a full blog post. Happiest Sunday!

  1. Seriously a huge fan of your blog! Definitely doing the juice cleanse before my trip to Hawaii (I have the document but I’ve been holding it off)!
    I’d love to see simple recipes for 1-2 people, and maybe some print out workout sheets?
    Thanks and cheers!

  2. You should share your fitness & health story. Why you got into it etc… have you always been in shape?
    Can you also share your favorite places in San Diego county? Things to do, places to eat, sights to see etc…
    Thanks! I love reading your blog

  3. How to properly and sustainably remain in maintenance. Once we have toned up or reached our goals, how do we find the measures to keep it that way, always?

  4. How to get abs, please! I have muscle all over my body- my arms, legs, etcetera, and my stomach feels rock solid, and yet I barely see enough abs! How long does it take to get them? Because I checked my body fat levels, and they are safe and good.

  5. Does age affect muscle definition? My girlfriend wants abs, and she’s only eighteen. I find it difficult to believe that an eighteen year old girl can get ripped.

  6. Alright, this may sound very complicated, but I must ask! I have noticed that at one supermarket (Sprouts), their raw, organic walnut halves and pieces are 183 calories per 1/4 cup. At Trader Joe’s, their organic walnut halves and pieces are 200 calories per 1/4 cup. Which one is telling the truth? I do not understand how the same food can have a different number of calories, when the only ingredient is the contents of the item!

  7. I thought you were joking about her wig…just showed my family this pic! So funny, where did you get it we need one for one for our dogs!

  8. I’d love to see what your typical day consists of not only activity wise, but also with eating! I know each day is different, but just to give us an idea.

  9. I have just starting exercising & eating healthy after having a baby {2 years ago}…To reach my UGW I have 65 lbs. to lose.
    It’s been about 2 weeks that I’ve really been into it & have only lost .5 lbs. I am keeping a food & exercise log, but I’m not counting calories…just trying to eat healthy.
    I am getting really frustrated with the lack of weight loss even with all of my work I’m putting into it. Do you have any suggestions for food &/or exercises that might help?

  10. I’d love to hear some fun and easy quinoa recipes if you have any? Also, I love when you share some of your outfit picks!

  11. Hey Gorgeous.. ok.. I have a million questions but I will keep it to three 😉

    1. How about some topics on Sugar. Everyone is so obsessed with calories, carbs and fat that no one ever thinks about Sugar.

    2. How about tips on what to eat and what to work out for your body shape. Apples, Pears, etc.

    3. I know that you have mentioned before that you do not count calories but for some us that are trying to lose weight calorie counting is essential. Maybe a food plan with calorie, fat, carb and sugar count.

    Thank you!! xoxo

  12. your pup is working the blonde….adorbs!!

    I would like to see more simple recipes (the squash one was YUMMY) and also if you have any favorite circuit training routines…..oh, and it’s super helpful when you post your daily eats! It’s just nice to get a good idea about snacking throughout the day and serving sizes….thanks so much, loving the blog!

    1. Try dark chocolate, raspberries stuffed with white chocolate chips, and/or Arctic Zone ice cream (it’s 150 calories a pint!). x

  13. i have been doing pure barre approx 3 days a week for a year now and i have gained 5 lbs but my clothes fit better. is this normal? how long does it take the body to shed the fat around the muscle so you actually see the definition? thanks so much! love your blog!

    1. Yes, muscle weighs more than fat! You’ll start to shed fat in about two months. Keep with it doll! X

  14. Hi!
    What is your best advice for getting visible abs?.. All I hear is “running”, just to lose fat. I’m close, but this final bit takes so long! And I was wondering the same concering the thighs, I would love to see that beautiful muscle on the outside;)

    Great blog! Regards from Sweden

    1. I would do Pilates, strength training, no carbs after 5 pm, water, green tea, and light alcohol. xo

  15. do you do cardio?

    and what are your favorite pilates moves to lengthen and tone??

    love your blog!!!

    1. Yes two days a week! My favorite Pilates moves are hundreds & teaser ; ). x

  16. Great blog! It’s my go-to when I need motivation! I’d love to learn more about your “daily grind”. What is a typical week like, including cheat meals/drinks/eating bad snacks at social events/etc. Do you work it 7 days/week or do you have a rest/recovery day? I need tips and motivation to stay consistent! I’ll have a GREAT couple of days followed by a really bad one. I’m always fluctuating. If everyday could be a GREAT day I’d be a Skinnista too! 😉

    1. Sunday is my rest day ; ). Everything in moderation. I usually don’t work out & have some chips and salsa! LOL.

    1. Pilates! Check out this article:

      You can do these from home to lengthen your legs ; ). Cut carbs after 5 pm too. x

  17. On the fashion front, if you know of any websites to buy maxi dresses for petites. I have googled it, but haven’t had a whole lot of luck.

    1. Karen, have you tried Boden? I got a really cute maxi dress from them a couple of months ago. I’m only 5’2″ and it fits perfect! I feel your pain fellow shortie!

    2. I would buy a regular maxi skirt and get it altered! I love altering things : ). xo

  18. Please do a blog item on cute workout clothes, with links (if available)! I love your workout pics and you always have a cute outfit on. It would be great if you could share more of your workout looks and where the pieces came from!

  19. As mentioned above, I’d love to hear your “fitness/health story”.

    Also a post on your favourite workout clothes and gear would be great as well!

  20. sometimes by the time I get the kids fed and bathed its 7:30p and I still havent eaten dinner – would would be some satisfying later night eats?? Something light?

  21. I would like to know how tall you are and how much you weight – because I’m pretty sure you have the perfect body!
    Also, I with the first post – I want to know how you got so into fitness! Have you ever lost a significant amount of weight?

  22. Loveeee this blog!
    I would love to know what you eat in a regular day, I am starting to watch what I eat more but I would like to hear from you! What is a “typical” day look like

    Thanks !

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