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A Little Q & A Sesh…Your Questions Answered <3

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Oh, heyyyy.

Just answering questions today from this post.

Since I can’t answer all questions in one blog post, I’m going answer a handful every Wednesday for the next month.


1.} Anonymous asked:

Are you most of your friends into healthy eating/living? I feel like it’s often easier to succeed when your friends are trying, too.

Most of my friends are into healthy eating/living. Obviously I’ve introduced you guys to many of them ( examps: Carly, Annie, Erica, Jackie, Elena/Sara/Bri, Jen, Julie, etc ). And yes— it’s way easier to succeed at healthy living when your friends adapt the same principles. For instance: when I had a dinner party the other night everything was healthy…besides the wine/tequila. See some of my friend’s favorite foods here.

My advice: if you’re hanging around friends that eat like shit & make you feel bad about your healthy lifestyle…find new friends. LOL. But really, people say you’re most like the five people you hang around with most.

Choose wisely.

Check out this post: “Don’t Eat Like Shit Because Your Friends Eat Like Shit.

P.S. I’ve changed Michael’s shitty, pre-Lauryn eating habits too…more on that in my book ; ).

2.} Elisha asked:

How did you did you and your boyfriend meet?

We met in sixth grade. He asked me the movies & I was hesitant. Our first date was a Star Wars movie where I was half asleep & bored shitless while he nervously attempted to hold my hand. He was definitely my first love <3.

We broke up in eighth grade & reconnected after college.

& the rest is history.

3.} Meredith asked:

Have you ever been heavy/overweight? And what are your struggles in your healthy lifestyle?

Never heavy. But at times I was def skinny/fat. I’ve always been slender but to tone my bod to my liking it requires training/cardio & healthy eating ( lots of green juice & water too ).Also, I need a lot of sleep. I’m a baby like that.

You can find my fitness/health story here.

The struggle I have with a maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes with balancing work & my private life. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to shut the F-ing computer closed & chill. I also have some anxiety ( post found here )— which sucks ass.

But ultimately working from home makes it hard to separate work from my relationship/fasmily/workouts/friendships/etc.

4.} Xoxo ( << cute name ; ) ) asked:

Blogging 101 tips? What camera do you use?

All my blogging tips can be found here. I’ve also started a blog consulting & designed company called Blog-Doo. We ( << Erica & I ) basically re-vamp blogs or build blogs/websites.

My camera is a Canon Rebel EOS. I’m obsessed.

5.} Erin asked:

How the heck do you keep that lovely golden glowing tone to your skin? I know how cray cray you are about sunscreen and big hats, and staying out of the sun, so how do you get that sunkissed look, but without the sun?

I spray tan. All the info can be found here. More tips on spray tanning from TSConf’s beauty guru, Weslie, can be found here.

I’m a total sunscreen psycho & you can always find me with this hat & this sunscreen in my purse at all times.

I also use coconut oil for an extra glow ; ).



Oh! What do you guys think about a section on the blog where I pick a few random questions a week & put it on video?

And duh, Pixy would make frequent appearances.


Yay or nay? Thoughts? LMK.


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{{ Photo by: Carlo Alberto Orecchia }}

  1. Hey Skinny Confidential! I was wondering, what gave you the inspiration to make your amazing site, and do you know of a ‘free’ way I can start my own? I want to start a beauty blog. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. What’s your skin regimen for morn & night time? I constantly fighting the battle of not wanting to put too many chemicals on my face but also keeping my skin healthy & nourished!

  3. Love that you are answering all of these questions! I am getting a camera for my birthday and have been looking at the Canon for awhile! Good to know you use it 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Lots of Love C

  4. Great post – quick question on the spray tanning. I am not a sun bather, terrified of skin cancer. But there are times I’ve wanted a tan for various events. I workout a lot though, and sweat, and I find that it makes the spray tan all weird and splotchy…even after waiting the alotted time for it to dry. Curious if you have any tips since you also workout a lot? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the spray tan tip! I’ve been curious as to how you have such a golden goddess glow but yet you’re a sunscreen-a-holic. As a recovering tan-a-holic, thank you!

  6. Love this little Q&A you’re so gorgeous and it must be so nice to have friends who are similar to you – makes life so much easier. Nice to meet another person doing it in the name of fitness! xx

  7. You actually are the cutest! You have inspired me so much! What is your drink of choice at bars? I do vodka sodas is that a good healthy choice??

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