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Q x A Sesh

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.{ Wearing my absolute fav workout top found here }

Hey guys,

It bugs the hell outta me when big bloggers don’t do their diligence & answer readers questions. I mean, right? Because what’s a big shot blog without readers?

Anyway once & while I try to post some of your questions with the real deal answers. LMK if anyone has any other questions below & I’ll get to them in the next Q x A installment.

Zo asked: Hey hey,
Got any tips on saying no to food/ someone’s cooking without offending them? I find it so hard to say no to people because i’m scared they’ll think i’m being rude! Especially when they’ve gone to a lot of effort.

Hi! I actually wrote two post on this. The posts can be found here & here. Don’t eat like shit because people are making you feel bad for your healthy habits. What people think about you is none of your business. Say you have dietary restrictions ( LOL ). A tiny, little healthy white lie never hurt a flea. X.

Megan asked: First of all I love your Q&As keep them coming please!! Also, I was wondering how your organize/store your jewelry? Do you recommend a cute organizer or have an ideas??

Eek! I feel a post idea brewing. I def need to get jewelry organization tips up on the site. Since I’m an OCD freak, any type of organizer are my BFF. These are the three organizers I use for rings/bracelets/etc: this one, this one, & this one.

Elise asked: Love these posts! I have a question also, how far in advanced do you plan out your posts?

I’m always late. Late to bed, late to coffee ( I drink it around noon ), late to dinner, late to dates…it’s bad, bad, bad but hey, I’m a work in progress. Anyway when it comes to blogging I’m no different. I’m not one of those gnarly bloggers that does their posts the week before. When the inspiration hits, I blog. So a big post will likely be done the day before ( if I’m lucky ), occasionally the day it goes live! : )

Sarah asked: Hi Lauryn! What are some of your favorite cookbooks? I love your creative recipes!

My absolute favorite cookbooks are Kimberly Snyder “Beauty Detox” & Bethenny Frankel’s “The Skinny Rules.” Typically, I make up my own recipes because it’s a fun way to get creative!

Lamesha asked: I have a question. I just moved to San Diego from Seattle. I’m confused as to what to wear right now. Technically it’s nearly winter but the weather is kinda warm. Can I wear vampy lips and black in a beach town? Help.

Ok so this tricky because a lot of people wear flip flops, jeans, & a tee…or Lululemon every second of every day. I try to mix it up. I wear other chic fitness brands like Splits59 or Zella if I’m sweating. If I’m going out at night I absolutely refuse to wear tight, short dress with platforms ( yawn! ). Instead I’ll opt for a long maxi, black jeans & a sexy off the shoulder tee, bell bottoms, or vintage pieces. San Diego style bores me a bit to be honest. I try to go completely opposite!! I hope that helps. xx.

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{{ Photo by: Steven Levas }}

  1. Hello, I’m trying to revamp my wardrobe to become a little more age appropriate (twenty-five years young to be exact) and I wanted to know what staple pieces I need and what order should I be buy my items in (ex. pants, tops, accessories…)

  2. If/when you do that post on jewelry organization, I have a great suggestion for necklaces and dangly earrings! I have a cork board on my wall, and I hang the necklaces (and the hooks of earrings) on the pins. You can get super creative and frame the cork board in a pretty frame, use decorative pins, or even paint the cork before putting the pins in it. It looks so pretty with a bunch of necklaces and earrings hanging on it! And it’s super efficient because everything is displayed right in front of you…and no tangles. 🙂

  3. Hi Lauryn! I was wondering if you ever make your own green juices. I’m usually on a pretty tight budget (and live in a very small town where only walmart exists!), and was wondering if you had any favorite juice recipes and if so, what kind of kind of juicer you would recommend? Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Lauryn, I consider myself a pretty healthy eater.. but when it comes to veggies I have a tough time finding things I really like. I love salads, but veggies “sides” such as green beans, brocolli, etc. are always hard for me to choke down. I just wish I loved to snack on veggies all day long! Any suggestions?

  5. I have a pretty intense workout schedule with lots of heavy weights and interval training, but I have a hard time controlling my appetite. If I just eat when I’m hungry I will eat absolutely everything in sight! Any tips on how to curb an out of control appetite?

  6. Hello fellow Lauren/Lauryn! I am wondering if you have a hair tutorial for your beautiful curls on your blog? I love how you did your hair in the above photos and have been dying for a tried and true tutorial/method and tools used! New reader to your blog and I’m already in love. Thanks so much for all the tips, I’m so excited to try some out!

  7. Hiya, it’s zo again,
    I live in Australia and it is impossible to escape the sun. You have mentioned before that you are a ‘sunscreen psycho’, What sunscreen do you use? Do you use any other products to prevent sun damage?
    Ps. Thanks for answering my last question. I love your blog!!

  8. do you know anything about adrenal distress? i just had a test done which showed my cortisol and DHEA levels were through the roof, which is why i get crazy sugar cravings, can’t lose weight/tone up, and have sleeping problems. any natural remedies you recommend to repair my stress hormones?

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