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Quarantine Routine: Specifics On How To Thrive While Social Distancing

Recently a solo episode came out on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast featuring moi, where I talk all about my quarantine routine.

On this episode I get specific about what I’ve been up to during quarantine. From morning routines, to workouts, to books, & Zaza’s schedule.

There are also details around my intermittent fasting schedule & I share tips & tricks that you can apply to your own quarantine routine.

I wanted to share some links & products here that have been helping me stick to this quarantine routine, so thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a post so they’re all laid out in one place for you.

The Skinny Confidential’s Quarantine Routine:

♡ Morning & nighttime routines.

You guys know I’m batshit crazy when it comes to routines, so my morning & nighttime routines are still very much in the picture.

♡ Up your water game with a Hydro Flask.

A Hydro Flask is the best way to make yourself drink more water. For the 1389466373 reasons I love them, check out this post. In the meantime, you can find my favorite Hydro Flask colors here ( light blue & hot pink ).

Also, this morning spa water recipe is great if you’re looking to jazz up your water. Also love adding mint, ginger or lime juice right now.

♡ Fiber-filled inulin coffee.

Michael brings me inulin coffee in bed every morning. I’ve been training him! My favorite inulin is Simply Gangster Chic, but this one is good too. We’ve been loving the Nespresso Vertuo machine lately & the hazelnut capsules. Add in some fiber sugar & you’re good to go.

If you want to make your own fiber-filled coffee at home, check out this tutorial with my friend Ingrid, the founder of Simply Gangster Chic.

♡ Avoid the phone first thing in the morning.

Doing this ups your cortisol so I try not to look at my phone until I’m ready. It’s nice to read a REAL book in the morning & the one I’m reading right now is by Diana Vreeland & it’s sooooo good.

If you’re interested in how lights can affect it check out this post on digital aging & this one on red light therapy.

♡ Meditation.

Meditating for a few minutes in the morning really sets the tone of the day. Highly recommend using Headspace if you’re wanting to get into meditation.

♡ Breath work.

Breath work has changed the game in quarantine. Anxiety actually comes from no breath in the diaphragm. Iceman Hof’s method is in his Instagram bio, so definitely check it out.

♡ Movement.

We take Zaza for a walk in her stroller every morning. Movement in the morning is so important, along with getting some natural light & hydrating. More on light, movement & hydration here.

Later in the afternoon I’ll usually go for another walk. I like to aim for an hour of walking a day &   use the time to Facetime friends or listen to a podcast- always keeping it efficient!

♡ Exercise.

During quarantine I’ve been loving P.Volve, & Kim Kelly’s TSC Body workouts. Kim has been doing IG live workouts every Wednesday morning. If you want to listen to Kim on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast her episodes are here & here.

♡ Meals.

Breakfast is a bit later for me these days as I’ve been getting back into intermittent fasting. Lately I’ve been breaking the fast with a bowl of fruit, inulin & black sesame seeds. It’s also fun to add hemp hearts, ginger, &/or mint. Get creative with it!

Also been very much into Cauliflower Thins. They’re so amazing, they taste like sourdough, & you can top them with almost anything. I like to toast them then put them under the broiler. They’re perfect for pizzas, avo toast, egg salad-whatever! One thing is for sure though…. I always put a ton of lemon on top & they are literally heaven. Michael & I have been eating a lot of street tacos & zoodles lately too.

♡ Bedtime.

Love to finish the day with my nighttime routine & a cup of Four Sigmatic mushroom cacao. We turn on all the red lights in our bedroom too.

Also want to note that Zaza is on a very specific schedule that’s been really working for us. She is trained to wakeup with the light ( like her mom ) & she falls asleep on the dot. Check out her nursery specifics here.

Hope you guys found it useful to have all these resources in one place! Also, be sure to check out the podcast episode for more specifics.

x, lauryn

+ listen to Michael & I chat on the podcast about mindset during this crazy time.

++ if you need some quarantine activities scope home organization tips here.


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