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Lauryn Evarts, fitness and healthy food blogger from Southern California with skinny tips and tricks.

Dear Fabulous, Healthy, Beautiful Reader:

In this post, I am attempting to answer all your frequently asked questions. It’s really important to me to return your e-mails & comments [ OCD, much? ], therefore I figured this would clear up general questions…so here it goes:

+ Favorite nail polish color?

It varies; but I love Essie’s Ballet Slippers, Wicked, & Chanel’s April. My color of the moment is: MAC’s Salad Dressing.

+ Did you design the layout for your blog?

I designed the colors, layout, etc. on paper & then had someone do all of the HTML work.

+ Can you send me the 3-Day Juice Cleanse, can I workout on the cleanse, & # of veggies for each day of the 64 ounce juice?

Yes, e-mail me at for ingredients. It’s encouraged to workout during the cleanse [ an hour of light cardio or weights is perfect ], & 6 of each veggie [ for lemons: squeeze 3 lemons & use only the juice ].

+ What’s the highlighter below your brow bone?

I’m obsessed: Anastasia Brow Pencil Found here.

+ My blood sugar is low on the juice cleanse, what should I do?

Drink a glass [ not a gallon ] of OJ in the AM before you start & drink green tea with a splash of passion tea [ I like Starbuck’s Trenta best ] all day long. Also, if you’re entirely fatigued, eat some nuts.

+ Daily snack ideas?

I love: hummus with lemon, hard boiled eggs, light string cheese, apple chips, bananas with almond butter, nuts, strawberries, veggies with red wine vinaigrette, Oasis toast + avocado, frozen grapes, wasabi peas, sliced tomato with Provolone cheese, & turkey slices with extra spicy mustard.

+ Where did you get the fruit infusion pitcher found in this post?

Bed, Bath, & Beyond. You can find it here.

+ How do you recover from a week of eating poorly?

If I eat like crap one week, the next week I’ll make myself pay! I intensify my workouts, drink tons of water, get a B-12 shot, and/or eat tons of arugula salads [ my favorite! ] & brussels sprouts. Oh, & I’ll limit my alcohol intake ; ).

+ Will you be taking sponsors?

Yes, very soon!

+ Hair: extensions or real?


+ Typical day of eating?

Breakfast is normally rolled oatmeal with rice milk & bee pollen, Ezekiel cereal, or a banana & OJ. Then coffee with a splash of soy & cinnamon around 11 am. I snack throughout the day; I’m not one for a huge lunch. See snack ideas above or click here. Every now & then, I’ll have an open faced unsweetened PB & J sandwich. Dinner is usually an arugula salad with this dressing, a veggie roll with ginger, brussels sprouts with lemon, and/or quinoa. Lots of water throughout the day & maybe a glass of wine too!

+ Where are your bracelets from in this post?

Sold out at Urban Outfitters 🙁 but you can find something similar here.

+ Other favorite fitness/health blogs?

Daily reads: Tone it Up, YogaBabes, & Eat Yourself Skinny.

+ I am in high school & workout a lot, but the cafeteria food sucks…any advice?

I would make a weekly trip to Trader Joe’s & stock up on dry snacks to carry in your purse. Or modify the cafeteria food. For instances, if you’re having a salad, use lemon as dressing. If you’re having a turkey sandwich, nix the bread & make a roll-up. If you’re eating pasta, add veggies to it.

+ I live in Europe; how can I eat healthy without TJ’s or Whole Foods?

Amazon has all the products [ breads, cereals, apple chips, etc. that I talk about ]. Other ideas: stick to mainly vegetables, fruits, low-carb bread, & make your own veggie juices or smoothies.

+ Business advice on blogging?

Be yourself, provide colorful, pretty visuals, & be consistent. Also, make sure you’re incredibly passionate about your topic of choice.

+ Advice for slimming thighs?

Pilates & good old-fashioned strength training has shrunk my thighs. I like jump lunges, jump squats, & leg lifts for sculpting too.  Side note: eating a lot of dairy adds cellulite to the butt & thighs.

+ What are other juicing ideas?

I absolutely love it. Future posts to come on juicing recipes! [ P.S. if you had a recipe post/general post request, I’ll make sure to complete them all! ].

LMK below if I forgot anything. All of your amazing support inspires each & every post- thank you! 


  1. Hey Lauryn, its me again : )

    Another questions about wine:
    I’m obsessed with Mascato wine (sweet italian wine). Typically, a glass of mascato has a 130 calories [give and take] and its also very sweet. I read that it doesn’t contain refine sugar so I thought that I’m safe but I was wondering what would be your opinion on mascato?


  2. Hi Macia!

    Moscato white wines are fine ; ). However, they contain less alcohol than other white wines, so it takes more to feel that buzz! LOL. My favorite is: Pouilly-Fuissé; you feel perfect after one glass! Hope that helps.


  3. Enjoyed your Q&A. It seems you are a very healthy eater and I would be surprised if you had a week of eating crap. I love juicing and I am really looking forward to your juicing recipes.

  4. Hi Lauryn,
    I eat 1 to 2 spoons of peanut butter everyday! What do you thing of peanut buter?

    Thank you.

  5. New to the blog, and I have spent my morning reading everything! I workout, eat healthy and am always up for new workouts or recipes. And I just read something on here today that I never knew: lots of diary contributes to cellulite on butt and thighs.

    I don’t struggle with that much, but I notice I have to be diligent when working my thighs or I can quickly see signs of cellulite. What are some of your favorite thigh/quad workouts? I do about 100 walking lunges 3x a week at the gym.

    1. Hi Heather! This comment made me so happy : ).

      I love jump squats, Pilates, & Pure Barre for slimming the thighs. xo

  6. Hi Lauryn
    I just stumbled across your blog today, I absolutely love it, you rock.
    Thank you for sharing all of this awesome information. I don’t have a question for you yet, I’m still working through all of your posts and absorbing everything like a sponge.
    Thanks again

  7. I just passed by and now, I’m stuck in your blog! I really do enjoy your blog, its so fun. I’m zipping my cold juice and something come up my mind. Are you married? I guess, you haven’t encounter that kind of question. If you are still single, what is your type?

  8. Hey Lauryn! I’m a junior and studying abroad next semester. Do you have any advice on keeping thin and eating while traveling? Im in a wedding next summer so I want to keep in shape while traveling. Thanks!

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