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Carrie Rezabek Dorr, founder and owner of Pure Barre talks with Lauryn Evarts.
Having received many e-mails regarding the workout, Pure Barre, I thought it would be entirely appropriate to ask the founder/guru herself. Meet Carrie Rezabeck Dorr. She’s created a workout that is changing women’s figures across America. Personally, teaching & taking the classes has not only changed my figure, but inspired me, so I was pretty elated to talk with her about her growing business.

+ Describe yourself & the Pure Barre workout.

PB is the most effective way to change a woman’s body.

The workout utilizes the ballet barre & small isometric movements to lift and shape a woman’s backside, taper in her hips, flatten her abs, tone everything and burn fat. It’s intense but anyone who can hold on to a ballet barre can do it. It gets everything you need done in 55 minutes, is set to great music and is actually a lot of fun!

+ How does the workout change people’s figure?

The reason PB has such a following is because it really works and it works fast. I’ve watched the workout shrink women in & lift them up in a matter of weeks for ten years now. At this time there are over 100,000 women doing Pure Barre!

Carrie Rezabek Dorr, founder and owner of Pure Barre talks with Lauryn Evarts.

+ Favorite move?

No way I could pick a favorite. I’d say all seat work and working with the double tube.

+ What should someone eat before & after a Pure Barre workout?

PB is an athletic workout so your body needs fuel. I am not a believer in any of the high protein/low carb/low fat dealios. Your body needs a balanced amount of carbs for energy, fat to make you full and protein to maintain and build muscle. It also needs to eat every few hours. We just launched a line of PB muffins and bars and I eat them every day before/after workouts.

+ Healthy snack go-to?

PB chocolate chip bar- it truly tastes like cookie dough and seems impossible that it could be so healthy.

 + How often do people need to practice the workout to see results?

To see results you should do PB at least 3-4 times per week. The workout is designed so you could do it every day however & the more you do it the more effective it will be.

+ Happiest PB memory?

Receiving my first email from a woman in Russia who in broken English thanked me for the making the PB DVDs, being chosen as one of the top five most influential young professionals in Colorado, packing everything I owned in to a small car & landing in a new market where I did not know a soul, getting the company to a point where we could finally afford to hire a corporate team, traveling the country to see our franchises and spend time with our franchisees, teachers & clients, teaching a class with 2 deaf women in it (& they were awesome) and meeting my now husband and our CFO Frank, while launching PB in Denver- he stopped me in my tracks & I can’t imagine life without him . I know…this is way more than one moment!

+ One word to sum up Pure Barre?

Life-changing. Does that count as one word?!

Carrie Rezabek Dorr, founder and owner of Pure Barre talks with Lauryn Evarts.
Carrie Rezabek Dorr, founder and owner of Pure Barre talks with Lauryn Evarts.
  1. I just got back from a great PB workout so it was very fitting to read this post! Love, love, LOVE PB and Carrie is seriously a brand genius (which I also really appreciate!)… Thanks for the great post… LOVE your blog, too:)

  2. what happened to the first Pure Barre studio you opened in La Costa Calif It isn’t there any more!

    please let me know I expect to be at the Chopra Center near there on Monday 6th
    of February.


    1. There’s only one in Solana Beach, Hillcrest & La Jolla now! Come lift, tone and burn with me in SB! xo

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