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Pure Barre Exercise in Solana Beach

Pure Barre Solana Beach
The famous red balls

Pure Barre’s motto is “lift, tone & burn” & it certainly follows through with its promise. I attend the class two times a week & teach the exercise three to four days a week. Pure Barre focuses on choreographer, Carrie Rezabeck’s exercise, complied of dance & Pilates to create the most intense & effective quick workout there is. The next morning, [ even after teaching ] I can feel its effects. Rather than bulking my muscles, it creates long, lean muscles [ I swear, I’ve grown an inch…]. In the pictures below, Raina, a teacher [ she also owns the cutest card company ], Bri & I are working out our seat. Lucky for all San Diegan’s, they’re running a discounted special in Solana Beach; it starts tomorrow at 5am on Living Social. For everyone else, Pure Barre is nationwide. Check their class schedule out & come lift, tone and burn with us!

Bondi Bands
Bondi Bands
Pure Barre Solana Beach
The muffin top workout, Pure Barre-style
Handmade Jewelry
Fashionlush jewelry
Outer Seat Exercise
Pure Barre working into the outer seat area
Wrap Bracelets
PB SB’s fun jewelry selection

  1. I wish I was as dedicated to working out as you are! You look fantastic!


    Erin @

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