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Mini DeLites: Provence, France ( & A LOT of Bread? )

mini delites in Provence France 1b by the skinny confidential

{ exploring Provence! | dress }

mini delites France | by the skinny confidential 2

{ view from our room }


What’s new? Anything fun? What’s everyone been up to?

As you know, we were in France for two weeks! Now we’re back but I figured I’d bring a little France your way. Of course, itineraries/outfit posts are coming. In the meantime, let’s discuss Provence.

Ok so Provence is SO Beauty and the Beast-y.

You know the scene at the beginning when everyone’s like frolicking around the city popping their head out of windows or walking around with loaves of fresh bread? Belle’s singing in her perfect voice, holding her straw basket with her book casually hanging out the side. Bird’s are chirpping, fountains are flowing, animals are smiling? You get it.

Well, that’s Provence.

Straight up Beauty and the Beast shit, guys.

Very much a completely different direction from St. Tropez.

It’s described as “a geographical region and historical province of southeastern France, which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône River to the west to the Italian border to the east, & is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south.”

Most expert travelers say there is something “extra special” about Provence…AGREED!

mini delites france | by the skinny confidential

{ charming…but everything was charming! }

Think: PASTA, insane scenery, wine, books, & bread..

( I know you’re probably wondering how much bread I consumed this trip & I can assure you: A LOT ).

Very quiet, lots of beauty, & very, very therapeutic.

So our friend, Alex ( aka ‘MOOSEKNUCKLE’ for those who follow along on Snapchat, I CAN’T seem to help myself on this one ) along with his girlfriend, Jana, hosted us at his father’s house. His dad, Gene & I basically fell in love. I kid, but his personality was larger than life so I couldn’t resist a nightly 4 hour conversation over rosé & pesto pasta. He was an INTERESTING man. Basically Gene used to reside in the States but decided to move to Provence & has really never looked back. From there he started a charming, chic bed & breakfast, which is where we stayed. He cooked the most delicious meals for us in the most stunning, relaxing setting! You should know, the gallons of rosé ( yes, literally gallons? ), were fun too. If you’re interested in traveling to Provence, be sure to scope Gene’s Airbnb. It was really the ideal experience!

Anyway, Gene & Alex ended up joining us on the latest episode of our podcast & we broke down the importance of traveling & creative ways to do so…Granted the sound isn’t the best but we were podcasting in the middle of nowhere in France so bear with us. You can now listen to TSC HIM & HER Podcast by clicking the play button at the top of the site ( see above?! ). FUN. Listen as you scroll.

mini delites France | by the skinny confidential

{ the boys, their color scheme was…interesting. HA! }


{ Farmer’s Market goodness }

What else? Oh, while we were wine tasting I found some amazing moisturizer which is un-linkable because it’s only available in Provence. However, the moisturizer is THAT good I want to re-create it for you guys. It’s filled with a bunch of oils mixed together. As you know, I’ve been so big on mixing oils together lately. So, SO big that you can see why this was an exciting find. Maybe this will trigger a DIY blog post?

We also went to the Farmer’s Market which was absolutely spectacular & shocking at the same time. I’ve never seen a ‘Pet the Goat for $5 Dollars Stand’ so you can imagine the culture shock there. Lots of live animals at these Farmer’s Markets in France. And of course, A LOT of deliciousness like: real dried fruits, fresh garlic cloves, EVERY SINGLE herb/spice ever, delicious slices of salmon, & beautiful, plump fruits. I was starry-eyed. Another plus: the wine does not contain sulfates which is just UNREAL because there’s virtually no hangover ( at least I didn’t experience one! ).

When in Provence you feel like you’re detached from the world. It’s a weird, dreamy feeling. I liked it. I needed it. You know when you don’t know you need something until you experience it? That was Provence for me.

In other news, I am jet lagged as F. Does anyone have any tips? It’s insane how my body still feels jet lagged. INSANE. Thankfully, we are watching The Night Of which is slightly helping. Has anyone seen it? Kind of dark, but juicy.

Tomorrow I have to be up bright & early to head to LA— find out where we are going on Snapchat. It’s going to be day full of LOL’S.

Ok off to put on some eye masks & head to bed.

Happy Monday! lauryn x

+ check out some of my travel essentials & St. Tropez outfits.

mini delites France | by the skinny confidential

{ our favorite breakfast cafe }

mini delites France | by the skinny confidential

{ after a few glasses of rosé }

Shop my Provence, France looks:

  1. Wow, looks incredible!! What a dream vaca! For the jet lag, I would try salt and potassium, drink A LOT of water, like double up! You’re probably dehydrated from being in the air for so long. I’ve also heard Niacin can help for jet lag. I’ve also seen supplements for jet lag at the health food store. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Provence seriously sounds so dreamy… you had me at Beauty & the Beast (FAVE DISNEY MOVIE!) – and not to mention the rosé there is some of the best of the best. Domaine Ott is my ABSOLUTE favourite! That farmer’s market looks seriously incredible (loving all the bulk items & the GOAT!) and loving M’s red pants moment! 😉 xx Shannon

    PS – PLEASEEE DIY the oil blend! It looked sooooo interesting on snap! x

    1. Yum I will keep that in mind for my next bottle!! Thanks for the great suggestion as always Shannon : ) xx

  3. In regards to “The Night Of”…love this show! && also I’m loving the podcasts, always giving me a good laugh. 🙂 If you find a good wine sulfate free let us know!

    1. It was stunning! Definitely a must visit place Angela. Stay tuned for Michael’s itineraries ; ) xx

  4. Umm, I’m LOVING The Night Of. I agree, very juicy and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I never know what’s going to happen to him in prison. I cannot wait to see the next two episodes – just hate it’s the last two of the season. Hate season finales! haha and ps. the lawyer wrapping his feet in Saran Wrap is my favorite.

  5. So overly jealous of this trip! As I am currently sitting in the car, feeding my son his am Cheerio snack! Even the pictures can make you feel some type of way, like you’re alllllmost there! Hey my name’s Monique, don’t I have a devine right to go to France? Def interested in this DIY oil tho, yes plzzz!

  6. Read this article this morning and thought of Michael… Maybe a way to convince him? :p

  7. Most of this last weeks post are not showing up on the app. Sometimes the post don’t show up in the app but not usuasually four in one week.

    1. Hey Lisa, this should be fixed! LMK if it is. If not, e-mail me & we’ll troubleshoot it for you ASAP! x

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