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If you know me, which I feel like you do- you know I love productivity hacks.

They actually make me horny.

I’m serious.

There’s something so satisfying about being uber productive, you know what mean?

On the same note, I know a thing or two ( or 230423 ) about procrastinating. As a writer I know how it is to leave shit until the very last second of the day- shit that you should have probably done at the START of the day, not the END.

ANYWAY. That’s neither here nor there.

Before we get into it I should very much credit my husband for introducing to me to so many amazing content creators who eat, live, & breath productivity hacks ( TIM FERRISS, I’M TALKING TO YOU ).

OKKK, so today I am breaking down some hacks with one of my favorite influencers, Dr. Mona Vand ( if you haven’t heard her on TSC Podcast– you’re missing out big time ). Hope this brings you value:

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Hopefully you watched the video. If you did, you know exactly why you need a time blocking cube.

Like you need to meet the little sucker that keeps my life together.

CRAZY, but this time cube has become so life-changing that I legit bring it in my purse. Everywhere. To every meeting. So much so that I even use it to manage my time in the shower ( YES ), makeup routine, & e-mails.

I did an Instagram post on the time cube & a lot of you requested more information. SO, ta-da.

Like I said Michael introduced me to time-blocking when he saw that I was trying to do more than one task at a time. Pretty much, it would take me just as long, if not twice as long to complete a task because instead of doing ONE THING, I’d do ten. Hmmm.

With time-blocking, you do one thing for the amount of time of your choice.

For instance, I will only spend 30 minutes a week cleaning out my closet. 15 minutes showering. 10 minutes on makeup. 1 hour, 3 times a day on e-mail. You get the drift.


There’s something about it that JUST works.

You should also know that you are supposed to do ONE task only for the entire time. So JUST e-mails. You can’t get distracted on Daily Mail or start a blog post. That sort of defeats the purpose?


Priority of each item.

Time required to complete each item.

How much time is available to work on each item.

This source states: “A to-do list is important, but it is not sufficient. You need to prioritize tasks based on importance and then schedule adequate time for them on a personal calendar. This is called time blocking. You are blocking time on your schedule for those activities you intend to accomplish. It is a simple but powerful technique.”

Basically the MOST DIFFICULT part of working on a task…is getting started, right?

I start with my most important tasks first, ALWAYS. I wake up & immediately make a list of SEVEN, only SEVEN priorities for the day, every day. I’ve been going with lucky number 7 for the last year & it’s really worked for me. If you haven’t read THIS POST, be sure to read it- it’s all about this method ( THE IVY LEE METHOD ).

After the list is complete I write down/estimate how long each thing will take. That’s where my time cube comes into play.

organization and productivity to balance work and personal life | by the skinny confidential

This article states that time blocking is ESSENTIAL: “Continuous learning should be a part of what we do regularly. But this is one of the areas in our lives that gets whatever time is left over. And there is never time left over. Blocking out time on a regular basis for education makes sure that we are always growing personally and professionally. Blocking out time for fun, sleep and physical activity also puts our minds in better condition to get the most of the time we dedicate to learning. Are you a people pleaser? Is your automatic response the answer ‘yes’ when someone asks you to do something? This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and the problem of not getting your important things completed. By blocking out time, you know whether or not you have time to do an additional task for somebody. If you don’t have the time for what you are being asked to do or it is not important, let your calendar be your excuse to say ‘no.’”

There are really no cons here. It just works.

The time cube I like is found here. Also a fan of the tomato timer but I feel like the white is cuter, right?

SOOOO !! Get one. It is life-changing. There are so many more tips in the video like this- so be sure to watch. I’m telling you.

organization and productivity to balance work and personal life | by the skinny confidential



organization and productivity to balance work and personal life | by the skinny confidential

Alright- Michael is telling me to get off the computer because he wants to drink Aperol spritz’ with lemon ( not orange ) & walk to see the sunset in Charleston. PLEASE SEND YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. Looking forward to exploring this super charming town.

Hope you guys are having an amazingly productive week.

See you tomorrow, kiss kiss- lauryn x

+ to connect with Mona: Instagram | YouTube | blog

++ more Mona x TSC.: morning skincare routine | podcast | essential supplements | protein control

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organization and productivity to balance work and personal life | by the skinny confidential


  1. Loved this post & video! Productivity and organization was a huge struggle point for me but your tips have been a game changer for me – especially the Ivy Lee method. Seriously, lifechanging!!! Love your tip on adding the time for each task, starting that today! PS – can’t thank you enough for The Daily Stoic recc on instagram. My boyfriend & I read it together every morning <3 x Shannon •

  2. Love this post! Time blocking has also bee huge for me as well. It helps so much! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I WISH I could do this but what if you get important emails – or have to check something else on social media? Just for me personally I doubt it could ever work although I truly wish it could! It would make my time so much more productive.


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