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youtube video manage depression anxiety by tscAnxiety and depression.

These feelings happen to everyone so let’s talk about it.

We’re all human.

Today I want to share some of the strategies that help me bounce back when I’m feeling really low or stressed.

These are 3 simple tools that help me gain perspective and recharge.



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+ mental health
+ morning pages


+ SIMPLY comment a strategy you use when feeling low on my latest IG post.

Thank you for your attention!

x, lauryn


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  1. Love the idea of looking at your health as a bigger picture. It’s easy to drum it down to just what you’re eating + exercise but it is definitely all inclusive. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Some great tips for dealing with anxiety and depression, thanks for sharing.


    1. Love the idea of looking at your health as a bigger picture. It’s easy to drum it down to just what you’re eating + exercise but it is definitely all inclusive. Thanks for sharing!

  3. When you let your phone die and unplug does Michael do the same thing? I feel like if I was all set up in my quiet space but my husband wasn’t in the same mindset and was on his phone the entire time (also named Michael) I would be super annoyed with him and not be able to relax at all.

  4. Very useful tips. Yea I totally agree with you, cuz these are exactly how do I deal with pressure and anxiety. I work from home and alone, which require too much self-drive. So usually I take one day off, like totally off, from my work, just read random stuff or watch something, and it really helpful. I think no matter how much you love your job, you must need a totally break from that, even just one day in each week.Your brain need to slow down and focus on something else.

    1. Whenever you suffer from heel pain then take ample rest. If this pain is caused due to doing some specific work such as walking for a long distance, continuous standing etc, then just avoid giving strain to your feet. The more you rest the better and quicker are the chances of healing.

  5. Regular Osteopathic visits may help maintain bodies at the high level of activity to which they have become accustomed and even aid in function allowing the body to self-heal when proper alignment is achieved and maintained.

  6. Hey Lauryn, this is really very informative video about healing anxiety and depression. I have subscribed your channel as well. It is very important to deal with the condition when you feel anxious or stressed, my blog will informed about what anxiety is and provide some very basic dos and don’ts when it comes to managing your anxiety.

  7. Hi Lauryn!

    Thank you so much for the very helpful tips! Be on the lookout for more exciting and helpful posts!! x

  8. I love how refreshing this conversation is. Sometimes when i am exercising i love to play games like subway surfers on the treadmill. Check it out guys
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  9. Thank you for those tips, those can be really helpful ones to follow on those dark moments of anxiety and depression.

    But do you consider these tips as a distraction from anxiety or as a solution to it? and do you have any tips around getting quality sleep while in an anxious mode?

  10. Most people experience it at some point, but if anxiety starts interfering with your life, sleep, ability to form relationships, or productivity at work or school, you might have an anxiety disorder.

  11. Thanks for these resources, this is reliable. I have known someone suffering in depression and I want to reach her out but I’m not that confident to do so. I don’t have the idea of how to talk with her, thank goodness I found your post. Please keep posting an informative article like this. Good luck!

  12. I wondered how people balance being positive over problems. I admire them the way they handle their issues. I love to share these tips with my twitter. I know, there are many people on twitter love to read your blog.

  13. Great article. This article is really well written and I agree with everything you said. Having a healthy lifestyle change your life so much, I feel more motivated, I feel productive and I feel more active. Really nice article. Keep it up.

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