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Preventative Skincare: Botox Skin Tips and Tricks


If you follow The Skinny Confidential then you know that prevention is one of my favorite words.


BECAUSE DUH! Preventive beauty is where it’s at! Keep that youthful skin instead of ruining it & having to fix it- you know?

Wrinkles & aging are a fact. We are all going to get older & age. HOWEVER, I feel like we can all choose to age gracefully with simple preventative measures. Like let’s be cool about it. Agreed?

Instead of waiting until you have valleys of wrinkles, do something about it now.

When I was 21 I chose to get botox to nip my 11’s lines to NIP THAT SHIT IN THE BUD. You can find the full story HERE.

Botox does not need to be your first method of defense though. In fact, I highly recommend that you start a routine with oils ( rosehip, jojoba and even olive oil! ), facial massage and peel pads. Hydration is also key. If you want dewy, plump skin make sure you’re drinking PLENTY of water. At least half your body weight in ounces daily. Try chlorophyll water to really step up your game. LIKE I SAID WE ARE ABOUT PREVENTATIVE BEAUTY. ALL OF THESE WORK!

OH- and stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen. PLEASE!

NOW, if you’re still interested in Botox let’s dive deep. I decided to create this video explaining my experience. We talk about everything from how many units and how often I get Botox to who my doctor is and how to prevent bad Botox.




Laura Mercier ‘secret concealer’
+ arnica tablets


+ Dr. Dennis Gross
+ Facial massage
+ Botox story

Have any of you tried Botox? Are you thinking about trying it or are you completely against it? I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know any questions below- happy to get the conversation started.

Of course you can also find a whole in-depth on Botox on The Skinny Confidential too.

Hope you’re all having a productive week! See you tomorrow guys.

x lauryn

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  1. Hi Lauryn,
    I live in the LA area and am not sure how to find the right place to get my botox done. How do you figure out the best place to go that is still cost effective?

  2. I’m so glad you are talking about this. I feel like no one likes to talk about botox or “getting work done.” There’s nothing wrong with it and I’ll certainly be getting botox until the end of time!

  3. Yes to all of this! I’m all about the botox, and was actually just saying the other night how I needed to go in for a little touch up haha. <3 

  4. LOVE this post!

    My mom and I are getting Botox on Monday for the first time together. I’m 26 so I feel a little behind but thanks to you I’ve been basically bathing in oils and using DDG peel pads obsessively and have seen great results.


  5. I’m not “completely against” botox, but the thought of injecting something of the sort into my body routinely freaks me out. I live pretty naturally so things like that just concern me. For example, lip fillers. I want them. I might get them one day, but the thought FREAKS.ME.OUT! Haha.

  6. I also see Dr. Gwendolyn! She’s the best. Do you get it to raise your eyebrows at all or any in your forehead? Do you see her for filler at all for lips or anything? Also, thoughts on liquid a facelift using botox and filler?

  7. Bare with me lauryn. So because of the fact that my skin is black,oily and sensitive I am scared that professional lasers, chemical peels and botox are going cause a bad reaction. So i am against it for now but im only 20 i am going to take preventative measures for now so sunscreen, ddg peels pads, skincare routine, facial massage etc I also think i can get away with not getting procedures for a longer period of time. Idk tell me your thoughts? Members of my family naturally look younger but there problem areas are definetley around the eyes,(so eye cream!), texture, as well as hyperpigmentation. My fave posts are about skincare in both the blog and the podcast but next time you have an expert on can you ask them what procedures that people dark skin should avoid? Am i paranoid? Lol Thanks Lauryn! Love ya ??

    1. Yes I totally think you can get away with not doing any procedures for a few years. Just use products and protect your skin for the time being. x

  8. Fun fact- botox can also be injected into the bladder muscle intravaginally to help control over active bladder.

  9. I love how you’re so open and honest about having had botox done! So many people avoid the topic, so it’s nice to hear about it in such an honest and positive way. xxx

  10. Hi Lauryn,

    Do you have any tips on getting rid of pigmentation left over from a pimple? Mine seem to stay for months.


  11. I just got Botox and juvederm for the first time ever 3 weeks ago! I made a video on my YouTube channel about the experience. I’m obsessed! I’m more impressed with Juvederm and if I had to choose one or the other I would go juvederm. It’s made the best impact to me. Yep it’s going to be a yearly maintenance now! ???‍♀️?

  12. I got Botox for the first time in October one month before my wedding (I was 27 at the time) and I’ve gotten it one time since then. Girl I am hooked!!! I know at our age it’s not wrinkles it’s preventative which people who don’t get Botox yet don’t realize. Like yes I know I don’t have “wrinkles”! But the before and afters speak for themselves

  13. I’ve been getting it since I was 23 to get rid of my “sea gull” lines on my forehead and overtoned muscles over my brows. I’m EXTREMELY picky with my dermatologist and won’t hesitate to go back to him if I don’t think it’s settling where I want it to or need a few more units. I’m also pretty conservative. I do 20-25 units 3xs a year. Ppl are always surprised to hear I get it because I don’t look “frozen”. Do to a consultation or two, or get a good recommendation. It’s YOUR FACE after all!! Sooo happy I started when I did!!

  14. I like how you said to not wait until you have wrinkles to get botox. I am thinking about getting a botox treatment this year. Thanks for the tips and tricks for botox treatment.

  15. I also see Dr. Gwendolyn! She’s the best. Do you get it to raise your eyebrows at all or any in your forehead? Do you see her for filler at all for lips or anything? Also, thoughts on liquid a facelift using botox and filler?

  16. I’m so glad I didn’t start with Botox young. Looking generic and plastic is is awful. Awful. Dude. You need to nip THAT shit in the bud. You are naturally beautiful, embrace it! You only have it once. If you don’t enjoy it now, you never will get it back!

  17. Good article. Botox actually removes our expression when it tightens our face so it looks younger again. Many people who start Botox treatment, not only women. Botox treatment is great for you if you want to eliminate some wrinkles on the face.

  18. I like that you advised us to consider using essential oils first before considering botox. However, my mother is starting to age and she doesn’t want to fool around. We could use a salon expert near Texas to help her out on the procedure.

  19. Love your skincare posts, always! Do you have any recommendations for Botox Providers in LA? It feels like a freaking jungle here with soooo many options that I don’t even know where to start looking. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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