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Prevent Skin Aging Before Sitting Down In Front Of Your Home Computer

Recently, Dr. Barbara Sturm was on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast. She became a friend at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show when she took my blood ( she was so gentle, it was wild ). She spun my blood & turned it into a night cream for me.

( If you’re interested in that process, what she does is takes your blood & puts it through a special vial. It makes the blood react like you have an injury so it stimulates healing…like we’re talking major collagen production here. )

Ok so, while I picked Barbara’s brain she talked to me about the fact that blue light from our computers is incredibly bad for the skin. And now more than ever, we’re experiencing more blue light than normal because we’re all quarantined indoors.

This post is going to give you all the details on how to prevent aging from screens when you’re stuck in front of your computer.

Looking at your phone, TV & computer for hours on end can cause an invisible sunburn. So crazy, right?! You’re indoors, thinking you’re staying out of the sun, but you’re actually getting blue light damage from your screen.

It can be just as damaging as ultraviolet rays, it causes fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin & premature aging – like WTF? We’re over here trying to be preventative, totally unaware of the fact that we’re staring at a screen & it’s giving us an invisible sunburn.

How I like to combat that is with sunscreen. In the morning, I’m not a huge fan of washing my face. I like to let the serums & oils from the night before sink in for a LOOOOOOONGGGGGG time. Typically I’ll do a sheet mask, toner, a serum, eye cream, & possibly a moisturizer or an oil. Then I’ll apply an SPF.

The one I love right now is my OG caffeinated sunscreen, obviously. Sometimes I’ll do Glowscreen by Supergoop- it actually gives a super pretty glow. If I have to go out of the house I’ll slap on Elta MD tinted sunscreen. You can’t go wrong with any of these 3 sunscreens & while you’re working you’ll know that your skin is gonna be looking all nice & plump.

You should also know that Dr. Sturm has some anti-pollution drops. They’re expensive, so I’m not saying you absolutely need these. You can just use sunscreen.

Since this site is a resource, it’s important that I mention these drops in case you do want to try them. They’re these anti-pollution drops formulated to protect your complexion from pollution, horrific UV rays & blue light from our electronic screens.

The drops have cocoa seed extract in them which helps fight digital aging. That’s right guys. Digital aging is a thing. It’s something we should all be cognizant about, ESPECIALLY because we’re in front of our screen so much more now.

The drops are $154 so you don’t absolutely need them, but if you’re in the market for a product that does everything in one bottle, then this could be good for you. They’re really going to protect your skin from all these things. There’s also a mini bottle, so you could always get that to see what you think about the anti-pollution drops first. As I said, sunscreen works just as well.

Some of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s tips to protect your skin from blue light are:

♡ limit screen time ( the average for people right now is 10 hours !! ).

♡ wear blue light blocking glasses ( more on this in a sec ).

♡ move your phone away from your bed ( this will help decrease your cortisol ).

♡ use skin care products that have blue light filters in them ( like the Glowscreen or anti-pollution drops ).

♡ use hyaluronic acid regularly to further protect your skin’s barrier function ( plus, it’ll keep you super hydrated ). { via }

So ya, blue light blocking glasses are definitely worth mentioning. We’ve talked about these before. These glasses are everything. Don’t make fun of them. LOL. Be Well By Kelly introduced them to me years ago & they’re life-changing. She asked me “what is in your life that is stressing you out?” For me, it was that I was constantly on electronics. Like always…even in bed ( but I’m waaaaay better now ). In fact, I’m so specific about my nighttime routine & unwinding that I hardly ever go on my computer in bed anymore.

Anyway, what they do is block out all the blue light from computer screens, phone screens, or any screen. If you’re on your computer at night a lot, these are perfect for you. Blocking out the blue light kind of tells your eyes & brain that it’s time to shut down for the night. The yellow lens ones are my all-time fave, but lately I’ve been loving these ones by MVMT.

Lastly, you can sit further away from your screen. We’re all hunched over our computers & phones like the fucking Hunchback of Notre Dame. Personally, I try to practice a lot of mindfulness & Pilates to engage my core while I’m sitting so I’m not so hunched over.

There’s also a chair that I recently bought that helps straighten your posture & helps minimize that HEV exposure. & for all you researchers wondering, HEV is understood as the blue, artificial light that comes off all screens. It means HIGH ENERGY VISIBLE LIGHT.

& while we’re on the topic of blue light, you need to know about red light. It’s literally changed my life, especially when winding down at night. We changed all of the light bulbs in our bedroom to red light & it’s just so calming before bed. If you want to learn more about red light therapy, check out this post– we really get into it.

Since we’re all in quarantine right now, I feel like we should make it a mission to minimize our blue light exposure or at least be mindful of it. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while & acknowledging it & having it at the top of our minds is a proactive step.

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Sending good vibes,

lauryn, x

+ why I’m a total sunscreen psycho.

++ if you want to improve your posture, scope this post.


  1. Hi Lauryn! Does it also help if you increase the warmth of the temperature on your display settings so the screen doesn’t look as cold and blue?

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