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Pretty Patterns: So Perfect For Spring

pretty patterns | by the skinny confidential

FOREVER 21 floral open-shoulder maxi dress FOREVER 21 floral print maxi dress Queens Maxi Skirt Heather Halter Dress Flynn Skye Poppy Mini Dress Free People Womens Stealing Kisses Romper Factory Freak Like Me Floral Robe FOREVER 21 rose print chiffon kimono

Don’t you feel totally girly when you’re wearing a flirty, pretty pattern?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the black on black look. Just don’t forget how important it is to constantly switch up your game.

Enjoy mixing it up, it’s fun!

Especially if you’re in a relationship, it’s important to constantly change your look. Your man will definitely appreciate it. Michael always notices when I do something different. It’s exciting and constantly reminds them of your unique beauty.

Anyway, Spring is in full effect, which is exactly why I’m loving these pretty patterns.

Which is your favorite?

Also, if you’re someone that totally knows how to rock pretty patterns during spring, will you PLEASE leave links to your favorite clothing items in the comments? I need to stock up for Spring.

You guys always have the best ideas! THX YOU!


  1. I’m totally in the mood for spring with the “improved” weather in SF this week, and I want ALL of these dresses!! I also LOVE the new website design, amazing job. I think showing the categories up front is key – not that I have gotten that together for myself 😛 xoxo

    1. Hi Jill, eeek thank you so much! I’m so glad you like the site it means a lot. It literally took my FOREVER. I’m glad everyone can finally see it and give me feedback. Thanks for reading and enjoy the improved SF weather

  2. LOVE the new website! Congrats on your success, we can all tell you work your boo-nanny off! Thanks for always sharing!

    1. Thank you Jami! It really means a lot that you like the site. I don’t think I can stop sharing, it’s too much fun and I love you guys too much! Thanks for reading

  3. you have to check out, they have lots of Designers, I especially love for love and lemons and Flynn skye, but also their own brand. I just got a flirty floral Flynn skye Dress and it’s perfect!!!

    1. Thank you Debi! is SO CUTE. Obsessed! LOVE all of the brands you mentioned too. Eeek I need to do some shopping. Thanks for reading!

  4. These patterns are all so fun! (Also, I like your new layout!!). I can’t wait for spring weather to come around too.
    xx, Pia

  5. This is SO what I need right now. I have a ton of events coming up where I need dresses and haven’t figured out where to look first! I love the heather halter dress and poppy mini dress.

    1. Hi Katie, what events do you have coming up? Weddings? Spring and summer is always PACKED with weddings. I have one next weekend! I’m glad you like these pretty patterns! Thanks for reading

    1. Hi Alina, ahh I love that one. The shade of purple is so feminine and beautiful. Great pick! Thanks for reading

  6. Adore your new site! I’d be so flattered if you’d take a peek at my line of tropical resort wear ..We just got in fresh, flirty prints perfect for festival season! xx

  7. I love floral print, something about it is so flirty naturally!! Congrats on growing so quickly this year, I love watching you and Michael together on snaps! I am so jealous you went on garyvee I love that guy! xo C

    1. Hi Courtney! You are so sweet! I really appreciate all of your support. GaryVee was SO FUN!! He’s definitely a fun interview! Plus, we love NYC so it’s all around been a great trip. Thanks for following!! xx

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