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Pregnancy Musings: A Little Update For Ya

Pregnancy Musings

Pregnancy Musings: A Little Update For Ya

It’s been a while since I posted about my 2nd pregnancy so I just wanted to come on to say hi & share what’s been going. This ride is just as wild as the first, but like, different? I posted a little update on my IG a couple weeks ago, but wanted to really lay it out here.

Just like with Zaza I’m obsessed with Bread Srsly sourdough & salted butter. You have to get this specific fleur de sel with grass fed butter though. I’ve also been eating tons of dried mango, pomegranate seeds & making protein pancakes like

+ one scoop of protein powder

+ 2 eggs

+ bit of almond milk

+ cinnamon & blueberries if that’s your thing.

Zaza loves them too.

protein pancake ingredients

But for months everything tasted like metal, so I wasn’t eating much. Did this happen to anyone else in pregnancy? I took herbal remedies, had NO CITRUS ( BOO, that was so hard ) & actually, taking daily minerals seemed to help.

For exercise, I’m still weight lifting with Brent ( @bodiesbybrentatx – & you can listen to him on the podcast & read his blog post here ) 3 times a week. WHAT A DIFFERENCE from my first pregnancy. Still doing Pilates, Melissa Wood workouts & lots of walking. Like so much walking.

Moving every day is important to me but I’ve noticed I have to get it done in the morning. By nighttime I’m fucking done. My stomach feels like it’s a million pounds & I just need to lay down with my toe stretchers. LOL.

Compared to my pregnancy with Zaza, I feel way healthier. At this point with her I had gained double the weight – probably all the Annie’s mac & cheese with lemon & chili flakes and chocolate chip bagels.

Here are other things working well for me right now:

Skin and Senses belly butter

ALL over the stomach & ass. Like, slather it on. It’s unscented so if ( like lots of pregnant women ) you’re sensitive to smell, this is the move. It’s vegan, cruelty-free & SO HYDRATING, but without being greasy.

Loving all Skin and Senses stuff at the moment & a long time lover of their body oil.

Arrae ‘bloat’

Really helping my heartburn. I had it REAL bad with Zaza too. I heard it’s because of all the hair. Thx Michael.

But for real, Arrae is the real deal. I first heard about from Melissa Wood & the founders have been on the podcast too. They are my go-to after a big meal & they’re really helping me feel less puffy in this pregnancy. They have all natural digestive enzymes including bromelain ( from pineapple ) that is known for aiding digestion. Also has ginger root, lemon balm, dandelion root, peppermint, & slippery elm. It was formulated with a Naturopathic doctor, is 100% natural & filler free.

You guys can use code SKINNY for 10% off your first purchase or $25 off your first monthly subscription.

Pregnancy Musings The Skinny Confidential
Pregnancy Musings and updates

♡ Osea mists & serums

Specifically Sea Vitamin Boost, Undaria Argan Oil, Anti-Aging Sea Serum. Been using these a lot & really like this brand. It’s super clean & uses ingredients from the sea. The products are luxurious, the branding is on point & they’ve been around for 30 years.

Use code PINKSEAWEED for 10% off your first order.

Just Thrive probiotics

Long-time fan of this pregnant or not. It’s the first 100% all natural probiotic with antioxidants too. It’s clinically proven to address leaky gut within 30 days & supports immune, digestive & emotional health. ( Use code SKINNY for 15% off. )

Also I’ve kept taking Gangster Chic inulin for this pregnancy ( I did with Zaza too ) & it’s also so good for bloat & keeping you regular. My friend Ingrid, the founder of Gangster Chic, suggests not starting this if you are pregnant ( even though it’s safe for the baby ). If you’re already taking it & get pregnant, then it’s fine. At least that is my experience. As always, check with your own healthcare provider.

TSC Lauryn pregnancy selfie
TSC Lauryn pregnancy belly selfie


For a minimum of 25 minutes every morning. Bose white headphones are a must for this because they drown out all the background noise of kids, dogs, doorbells, coffee machine, EVERYTHING.

Also sleeping with 528 HZ frequency. It’s so healing and helps your body & mind repair.

♡ creepy foot spa once a week.

This is like my best tip for getting work done if you work off your phone. You’ll be completely relaxed & undisturbed. You can use this time to return texts, emails, plan content, you get it. It’s such a good tip that I wrote a whole blog post about it here.

♡ body scrubs from Pellequr.

Anna, the owner, has become one of my closest friends & her spa is THE place to go. Hailee is my go-to for facial massage & Anna does my scrubs. Just in love. They will both make sure you have the most incredible experience.

You go in & it’s the most clean, sparkly place you can imagine. There’s a big, beautiful table that you lay on & the girls come in to scrub & clean you while you lay there like a dead fish in a bathing suit. It’s so nice & relaxing, sometimes I even put on a podcast. Should probably just chill & listen to music or nothing, but I just can’t help it.

♡ red lights in the bedroom.

We have red light bulbs in our bedroom so when it’s down time this is our only choice. Red light promotes relaxation & really lowers your cortisol. Been saying for a long time now that artificial DMV light is just the worst for you in so many ways. Lots more on red light therapy here for you. ( Tippity tip: there’s a how-to for turning your iPhone on red light mode if you’re scrolling at night. )

Other little things:

Thieves for cleaning the house because it’s safe for the baby & Zaza of course.

THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. Constantly rolling away the pregnancy puff.

toe stretchers. If you know, you know. Whole post for you here.

Get Off Your Acid minerals & greens. For healing, revitalizing & energizing the body.

♡ electrolytes. Been getting these from drinking coconut water from an actual coconut. Such a craving this pregnancy.

Bodywork with Peak Wellness. Dennis literally moved the baby & it helped me breath so much better.

What else? Oh, Michael is still complaining to me about all his ailments. My fav? His hair hurts. I mean? The self-awareness is just too much. Very creative of him really. Some other favorites: his eye is twitching, his neck hurts, he feels tired, his @whoop is telling him he needs to rest. You can also use code SKINNY for 15% off at It’s this health & fitness app, but like so much more. It tracks your habits over time & gives you insight and feedback based on your goals AND physiology.

Lauryn and Michael

Being pregnant is ok, I guess.

There are pros & cons. I will never lie about how I’m feeling because I think you can be grateful but physically uncomfortable at the same time. Everyone is different – and thank god for that.

This pregnancy I’ve been making a conscious decision to protect my peace & that means lots of reading with my Kindle & popsocket & resting when I need to.

So that’s my little update of what’s working for ME. Whether you’re pregnant or not, be sure to check with your own health care provider to see what’s right for you.

xx, lauryn

+ check out how I lost my pregnancy weight from Zaza. 

++ scope these time management tips for new parents. 


  1. I am lol-ing so hard! Michael and my husband would be besties…mine stayed up late last week researching what was wrong with him because “different parts of his scalp felt more numb than others.” I can’t lol.

  2. Also currently prego and would love your list of pregnancy clothes (even if they aren’t maternity but just like good clothes/brands for being pregnant). Everything I see on the market looks so 90s/aughts mom and not in the cute way.

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