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Lauryn’s Psycho Specific Green Smoothie For Pregnancy and Optimal Health

When I first got pregnant there was nothing I wanted less than a salad. A salad sounded fucking horrible. All I wanted was sourdough toast with French butter & crunchy sea salt, so I had to find a way to sneak in greens for the baby.

Enter a psycho smoothie. I made this one up & either Michael makes it for me at home, or I have order it on Postmates.

This smoothie is something I’ve been mentioning on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast lately, & I noticed you guys asking for exact details, so here we are.

I even fucking took a picture of the OBNOXIOUS receipt from Postmates for you. That’s how committed I am to this smoothie. You could make this at home, but you could also Postmate it.

I like to Postmate it even though it’s a little pricey. This way I can just slam a pink Softy Straw into it & run out the door. Don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but I feel like I’ve really mastered saving time. & according to my friend Hilary, I’ll become even more of a master when the baby comes.

Anyway, let’s break down this smoothie & get into why each ingredient is good for the baby’s growth.

Lauryn’s Psycho Smoothie

♡ celery juice

Almond milk sometimes give me a stomachache if I have too much of it, so I like to use celery juice as a base. It’s light, almost tasteless & you get all those extra greens in. It’s perfectly healthy & safe to drink celery juice in pregnancy. Benefits include:

♡ anti-inflammatory

♡ reduces high cholesterol

♡ high in antioxidants

♡ lowers high blood pressure

♡ cleanses the liver

♡ low in calories but rich in electrolytes, antioxidants, potassium, B vitamins & Vitamin C.

♡ fights infections with antibacterial & antimicrobial properties

♡ helps with bloating because of a diuretic effect

♡ aids digestion

♡ reduces the risk of UTIs ( yes please )

{ via }

♡ kale & spinach

So many benefits in kale & spinach. They’re both full of iron, calcium & folic acid, & help build a healthy blood supply, & aid in bone growth & development. { via }

When you’re pregnant you need a ton of iron to help with blood supply & moving oxygen to your lungs & the baby’s. So leafy greens is always a good idea. { via }

♡ collagen or protein

Sometimes I’ll do a protein & sometimes I won’t. It really depends if I’ve worked out or not but I tend to add protein every other day. Simply Gangster Chic protein is my favorite right now, but I also like Sun Warrior. When I order my smoothie from Postmates I add a grass-fed collagen & the one from Whole Foods & Erewhon Market is great.

Protein in pregnancy is important because it helps build them. Literally. The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of our body- & a baby’s. { via }

♡ chlorophyll & spirulina

Obviously you should talk to your doctor before adding any additions like this to your diet, but my doctor said it was fine for me.

I was first introduced to CHLOROPHYLL water by a TSC reader. I had major altitude sickness & was bitching about it on Snapchat. She told me that chlorophyll in water would REALLY help the altitude sickness. Basically it helps you capture oxygen in your lungs- so a real WIN when you’re skiing Aspen. Of course if you know me, you know that second I was ordering a bottle. I like the ones from Sakara Life & they’re offering you guys 20% off your purchase when you use code SKINNY. Yes please!

Chlorophyll is an energy/immunity booster, hormonal balancer, & FABULOUS detoxifier. IT’S FILLED WITH vitamins, minerals, & essential fatty acids too. One of my favorite benefits? It promotes digestive health so if you have any gut issues- DRINK UP!

Also, loving this Hawaiian spirulina right now. It’s high in nutrients, full of protein & is a powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory. Kenzie Burke was recently on the podcast & she is a huge fan. She’s plant-based & totally obsessed with spirulina. So is Melissa Wood & Carly of The Preggers Pantry.

Spirulina is effective against anemia, has tons of vitamins, has so many inflammation fighting properties & regulates the immune system. I haven’t been sick once during this pregnancy & I attribute that to spirulina. You should also know it balances your blood sugar, helps with allergies, removes heavy metals & has 26 times the calcium of milk.

When you’re pregnant you need calcium for your baby to build strong bones & teeth. It also helps your baby grow a healthy heart, nerves, & muscles as well as develop a normal heart rhythm & blood-clotting abilities. Calcium can reduce a pregnant woman’s risk of hypertension & preeclampsia. & if you don’t get enough calcium when you’re pregnant, your baby will draw it from your bones, which may impair your own health later on. { via }

There are some cautions for taking spirulina in pregnancy though. The Wellness Mama says: “Those with phenylketonuria ( PKU ) should consult a doctor before taking, as it does contain that amino acid. Those on any type of anti-coagulation medicine should consult with a doctor before beginning ( or stopping ) taking spirulina. Some people with autoimmune disease do not do well with this supplement.”

Basically, just always check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.

♡ cordyceps

This is a mushroom. I use Four Sigmatic cordyceps all the time ( if you want to use my code it’s SKINNY for 15% off ). This elixir is the one I like.

It’s an adaptogen, not a stimulant so you get this constant stream of energy. This is ideal for pregnancy because you tend to feel fatigued. It’s a natural energy booster in the morning & a great pick me up for the afternoon. This is for the person who loves coffee & wants to kick it up a notch.

Again, you need to talk to your own doctor to make sure cordyceps is safe for you & your baby.

♡ lemon juice

Surprise, surprise. You guys know I want lemon everything all the time. It makes everything taste better, is a good source of Vitamin C, helps digestion & can help the appearance of your skin { via }.

♡ iron

This is something I’ve been told by all of my doctors. You need iron. Like I said above, when you’re pregnant you need a ton of iron to help with blood supply & moving oxygen to your lungs & the baby’s.

♡ magnesium

Iron can sometimes make you constipated so to combat that I put magnesium in my smoothie. It really helps things GO, if you know what I mean. I’ve talked about my magnesium powder before:

“Calm Tea features a proprietary formula that provides a highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form. It gradually reduces accumulated calcium, giving fast relief to many symptoms of magnesium depletion. CALM mixes easily with water for a convenient dose of magnesium.”

I’m obsessed with this powder. It’s like Xanax but all natural. Really relaxes you. BIG time. I swear I’m so high-strung & this stuff really zens me out. Highly recommended. I add this to mint tea ( just a scoop ) or to warm water.

Granted, my Ritual Prenatal has magnesium & I take it everyday, but I like to have a little extra in my smoothie too. If you’re interested in my Prenatal vitamin scope it out here.

Anyway, magnesium is important during pregnancy because it helps control muscle contractions & ensures healthy blood pressure. It’s even known to help you be a bit resistant to stress & more even-keeled. & trust me when I say you need this.

The other day I was crying & bitching to Michael about gaining weight & he said “Lauryn, you’re literally baking brownies & crying about your weight.” What a dick. LOL.

♡ cucumber

Cucumber is full of Vitamin K, magnesium & folic acid. It helps prevent dehydration & enhances skin’s elasticity ( ys plz ). It can also help reduce swelling which huge because these cankles just aren’t going away. It can help with constipation, regulates your blood sugar & will make you pee more often. But who cares about that when you’re all healthy & shit.

♡ banana

I do half a banana every other day. It depends how many carbs I’ve had. If i’ve had a lot that week ( which in pregnancy I tend to have ), I’ll skip it. That banana makes the smoothie taste so much better but honestly, this isn’t a smoothie I’m necessarily ‘enjoying.’ I just down it & reap all the benefits.

♡ no apple juice plz

Never any added juice. I just want celery juice & ice, or only water. As I said above, don’t give me a hefty base- thanks.

When we make this at home we like to use the NutriBullet. & like I said, definitely get some Hawaiian spirulina for at home.

As you can see I’m pretty anal when it comes to my smoothie. It’s so easy to make at home ( I get all my ingredients at the Farmer’s Market ) or just press “re-order” on my Postmates app – don’t worry, I don’t type this out every day.

If you are making this at home it’s always fun to add some inulin for extra fiber. Enjoy with a Softy Straw & you’ll have tons of energy & your baby will love you for it.

That’s all. I’m well aware that I’m psycho. If you don’t believe me just head to this Instagram post to find out what’s been happening lately.

x, lauryn

+ find out all the benefits of celery & celery juice.

++ scope some all-natural candies you need in your pantry.


  1. I absolutely love reading about H & N’s smart comebacks and introspections! Kids sure are way smarter today than we were at their age! It is important to note that what we as expecting and nursing moms eat, talk and how we interact with the baby, directly impacts the child’s brain development.

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