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Pregnancy Fashion Must-Haves That Have Really Been Saving My Ass

Pregnancy Fashion Must-Haves


I mean, if we’re being real, most of it is pretty gross AND expensive. Am I right?

Sure, there are SOME maternity brands that are cute – like Hatch, but in general from what I’ve been hearing ( & experiencing myself ), stylish clothes for pregnancy are hard to come by.

Since I’ve found it difficult & members of my team found it difficult to find clothes during their pregnancies, I wanted to put a list together of what WORKS. For us, anyway.

Love how my team & I can connect on things like this then bring them all to you as a resource for the blog. Now, full disclosure, I have the help of stylist Emily Lafitte. Check out her IG @emilylafitte. She just fucking gets it. I literally email her ideas & boy oh boy does she deliver, every.single.time.

Alright, let’s get right into it.

Pregnancy Fashion Must-Haves That Have Really Been Saving My Ass:

♡ DRESSES ( Skims all the way )

Pregnancy Fashion Must-Haves
Mom with toddler on her belly

Almost anything Skims is a YES for me, & that goes for pregnancy too. They’re neutral, flattering, comfy as fuck & one of my go-to looks has been a dress with an oversized blazer. My favorite dresses are this tank one & this long sleeved one. The tank dress is sold out in a lot of sizes but here’s a similar one, or this one looks like it would be flattering too. Black or neutral is the move here ( almost all Skims pieces are ).


LIVING IN THESE. Every pregnant woman should know about bumpsuits. You can wear them with a blazer, trench coat, heels, white sneakers, flannel tied around your waist, cute sandals, slippers around the house, LIKE RUN AND GET SOME if you’re pregnant. They have so many options but my favorite is The Kate. They also have tight, form-fitting dresses like Skims.


Like I said above, Hatch has some cute stuff & their crewnecks are a staple for me right now. They’re comfy, but you still look put together. Another fave that I live in is this Enza Costa tee.

These long-sleeved tees from Amazon are another go-to. They’re good quality, very stretchy, flattering & comfy. If you’re looking for more short-sleeved tees, Hilary from my team lived in these for both her pregnancies ( size down if you want it tight ).

If all else fails just grab a pack of men’s white tees, throw a flannel over it & call it a day.


Pregnancy Fashion Must-Haves

For me, Skims bras just work whether I’m pregnant or not. They recently launched nursing bras so I think I’ll be trying those out. It’s no secret I have huge cannons ( LOL ) so if you have fake tits or just really big ones, AND you like an underwire, I recommend the Fits Everybody T-shirt Bra.

Some other maternity bras my team recommends:

+ Bravado Body Silk Seamless Wireless

+ Skim’s Sculpting Bralette

+ Motherhood Maternity Seamless


Stylish clothing for pregnancy

Most pregnant people like to be comfy and so do I. Jeans during pregnancy just don’t scream COMFY to me. HOWEVER, with Zaza I loved 7 For All Mankind jeans. They’re comfy, stretchy, but also fit like a glove & make you feel really sucked in. But like you can move. For this pregnancy I’ve been opting for the dresses above & some pant/sweater sets that we’ll get to in a minute.

Around the house I’ve been living in these joggers, leggings, plaid PJ pants or oversized men’s sweatpants.

A couple recs from my team: Lulu Lemon Align Leggings, H&M skinny MAMA jeans ( cheap, thin, comfy & wash well – not the best quality but they’ll last you for your pregnancy ).


oversized jacket for pregnancy

Like I said, these go perfectly over the body-hugging dresses & bumpsuits. The blazer I’m loving right now is sold out but here’s a similar one & some affordable dupes here & here.

Stylish flannels for pregnancy

Flannels are such a staple for pregnancy or not. These are comfy & look cute over tighter clothes. I have this one from Acne in heavy rotation but also have this one from Amazon in a few colors. Men’s dress shirts work well too. Steal your SO’s or stalk this one & a cute silk blouse from Zara.

Some new favorite pieces that Emily got for me: this duster coat & vegan leather shirt ( & bonus, it’s on sale now !! ).


+ Lola Cruz Rika Sandals ( comfy if you need to dress up )

+ Bottega Veneta Lido slides ( you’ve heard me rave about these – worth the investment )

+ white sneakers ( like walking on a cloud )

+ slippers & Ugg booties ( every other second of the day )


+ Cult Gaia pink long knit sweater

+ buttercream sweater tank with slit up the middle ( you may have seen this on my IG ), paired with rib-knit pants. They’re sold out but these ones by Aimee Song look cute & so do these.

+ black vegan leather trench coat


+ cardigans

+ huge t-shirts with bike shorts

+ loose, flowy dresses

+ Smash + Tess rompers
( I tried these & they did not work for me. That being said, LITERALLY SO MANY pregnant people can’t shut the fuck up about them. Like raving & in love. I wanted to add them to this list because if you’re struggling to find cute outfits these might work for you. )

I put all of these things or their dupes in my Amazon store for you guys, so it’s all in one place. What am I missing? Sure, I’ve found some things that work with my stylist, but I’m going to need more to wear postpartum in like 3 weeks ( With Zaza I lived in this robe ). My god that’s coming up fast.

Let me know what I have to get below.

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x, lauryn

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++ check out this post for a little pregnancy #2 update.


  1. So glad there’s a pregnancy blog post that I can come back to a year or so later – now that I’m entering my second trimester! I live and die by Lauryn’s recs!!

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