Pre-Bikini, Badass, Natural Diuretic Tea

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and tea.

Ok so I know I shared my lemon diuretic ( such a dinosaur/throwback post!! ) two & half years ago when TSC launch but today, in true bikini spirit, I’m sharing my favorite recipe for de-bloating tea.

That’s right.

This tea helps combat bloat. Who wouldn’t like that?? Right?!

I like to drink two cups of this an hour or two before bikini time.

So…wait, back up…WTH does diuretic mean?

Whelp, a quick version: diuretics basically get rid of fluid/bloat. BTW: this isn’t some medical, gnarly diuretic, it’s simply a natural tea that will help you feel tight & right.

Lemon is the best natural diuretic on the planet ( I literally would swim in lemon like the grandma from Patch Adams who swam in a pool of noodles…there I’d be…swimming in citrus, just living out my dream ). Green tea & ginger are also effective diuretics & apple cider vinegar is full of benefits. P.S. prone to UTI’s? Drink this tea & thank me later— let’s just say ( for the sake of any man reading this right now ) that it really promotes urine flow. We’ll leave the UTI talk at that ( for now ).


Ok, so the ingreds:

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and tea.

All you do is make tea like usual, add two tea bags of green tea ( I like this one; it’s clean & organic ), squeeze one lemon, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar ( make sure it’s unfiltered & raw ), & slice four thin slices of ginger…and throw it all in your green tea.


Of course, sense I’m a freaking weirdo about my teeth ( lemon strips the enamel ), I wait for it to cool a bit…&…sip it with a straw. LOL.

This super simple, de-bloating tea is perfect to drink before slipping into your bikini…trust me!! Feel free to make this iced too.

Cheers & happy Fourth of July! x

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22 replies to “Pre-Bikini, Badass, Natural Diuretic Tea”

  1. Thanks for this recipe! Another great tea if short on time or away from home, try drinking a cup of dandelion root tea. (traditional medicinals for example) It’s great if one has had salty foods especially. It’s a detoxifying agent for the liver. It can increase urine output and decrease swelling! Adding lemon enhances flavor.

  2. Happy Fourth of July!! I love lemongrass tea same same! All the women out here drink Papaya leaves when they want to slender, will post about that soon! All my love xo C

  3. Thank you for sharing, Lauryn, since I get bloating very easily.
    One question: do you think I can use tea brewed from fresh tea leaves? which is popular here in Vietnam. It could even be better :’)

  4. Not sure how I missed this last week but so glad I just found it! I’m obsessed with lemon water so now I can’t wait to step it up! Xo, S

  5. Thank you thank you thank you for this recipe! So helpful and mmm-mmm-mmmarvellously delicious

  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing tip, will def try it! Just be careful with the straw, taking extra air in might defeat the purpose of the tea 😉