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Pomegranate Green Iced Tea with Fresh Raspberries

Trader Joes Green Tea
Antioxidant enriched Pomegranate Green Iced Tea

It has been a hot, scorching summer in San Diego, so I have tried to drink as many fluids as possible, but it is always a smart rule of thumb to keep up with fluid intake. According to the weight lost center, Lindora, you should drink as much ounces in water as you are in pounds. So for instance, if you are 115 pounds, you should drink 115 ounces in water. This simple trick has worked in my favor, and although I feel bloated at first, the water fills me up, reducing cravings and flushing my system out.

Green tea is a natural diuretic and does the same trick [ just make sure it’s unsweetened ]. I love the blueberry & pomegranate green tea from Trader Joe’s. It’s the perfect thing to drink right before you’re going to be in a bikini because it flushes all the bloat & toxins out. I like putting some fresh, organic raspberries in my tea [ and a cute pink straw always helps visually ]. This enhances the favor and makes the “mocktail” more drinkable. Sip up!

Trader Joes Blueberry Green Tea
Trader Joe’s all natural green tea
Organic Raspberries
Organic raspberries
Refreshing Beverage
So refreshing!



  1. I made this recipe prior to my 1 1/2 hour tennis drilling today. The beverage was perfect for hydration source and kept me alert. Really great to sip as I played.

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