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Live From Florence: TSC Him & Her Podcast

Recorded in Florence

Ciao from the plane!

Currently flying over Venice, on our way to New York City, & then it’s back to LA. This trip has been a whirlwind— will definitely do a full blog recap.

In the meantime, there’s some newness for you on iTunes. That’s right, we lugged our recording equipment all the way to Italy to record Episode 12 in Florence.

…& to be real we were kind of buzzed off champagne. Basically we turned the room into a studio with cheese, wine, & a microphone. Very fun for us! When in Florence right…

Wanted to give a quick shout out for the insane recommendations. Michael & I used a ton of them ( the pizza recommendations in Florence were especially UP MY ALLEY ).

Anyway, let me break down Episode 12 for ya.

Firstly if you have an Android, no worries BECAUSE PodOmatic! Heard of it? Basically anyone from anywhere can listen to podcasts regardless of what phone you have. Listen here, Android users.

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In this episode we’re talking: travel tips & tricks, the surprise trip Michael planned, keeping the fire alive in any relationship…AND COCONUT OIL.

If you have any questions for next week’s episode, please let me know below & include your Snapchat or Instagram handle too so we can shout you OUT!

Oh, & let’s discuss the $2500 beauty x wellness giveaway, shall we? I am going to pick the winner(s) at random Friday morning so please, please, please be sure to enter because it’s literally the easiest thing on the planet.

The giveaway is based around the podcast, keeping with the theme of this post. Enter here.


Ok, falling asleep at the keyboard. I swear those damn airplane peanuts have tryptophan in them. Plus airplane food grosses me out. Anyone else? It smells weird & looks like it’s been run over by a train. Kind of like hospital food, do you know what I mean?

Alright! Thanks again for all your Italian recommendations. So much fun bringing you guys along on Snapchat.

Will be back to regular posting Friday =).


– lauryn

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  1. Loved the podcast! Thank you!

    I know you didn’t know you were going to Italy but if you could do a post on what to pack for an Italian vacation, that would be wonderful! I’m going to Rome in a couple months and I don’t have any idea what people wear there or how they find shoes that are both sexy and comfortable enough to wear on cobblestone streets.

    Thank you for considering this topic!

    1. SO happy you’re enjoying the podcast. Thank you for the support Megan!
      That is a great suggestion. Keep your eye out :))
      How long are you going for?

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