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Play Your Best Hand.


The other day a powerful but simple quote popped up on my newsfeed.

( You should know that I’m pretty particular with my quotes- as I assume everyone is? I like a quote that speaks to me on a logical, realness kind of level.

Nothing cheesy either please. Like I can’t with the whole ‘dance like no one’s watching’ thing. Barf, lol.

…It doesn’t need to be some gnarly long quote either. Just simple, to the point, & something that comes from pure logic.

Anyway, this specific quote was said by Randy Pausch.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

Everyone reading The Skinny Confidential, including myself, has a hand.

My hand’s been interesting to say the least ( & I’m sure yours has too! ) but the point is, how are you playing the hand you’ve been dealt? Do you walk around complaining every day about something? Or do you wake up regardless of your past & fucking kill it every day? Do you let your past define your future? Seriously though? Really think about it.

Everybody has a choice on how they’re going to construct their life. Everybody.

If I were to suggest anything out of this quote, it would be play your hand to the absolute fullest.

I feel like it’s so important to remember everyone’s been dealt a hand— good/bad/ugly. Regardless, some people choose to make the best of it & forge forward, while other’s choose to wallow in negativity, making excuses for the position they’re currently in…whether that be a toxic relationship, unhappy work place, or just a shitty situation in general.

Don’t let your hand define you.

( A sidenote: I never want to come off preachy. Certainly I don’t know everything. I’m just here to share my experience & what I’ve learned/read/seen, so if my experience helps one person, GREAT. At the end of the day, I love discussing a bunch of different topics! ).

SO, seize the day: YOU & ONLY YOU create your future!! I’m a huge believer in this. Design yours accordingly.

Ultimately, this quote is a great reminder to just play the best damn hand you can play.

Happy Thursday!

XO lauryn

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  1. I would seriously love to see a post about your tattoos/the experience of getting and choosing a tattoo. have you done this before?

    1. I haven’t! I will think about it. Tattoo’s are so personal I think it really depends on a person’s life, dreams, and experiences. It’s hard to advise on something SO personal. What do you think??

  2. Love it! Cheesy quotes drive me nuts! Top 3 i can’t stand: dance like no one’s watching, live love laugh, and what happens in Vegas…..! can’t stand them!

  3. I want to hear you’re story again! I’ve been thinking of that, how you truly just made your shit happen and played ‘the best hand’ possible. With everything you do!

    I think this quote too rules because it’s like, play YOUR hand. Don’t look at anyone else’s and compare.

    Comparison is the thief of joy!

    Love it – can’t wait to hear about your weekend.


  4. Such a great reminder to TACKLE your challenges head on day-by-day. I used to be that person that something would happen and I would immediately jump into STRESS mode. Now I look at the issue at hand, sort out solutions in my mind, and MAKE it happen. It’s so refreshing knowing I can find solutions as opposed to stressing for no damn reason whatsoever!

    1. Hi Tara, I’m so glad you have that outlook. It’s amazing! Keep on being positive and keep killing it!! xx

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