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Why I Ate My Placenta

Hello hello hello.

Getting a lot of questions on why the fuck I ate my placenta. What better way to explain the whole thing than with an in-depth blog post.

My birth story is coming, but in my meantime I just wanted to explain why you guys are seeing my placenta pills all over my Instagram Stories.

First off, you should know that I am not a doctor. Surprise surprise. I’m just sharing my experience & my story & why I decided to eat this ugly creature ( it really is super unfortunate looking ). PLEASE do your own research- there are two sides to every coin, but for me, the pros outweighed the cons.

Secondly, I had a doula ( you can stalk my doula Andrey Lemon here, she’s also coming on the podcast soon! ) who was amazing & changed the energy of the room during my delivery. She was incredible. We talked a lot about the benefits of eating my placenta, & she is the one who took my placenta, placed it in a cooler ( lol ), & encapsulated it for me. Imagine that, walking out with a big cooler of placenta on a casual Monday. What a time to be alive.

Side note: the whole placenta thing is so wild because you have a baby & you think you’re done then the doctor says, “ok now it’s time to deliver your placenta!” Are you fucking kidding me ?? There’s more ??!!

& out flies this weird thing ( don’t Google it, it’s not pretty ). But just because it’s not pretty doesn’t mean it’s not filled with benefits.

The Benefits of Eating Your Placenta:

♡ increases milk supply.

♡ boosts mood.

♡ boosts energy.

♡ decreases risk of postpartum depression.

♡ balances hormones.

♡ reduces chance of anemia.

{ via }

So after finding out the benefits of eating your placenta, I wanted to do it. I will quite literally try anything, a human guinea pig if you will, when it comes to health & wellness. Personally, I don’t think it’s gross or weird at all. The baby grew it, it was in my body, it doesn’t taste bad, AND !! even if it is a placebo effect…I don’t see a downside.

When it comes to stuff like this, I like to look at the pros & cons. If the pros outweigh cons, I’ll typically go for it.

Anyway, if you’re interested in how a doula actually encapsulates a placenta, here’s how.

How To Encapsulate a Placenta:

♡ step 1: the placenta gets rinsed off & the blood gets drained.

♡ step 2: it then gets placed in a steamer basket & is lightly steamed.

♡ step 3: once steamed, it’s sliced & dehydrated.

♡ step 4: the dehydrated placenta slices get put in a grinder until it becomes a fine powder.

♡ step 5: the powder is then put into capsules in a capsule sorter.

{ via }

My doula brought the pills to my house 3 days later & told me to take 2 capsules, twice a day for one week, & then 1 capsule twice a day for another week. I keep them in the fridge & can even save some in the freezer for when my daughter is going through puberty because it helps with hormones. It’s just so wild.

So yes, Michael, my fucking placenta will be in the freezer until you’re retired. Get over it.

She also gave me a Sitz Bath mixture that’s like a steam for your vagina with all these magical herbs. It’s also good for your hormones.

All this wellness stuff is my jam, & personally I just love it. & I know you guys do too, so I just wanted to share the specifics & explain why I decided to do this.

What I’ve noticed so far:

♡ I do have energy, especially after I take them.

♡ My skin isn’t completely trashed, which is surprising after sleeping on a hospital bed.

♡ My mood is even. I’m not feeling anxiety or depression & I really thought I might ( both run in my family so I’m really trying to pay attention to highs or lows here ).

♡ I do feel like it’s balancing my hormones.

The mind-body connection is real & mine is telling me that this is how I’m feeling, so I’m just trying to follow it.

I’ll keep you guys updated via Instagram Stories.

Also, if you guys want a little peek inside the delivery room, be sure to follow me on TikTok @laurynbosstick. I’ll be posting a lot of content there because it’s fun, quick, & hot. Very of the moment, ya know? We did a whole little video of our hospital experience so check it out.

I would love to know if any of you ate your placenta. What do you guys think? Yes, no, placebo or bat shit crazy?

Hope you all had a great Tuesday.

x, lauryn

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  1. I’m totally doing this once I have a baby! Also DIED at the freezer/Michael’s retirement part…TOO funny!

    -Madi xo |

  2. I’ve posted comments on IG, but i’m just over the moon that you had a baby before me because now i know exactly what to do. Thank you for being so open and sharing all of these amazing details for those of us who have not had babies yet. I hope being a mom so far is everything you dreamed it would be. xoxox. Tiffany

  3. There are actually no peer-reviewed studies that endorse any of these claims, and in fact there are more studies to support claims that placentaphogy is actually potentially harmful to breast-feeding babies and mothers owing to ingesting toxins and from the bacteria present. I think it would be beneficial if you actually mentioned this in your post

    1. Agreed with this. No evidence based research h studies have shown eating your placenta is healthy – while I agree that sometimes the placebo effect can be helpful, there have been studies that have shown there can be harm caused to the baby and mom. Obviously to each their own, but I do agree it’s important to mention this as you have such a vast audience 🙂

    2. This ?????? To each their own, but none of what you stated eating you placenta does is proven. And the CDC is actually recommending you don’t. So.

  4. I love your content but I just need to ask… is your editor on vacation? I spotted a few errors within this post and it distracts me from the content. Only trying to help!
    “Secondly, I had a doula was amazing”
    “reduces change of anemia.”

    1. she just gave birth, maybe we consider that when evaluating grammar lol. It’s amazing she even got this post up with how busy she is.

  5. I love you & your blog! This was such an interesting post & something I never knew or would’ve even thought about. Thank you for taking us along on your pregnancy (& now mommy-hood) journey- there’s so much I learned JUST FROM YOUR BLOG that I hope to keep in mind if I get to have another baby.

    xo- Courtney

  6. My placenta was enormous! Almost as big as my baby lol so I’d decided not to give eating it a go. I also live in Hawaii and the process of getting them in pill form was a feat. We have more options now. But I will definitely look into it again for my next pregnancy. This was super helpful.

    1. omg! ? if u do decide to go forward with it let us know how you like it!

  7. I did the placenta encapsulation for my 3rd!! Best decision I made for ME!! I actually had a placenta smoothie delivered the evening after my c-section and in the morning after. Put some in your husbands smoothie- he may feel better and he will never know ❤️

  8. I finally ate my placenta after my 4th baby. My family and husband still think I’m a weirdo, but I am. I do think it made a difference. I had so much more milk. Like you said I felt an even temperament. Thanks for sharing and normalizing

  9. Don’t think you are bat shit at all! I’ve heard similar things, but still don’t think I could bring myself to do the same when I deliver this spring lol but very much appreciate the insight and all the baby content you are putting out! Been so helpful. Hope the placenta continues to give you energy and balanced hormones!!!!

  10. I encapsulated mine too! Some of the looks I get when I tell people are hilarious, but placebo effect or not I think it’s definitely helped post-partum! I only have one baby, but my sister in-law didn’t eat it with her first two and did with her 3rd and noticed a huge difference! Love your blog and podcast!

  11. Hi! Love that you shared your experience with this. I have been looking into it myself for my upcoming birth. The company that I am considering offers raw (sliced raw, dehydrated at 160 degrees) or tradition method (steamed, sliced and dehydrated at 160 degrees) for the pills. Were you offered a choice? If so, what factors made you decide on the traditional way of steaming before dehydrating them? I was told steaming yields about 30% less pills and might yield less nutrients, but is good for those wanting the most conservative thing possible and makes some feel more comfortable. Not sure which way to go. Thanks for any input you could provide!

  12. Omg! I’m not a mom but I wish my mom had tried eating hers when she gave birth to me. I had the worst hormonal disorder when I was 15, acne and irregular periods mostly.
    Thank you for sharing this! I’ll definetely keep it in mind when I have a baby.

  13. I did and had soooo much energy! I did not once get the baby blues. I was on a high like happier than ever after having my son it was the best feeling ❤️ So I would 100 percent recommend to anyone!

    1. SO many great companies out there!!! Pour your heart into the research to find the right one.

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