A Pink Sparkly New Year’s Eve Cocktail (!!!)

The Skinny Confidential x NYE.

The Skinny Confidential x NYE.

Hiii! Happy New Year’s Eve to best readers on the planet!

Here’s a little pink sparkly cocktail that I’ll for sureeeeee be sipping on in this gold lame get-up.

It’s soooo simple & kind of clean ( minus the alcohol!! LOL ).

Check out the video:

Ok so here’s what you do:

1.) pop the champagne, duh.

2.) in a martini shaker: add ice, add a shot of vodka, squeeze 1 full grapefruit, & 1/2 lemon.


4.) line vintage champagne glasses ( obsessed with these ) with a grapefruit slice & rim with pink sugar.

5.) pour martini shaker mix in to glass.

6.) top with champagne ( don’t shake champs in the shaker, it will explode! ).

7.) cheers!!

The Skinny Confidential x NYE.

The Skinny Confidential x NYE.

This cocktail is definitely one of my favorites— because you kind of can’t go wrong with grapefruit & champagne-anything.

Anyway I hope you all have the best New Year’s Eve ever!!

Cheers, Lauryn xx

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video by: Chris Tran Media

The Skinny Confidential x NYE.


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20 replies to “A Pink Sparkly New Year’s Eve Cocktail (!!!)”

  1. That looks like it would be my new fav cocktail! Definitely going to try it out! So happy I found this blog! 🙂 I’m just in love with everything you share! 🙂
    Thank you!

  2. Looks delish!! Cant wait to try this out! If you like Titos, you should try Deep Eddy vodka- it is an amaaazing texas vodka made in austin & the flavors are all tasty too:) im not sure if its in california yet but if you ever see it, grab a bottle bc its definitely worth a try!