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Pia Mance On Creating a Brand and High Performance Routines

Pia Mance On Creating a Brand and High Performance Routines

Pia Mance On Creating a Brand and High Performance Routines

If you love accessories, especially earrings and belts, then you’ve probably heard of Heaven Mayhem. The founder of the super trendy but retro inspired brand, Pia Mance is gorgeous, smart, funny and sat down to talk with Lauryn last week about how she started her brand with $900.

On The HIM & HER Show Pia discusses entrepreneurship, how to create a brand strategy, balancing social media, being yourself and routines for BUSY, working women who still want to maintain their health and wellness.

Pia’s story is super inspiring so if you have an idea and don’t really know where to start, this episode is for you. She and Lauryn talk about the importance of protein, their favorite Heaven Mayhem pieces, why Pia gets all her wellness done in the morning and how she organically got Hailey Bieber to wear her pieces. So if you’re interested in everything they recommend be sure to click on the collages below to instantly shop.

Lauryn & Pia’s Favorites:

Lauryn & Pia's Favorites:
Pia Mance heaven mayhem earrings

Other Topics Discussed:

Creating a brand strategy

Balancing your relationship with social media as an influencer

Her entrepreneurship journey

How to stand out 

Creating a valuable product

Navigating decision fatigue

Her wellness routines

This is such a fun episode so be sure to listen to whole thing for details on HUGE giveaway and Pia even gives you a special code for 20% off Heaven Mayhem (hint, it’s SKINNY). And if you follow Pia on IG you’re probably obsessed with her fashion like the rest of us. You can shop all her looks on her ShopMy page here.

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