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Really Just The Ideal Baby Shower Gifts

baby shower gifts | by the skinny confidential

So how cute are these little baby shower gifts?!

SUPER excited because this weekend is my sister’s baby shower! I can’t wait to celebrate her…& of course, become an aunt.

Since clearly the weekend will be very ‘baby’, I figured I’d share a few baby shower gift ideas for anyone else who’s attending summer showers. Couple of gift ideas for ya:

The Cutest Headbands:

Headbands keep a newborn’s head warm & pull their hair ( if they have any yet! ) off their face. Love the little, delicate bows, very cute.

NOT Basic Diapers:

These diapers are not only unique, they’re also SAFE. They’re made by The Honest Company so you can be sure there are no nasty chemicals. Also TONS of different prints for both boys & girls.

Super Soft & Safe Blankets:

Um, PLEASE! These blankets are HAND STAMPED with 100% toxin free ink AND made with organic cotton. Again, tons of print options to choose from. Drooling over the watermelon, forest fox, & minimalist prints.


Little outfits are always a great baby shower gift option. This little onesie is ADORABLE & it has a snap closure at the back & inseam. Little tip: whenever you buy an outfit as a baby shower gift, opt for the pieces that have snap closure so it’s easier for mom & dad to change diapers, they’ll thank you later!

The Sophie:

Apparently this little giraffe teether is like crack for babies. They can’t get enough of it. All of my mommy friends swear by this! Whatever works, right?

Handmade Moccasins:

Babies need to be kept warm. Socks, shoes, & moccasins all make great gifts. These are handmade with buttery soft leather which provides some warmth.

Moms: what am I missing? I’m sure a lot…help!


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