Peptides, Wellness & Skincare with Dr. Craig & Keli Koniver

Peptides, Wellness & Skincare with Dr. Craig & Keli Koniver

Well well well. We’re in for a treat today.

Today we’re interviewing the husband & wife duo behind Koniver Wellness. That’s right, not one but TWO interviews for you today.

Dr. Craig & Keli Koniver & I were introduced through my friend Khalil of Sunlife Organics. If you haven’t tried Sunlife run to one of the locations now. Khalil raved on & on about Craig & Keli & how we had to meet them. And they came down so that Michael & I could interview them for The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast. They talked all about glowing skin, how to navigate all the options of wellness available today, & nutrient & science-driven health protocols.

Dr. Craig & Keli Koniver Him & Her Podcast

They were super open about Covid, what’s going on in the world & their opinions are really interesting. Plus, Keli has the most amazing skin I’ve ever seen on anyone, in person, in my life. Her & Dr. Craig are charismatic, smart, sharp & ahead of the curve.

Be sure to listen, but in the meantime Keli & Dr. Craig are here to talk about NAD IV therapy, how they love infrared saunas, the benefits of peptides AND Keli dives deep into her skincare routine & favorite products of the moment. She gets specific, guys.

Dr. Craig Koniver has tons of clients like Whitney Cummings, Ben Greenfield, Aubrey Marcus, Gabby Reece & Laird Hamilton, & tons more. Just stalk his CLIENTS highlights.

Anyway, Michael & I love Dr. Craig & Keli so without further ado, let’s welcome them to the blog.

Peptides, Wellness & Skincare with Dr. Craig & Keli Koniver



Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Keli Koniver: I’m Keli Koniver, Founder of Koniver Aesthetics in Charleston, SC. Many would describe me as the younger, more well-rounded of the Dynamic Koniver Wellness & Aesthetics Duo. Ha.

My journey into all things skin began 19 years ago when I was 23 years old & my love for the aesthetic industry has only grown infinitely since. My very favorite place to be is in the treatment room. I love treating our patients to the latest & greatest cutting-edge aesthetic treatments & helping them navigate the wealth of skincare options currently on the market. My favorite part of my job is educating my patients. I believe that when you take the time to properly educate people, you empower them to make decisions that work best for them. My approach to business in this field has therefore always been rooted in education & empowerment.

Your skin looks fucking amazing. How do you do it?

KK: Tons of in-office treatments to include Ultherapy for skin lifting & tightening ( 1x per year ), Laser Treatments such as the Cool Peel using the Tetra Co2 & Clear + Brilliant at super regular intervals ( approx. 6-8x per year ), RF Microneedling ( again, 6-8x per year ), PlasmaSculpt ( once a year, sometimes twice ), as well as a bit of dermal filler & neurotoxins. I also use the highest quality medical grade skincare available along with IV Nutrient infusions. Should I keep going?

Seriously, amazing skin at my age takes a commitment & it necessitates an inherent amount of time & money. It’s not natural & it does not come easy. I just like to be upfront about that as it drives me crazy when people pretend otherwise. My commitment waxes & wanes with the seasons of life but I’m ALWAYS doing something. Just ask my husband.

What’s your morning skincare routine?

KK: Generically, my morning regimen consists of a cleanser, toner, Vitamin C/Antioxidant Serum, Growth Factor/Peptide Serum, Eye Cream, & Sunscreen. And I also apply products designed specifically for use on the body as well as something for my lips. I give you my generic routine because the specific product brands I use change often & definitely seasonally.

I do work in medical aesthetics after all & a big part of my job is trying all the different skincare so that I can recommend ( or not ) confidently to our patients. But I do not have my own skincare line yet so I feel like my patients really appreciate my objectivity. Since I don’t have my own line I don’t have any real allegiance to any of the brands. I go for ingredients that work not brands. So much in this industry is just smoke & mirrors.

Specifically, though as of today, I am using the following:


Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser ( I love this one so much ). It has a nice feel & smell & cleans the skin without stripping. While originally designed for oily & acne prone skin, I find most people can use it without any irritation.


Suzan Obagi Balancing Toner. I like that it’s in a pump & I like that I can use it with any of the myriad of cleansers I may be rotating between. It’s clean & simple with no artificial dyes, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, etc.

Vitamin C/Antioxidant Serum:

Revision C+ Correcting Complex 30%® Antioxidant Serum. With my current travel schedule as crazy as it’s been, I have switched away from the Obagi Vitamin C &/or Isdin Flavo-C Ultraglicans I was using simply because the cream formula of this Revision product is better for travel. I really like it. Even though it’s a cream, it’s lightweight & layers well under my other serums & sunscreen.

Growth Factor/Peptide Serum:

Neocutis Bioserum Firm. This is the best product I’ve ever used. Human Derived Growth Factors & Proprietary Peptides in one bottle means it works on both collagen & elastin. Give it a week & you will understand.

Eye Cream:

Combo of Revision Revox Line Relaxer & Neocutis Lumiere Firm Riche. Revox is incredible. Like Botox in a bottle. It works really well for smoothing out the stubborn little lines you can’t chase well with a needle. Especially under the eyes. But it does not have enough hydration for this time of year so I then layer the Lumiere Firm Riche over it. It contains the same human derived growth factors & proprietary peptides as the Bioserum Firm but in a lower concentration with added hydration for the delicate eye region. This area ages the quickest so the more the merrier!


I use the Isdin Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50. It’s the best sunscreen I’ve personally ever used. It’s unique in that it has photolyase enzymes that not only protect the skin from future damage like all other sunscreens on the market but also corrects past actinic damage. The scientists who discovered the enzyme have since won the Nobel Prize for the discovery for perspective. It’s incredible. I use the Isdin Skin Drops with it in color Sand. So, you mix the two together & it provides awesome coverage. You don’t need more makeup at all unless you just want to layer on some finishing powder.


I’m using the IS Clinical Youth Body Serum right now which is actually in a spray pump so you spray it all over your arms, legs, & torso, pretty much wherever you can reach. It’s both hydrating & protecting as it has the antioxidants in it as well. I love it for use on the body as the spray is easy to use & it’s also not thick & greasy like some lotions can be so I can layer my clothing over it immediately. I like to add the IS Clinical Body Complex on top of it. For whatever reason I don’t love the Body Complex nearly as much by itself. The combo of those two together though are the BOMB.


Revision YouthFull Lip Replenisher. When we first started selling this, I hated it. I felt it was so sticky. After several tries, I learned that the stickiness is what gives it it’s incredible staying power. Since then, I am never without a tube of this. It’s amazing.

What’s your nighttime skincare routine?

KK: Again, generally, I cleanse & tone, then I use a retinoid, serum or moisturizer, eye cream, body product, hand product ( yes, I’m extra ), eyelash serum, & lip product.

The specific products that differ from my morning regimen above consist of:


Neocutis Bio cream Firm Riche or IS Clinical Youth Intensive Crème. My skin has felt a bit less hydrated as of late with the cooler temperatures & airline travel so layering one of these super hydrating formulas over my retinoid works wonders.

Eye Cream:

SkinBetter AlphaRet Eye Max. This is a great retinoid for the delicate eye region. It’s the same super popular AlphaRet retinoid but in a formula designed for use around the eyes. This is important as this area is one of the first to show signs of aging.


Tretinoin .05% from Obagi Medical. Retinoids are arguably the most important part of any skincare regimen ( apart from sunscreen of course ) & this is my favorite. I rotate between the cream & gel depending on the day but have lately been using the cream.


Revision BodiFirm is my evening body product of choice. I absolutely LOVE it. Sometimes I layer it over the Isdin Night Peels. It’s a gentle exfoliant & while it’s designed for use on the face, I just like how well the ampoules spread over my body so I improvised & have never looked back. BodiFirm helps improve the crepiness & elasticity in the skin. It’s a stellar body cream.

Eyelash Serum:

Obagi NuCil Eyelash Serum. I used Latisse for years & just converted to this one about 6 months ago when we got it in. It’s great & I saw results with it quicker than Latisse with no irritation. It also makes my lashes appear a bit darker & I never saw that benefit with Latisse in the same way. Bonus points because it’s actually cheaper. The thing I dislike about it is I can never tell when I’m out of it. At least with Latisse, when you run out the bottle is just empty.


IS Clinical Youth Lip Elixir is my go-to evening product for my lips. I don’t like it for use in the day for some reason. I think because I have a hard time layering lipstick on top of it.


Revision Lumiquin. I keep this hand cream on my nightstand & try to use nightly. And I remember it about 3 or 4 nights a week.

I doubt you want to know ANYTHING more about my skincare regimens, do you? Ha! I LOVE skincare.

What are some wellness practices you do throughout the day that make a difference in your mental health?

KK: Not so much during the day as I’m insanely busy most days but in the evening, we decompress in our infrared sauna. I honestly can’t remember my life before the sauna. It’s wonderful.

If someone wants to come to your clinic, what can they expect?

KK: They can expect a wide array of incredible treatment options from lasers to injectables to body contouring treatments to IV infusions. We host lots of out of town patients every week. Many will stay several days to the full week & do lots of different therapies. We have the most amazing team & we all go out of our way to accommodate the patients we are so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve.

If your clients could only choose one thing to do at your office for the health of their skin, what should it be & why?

KK: Virtue RF Microneedling combined with the Tetra Co2 Cool Peel. We do it in the same treatment so it’s technically still just one thing. We call this the Ultimate Duo. It’s great if you are choosing just one treatment because you get the longer-term collagen stimulation from the microneedling with the immediate skin quality improving benefits of the laser. We don’t turn those machines off most days. They run all day long. Everything in our field is a delicate balance between results & downtime since everyone wants results & no one wants downtime. The Ultimate Duo checks both boxes.

Talk to me about NAD. I know you’re a huge fan.

KK: I’m totally addicted to NAD & that’s saying a lot as I’m not impressed by much. It’s one of those things that I can’t pinpoint exactly what it does for me but I can tell you that I definitely notice when I’m not doing it regularly. I have more energy & better focus when I do the treatments & feel like my body feels less run down.

I can handle a night of poor sleep, a super hectic week at work, or whatever other myriad of stressors life throws at me better. In a perfect world, I would do a NAD treatment every week & I do lots of weeks. Overall, I probably do 2-3 treatments a month. It has had a profound impact on my well-being. While not necessarily touted for its skin boosting benefits, I can look back at photos of myself prior to doing NAD & my skin looks MUCH better now.

What does your diet look like? Does healthy eating make a big difference in skin?

KK: Oh, you don’t want to talk to me much about diet. This is a pain point for me. I do intermittent fasting off & on & try to limit my carbohydrates when possible. I have a pretty severe gluten allergy which helps ironically. But I LOVE food & sweets & salt. I have a hard time exercising restraint in this arena. Thank God I legitimately enjoy exercise.

Tell us your cocktail of choice!

KK: A margarita with lots of salt or a glass of champagne.

What have you seen on the market lately that makes a big difference in people’s skin?

KK: Oh my goodness there are so many amazing skincare products out today I don’t even know where to start. I think the latest buzzworthy ingredients would be peptides. Peptides & Growth Factors are great as they work on our body’s collagen & elastin which is the name of the game in anti-aging. I don’t love a lot of the at home devices. They just don’t do much.

Do you GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN? If yes, we need specifics. Driving gloves, SPF, obnoxiously huge hats?

KK: Don’t get me started. Yes, I stay the fuck way out of the sun. When I am in it, I use SPF religiously, a hat, sunglasses, & usually sun protective clothing. I love UPF clothing when I’m exercising outdoors especially as it doesn’t sweat or wash off & doesn’t have to be constantly reapplied. We carry a couple of lines in our office. Mott50 is a great UPF 50 swimwear line & Coolibar has day to day options as well as workout & boating attire which is great. It’s kind of tacky but serves a purpose.

What’s a book, podcast or resource you recommend? 

KK: I’m currently reading Atomic Habits & liking it. The premise is that you should forget about your goals & focus on systems. It’s really true. We rise or fall to the level of our systems when all is said & done.

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out! 

KK: I’m used to pimping others out, but if you insist, you can find us on Instagram @koniverwellness or shoot me an email at


Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Craig Koniver: Hi, I am Craig Koniver, MD & I practice Performance Medicine in Charleston, SC where we help our clients optimize their health & performance through a variety of cutting-edge tools such as NAD+ therapy, peptides & hormone balancing.

We talked about peptides on the podcast, but we need to know more!

CK: Peptides are an amazing tool for so many people as they are very safe ( we rarely ever see any negative side effects ). We currently utilize a wide-variety of peptides & feel they work their best when we combine them together. We make it easy for our clients to use as we pre-fill syringes so all they have to do is take from the refrigerator & give themselves a shot. No mixing. No thinking about it.

Who is a candidate for peptides?

CK: Pretty much any adult who is interested in working on some facet of their health & well-being. We steer people towards various peptides based upon their goals: fat loss, strength, better skin, etc.

What are some benefits you’ve seen from using them?

CK: There are so many benefits from fat loss, to improved immune functioning to more glowing skin. Peptides truly seem to help people become stronger, fitter, faster & have the benefits of helping people sleep better & recover faster from workouts, etc.

With everything going on in the world, how can we boost our immunity?

CK: Lots of choices here but once we get past the obvious ( sleeping better, exercising regularly ), I like people to biochemically enhance their immune output through the consistent utilization of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, fatty acid intake as well as certain peptide injections like Thymosin Alpha-1 & Glutathione infusions. All of these are very safe & don’t require a lot of time & energy to stay consistent with.

What are some tools in your toolbox that help you stay on track?

CK: I do regular IV infusions, weekly Vitamin Pushes, monthly NAD+ infusions. I am usually on some peptides all the time ( I trial all of them that we use ). I take a blend of a handful of nutrients orally.

My wife Keli & I try to do the Infrared Sauna every evening & I stay consistent with strength training & walking throughout the week.

What sets you up for a successful morning?

CK: Certainly sleeping well, but always a strong 1-2 cups of coffee when we first get up. I definitely am able to focus my best in the morning so I try to get all of the important things done before mid-day.

How do you wind down at night?

CK: We do the Infrared Sauna in the evening & then we get together with our son & play a board game or watch a TV show. Sometimes we use the PEMF mat & then read before falling asleep.

If you could tell the world one thing about health what would it be & why?

CK: That anything & everything is possible. Health, just like the rest of life, comes down to what we choose to focus our attention upon. When you focus on positive, healthy healing & performance, that is what you will get. I can’t tell you when you will get it, but as long as you are focused on this, that will be your outcome.

If someone wants to come to your clinic, what can they expect?

CK: We have people travel to our office in Charleston, SC every week. Most people stay the week where we do a variety of IV infusions & spend time discussing their health challenges & goals. Since we offer such a wide-range of cutting-edge tools, there are many great options we can choose from. We like to individualize therapeutic care plans which makes each client experience unique.

Do you have advice for anyone stuck in their wellness journey?

CK: We all get stuck. The best way to get unstuck is to be curious about the next step. Visualize what you want & then be curious about what is next. Create actionable baby steps around eating, fitness & sleep. This does not mean you plan out your month or year with big goals. It simply means: today I will walk 10,000 steps. Do this every day & over & over with all of your goals. Continue to focus on what you want & never stop being curious about what the next step looks & feels like.

What’s a book, podcast or resource you recommend?

CK: One of my favorite books is written by Seth Godin: Purple Cow. It is a short lesson & reminder on how to be remarkable. And that is something we all can strive for all the time.

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out!

CK: Website: & IG: @koniverwellness


Hope you loved this double interview. Be sure to listen to their podcast episode for more specifics on NAD IV therapy, skincare & just so much wellness talk.

Dr. Craig & Keli Koniver Him & Her Podcast

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