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Step Into My Psycho, OCD Pantry


Hi, hi, hi!

After our vacation ( posts coming soon!! ) & the holiday weekend, I’m very much back to a packed editorial calendar. Sometimes there’s something just soothing about stepping away from the day to day. Traveling re-inspired me & has kicked my ass in gear to create valuable content.

Recently, our pantry has turned into its own experience, which I prefer. When I put effort into something like styling a pantry, I have to really go for it.

That being said, since these pictures have been taken, I have planned a VERY, VERY KHLO-C-D pantry revamp. Basically we’re in the process of organizing the shit out of it…even more. YES, I am psycho…but you know that.

Basically the batshit craziness was real at The Container Store & Target this weekend when I bought a bunch of organizers for my lentils, steel-cut oats, witch doctor tea, etc.. The newly styled pantry will be very theme oriented. Also, switching all plastic to glass. I live for projects like this.

Ok but right now that’s not relevant BECAUSE we’re just discussing the foods/drinks/ETC that are in the pantry…I’ll leave organization for another post.

Before we get started let’s address the disgusting shelf to the left: the disgusting shelf to the left is exactly that: the disgusting shelf to the left. All the things I want to throw away but can’t because…WELL, Michael. He has like whey proteins ( not a fan ), men’s body stuff, & some vitamins I don’t agree with ( HA! )…But with living with someone, comes compromise. So for now, he can keep the disgusting shelf to the left…until I slowly throw it away over the next year blaming it on someone else ( KIDDINGGGGG ).

Water-wise, we always switching it up. Right now loving Penta & Essentia! Is anyone else a water snob? Can’t help it.

Ok, let’s get right into it, shall we?

I always have ‘guy food’ on hand. When you live with a guy this is sort of mandatory. So the first five things are going to be very boy oriented:

Dried goods:

Mini pretzels
Annie’s Cheddar Squares
Black corn chips
Sriracha chips
A couple of candy choices ( champagne gummy bears & brownie brittle )
Nuts ( organic raw almonds, pistachios, & pecans )
Holy Crap Cereal ( a FAVORITE )
Brown rice pasta
Our favorite coffee ( Ralph’s from NYC )
Kale chips
Red lentils
Organic black beans
Steel-cut oats
Rolled oats ( to make cookies! )
Ezekiel cereal
Gigi’s Remix Granola
Oat flour
Raw coconut sugar
Cane sugar

Organic spices & herbs:

Chili flakes
Cayenne powder
Pumpkin pie spice
Unrefined sea salt
Pink Himalayan salt
Black pepper
Italian seasoning ( no salt added )
Bay leaves

Teas, honey, syrups, etc.:

Iced mango green tea
Raw matcha green tea
Peppermint tea
Pu-erh tea
Smooth Move all-natural tea
Gelatin powder
Raw, local honey
Detox elixir
Real maple syrup
Ginger syrup

Random-ish things:

Red wine ( huge Pinot Noir fan )
Non-GMO popcorn kernels ( I like to pop my own & add cinnamon )
Chia, hemp, flax seeds AKA ‘Magic Seeds’
Plant-based protein powder ( this brand & this brand )
Italian extra virgin olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Avocado oil
Cacao nibs
Dark chocolate
Maca powder
Mushroom powder ( will do a post )
Raw, unrefined coconut oil
Liquid Stevia

what's in my pantry | by the skinny confidential

Firstly, can you tell I like tea? I love tea. Tea is the best skinny tip EVER. You can’t go wrong really. Iced, hot, lukewarm…just tea for me PLZ.

To touch on organization for one second: check out these pantry organizers for:

coffee beans
steel-cut oats
chips, cookies, etc.
spices rack
chic oil & vinegar bottles

Tip: if you’re on a budget, a couple of good, old large Mason jars are ideal. They look so CUTE with food in them. Plus they’re reasonably priced. Like, very, VERY reasonably priced.

Ultimately I feel like a pantry is kind of like a closet or bathroom. Maybe people don’t see it all the time but it should be organized & cohesive for YOU ( & even your significant other too ).

I’m thinking a PANTRY TOUR VIDEO too…anyone else? Maybe even on Snapchat? Or YouTube? Thoughts?

For a full grocery list ( including my fridge! ) check out TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

Alright, that’s all I have. We’re in bed watching The Godfather sipping hot peppermint tea like 80 year olds. & can you believe it: I’m still jet-lagged. If any of you have any jet-lag tips, I’d very much appreciate them!

Love, lauryn x

P.S. little update: new podcast will be up tomorrow & fresh exclusive app content will be released later this week!

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  1. Nothing better than an OCD pantry! Seriously, I cannot handle pantries or even a kitchen that is a mess, or just has things placed wherever, lol. Your pantry is perfect! <3

    1. Aw you’re so sweet Hayley! What are your secrets to an organized pantry?
      Thanks for the support :))

    1. SO happy you’re enjoying the CALM tea!! Doesn’t it feel great to clean out your pantry?
      Thanks for reading Alexis :))

    1. You should definitely try Ezekiel cereal. SO good. Let me know if you like it Ashley!
      What do you like to keep in your pantry?

  2. Can’t wait for the new podcast! You guys are killing it! You mentioned in the previous one that you’re eating more of a high protein/high fat diet – could you expand on that? Is it like keto? I’ve been hearing a lot about that way of eating lately but would love your point of view on it.

    I’m the same with pantry OCD! Everything has to be out of the package and in pretty jars. I love the Quattro Stagioni jars from The Container Store. Pretty much my favorite place ever lol

  3. Can’t wait for the new podcast! You guys are killing it! You mentioned in the previous one that you’re eating more of a high protein/high fat diet – could you expand on that? Is it like keto? I’ve been hearing a lot about that way of eating lately but would love your point of view on it.

    I’m the same with pantry OCD! Everything has to be out of the package and in pretty jars. I love the Quattro Stagioni jars from The Container Store. Pretty much my favorite place ever!

    1. Thanks for listening to the podcast Andrea!
      I am releasing a 7 day meal plan at the end of June to talk about this very topic!
      The Container Store is amazing.
      I appreciate all of your support :))

    1. Let me know how your organizing goes Diana!!
      YUM! I love ginger so that sounds amazing. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Cheyanne!
      Keep your eye out for a video :))
      Thanks for reading!

  4. I am growing more and more in love with you by the day as I realize just how similar we are (you’re like a cooler, more mature version of baby me hahahaha.) I have MAJOR pantry OCD. Like MAJE! I have everything in glass containers (poo poo on plastic.) And things that don’t fit into containers are very strategically organized. It’s not ready QUITE yet to share in a blog post, but this post inspired me to kick my butt in gear and make it happen (just as soon as I get all my art in from Society 6 and get that gallery wall up :-P)

    1. You’re so sweet Tara!! You have some awesome projects ahead! Definitely share your progress with me :))
      What pieces of art did you choose?

  5. This is amazing! You have one awesome pantry – Khloe has totally inspired me to get my ass organized. Have you seen her baking cabinet? It is insane (but the good kind). Random question but do you have the link to the container on the 2nd to bottom center shelf behind the cutie blue goblet? I’ve been looking for that style (clear + silver) for mine! I would LOVE a pantry video. Also, what all do you use local honey for? I have a container of raw honey & royal jelly but sometimes run outta things to use it for!

    As far as jetlag – I got the WORST case of it coming back from Australia this winter. Like, brutally bad. There are the usual suspects that work – lots of water, essential oils, detox baths, and salt lamps (something about that glow tho) – but the one thing that helped me feel better RIGHT away was a super clean soup of greens, lentils, and quinoa. I don’t know why it was so nourishing but sometimes simple is just best! Feel better! x

    1. It’s SO chic! You have to get one Tamara! Some other kitchen must haves:
      Thanks for reading Tamara :))

  6. Pantry tour would be rad! What is it about organization that just calms the soul. I’ve been very much about my tea organizer as of late – can never have too much tea! Looking forward to seeing the newly organized “themed” re-vamp 🙂

    1. Organization is so soothing!! Thanks for reading Virginia.
      What are your favorite teas? LOVE suggestions!

    1. I know isn’t it SO fun?! Thanks for the support Lauren!
      What are some must have items in your pantry?

  7. I love this! I cannot wait to move into a place where I can have a real pantry and organize it (currently sharing my kitchen with a brewery atm). Definitely do a tour on snaps. I live for your + Michael’s snaps.

    Also, CALM is my fave. I dig that you mentioned it!

    1. GREAT idea! Thanks for the suggestion Beryl.
      CALM is also one of my favorite teas!
      What are some of your pantry staples?

  8. I love this so much! You totally inspired me to go reorganize my entire pantry because I have major OCD but I too live with my fiance and he is a bit of a slob and has junk food always but I just stick to own “health shelf”!

    1. Having a separate shelf for Michael is the BEST! What items do you keep stocked on your health shelf?
      Thanks for reading Harriet!

  9. I have OCD so I’m just curious, do you actually have OCD? Or are you just using the term because everything is super organized? If it is the latter, please stop using the term in this manner, it oversimplifies the disease and makes it seem like some sort of joke instead of something that can be incredibly debilitating. If you do have OCD, I apologize for my comment.

  10. Your pantry is so neat and organized. Definitely have to check out the Container Store. Thanks for sharing how to get the job done. I will be referring back to this 🙂

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