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how to beat brain for and gain mental clarity

Hi I’m Lauryn & I have perpetual BRAIN FOG.


I feel like there are 134723048 hands going up.

After speaking to so many of you over e-mail, I have realized this is a HUGE issue- an issue that needs to be talked about. Brain fog.

But really, does anyone else feel like they’re in a daze half the time? Without a lot of clarity? Sometimes I feel super out of it & just ‘not all there.’ I feel like I’m not the only one…

Despite all the wellness practices in the world- it still happens. Whether it’s because of lack of sleep one night or something deeper like a thyroid problem, brain fog is REAL. It can inhibit you’re ability to function effectively & efficiently which is a SERIOUS bummer.

You know those times where you wake up & you’re feeling absolutely ready to kill it?

You primed, you worked out, you read, you chugged a green collagen smoothie. ALL before 10 AM.

You sit down and get ready to work then BAM! “… where is my pink highlighter?” You forgot where you put something you use everyday & immediately get distracted. Now you can’t focus for shit- your head feels cloudy. You’re tired & just unable to concentrate.

I’ve been there. No really, actually- a lot. Sure, sometimes it’s a champagne hangover but SOMETIMES it’s not.

Sometimes it’s actually real deal brain fog.

To be real, if you asked me how many times I was inspired creatively, I’d say 20% of the time. The other percentage is spent playing catch up, practicing discipline…or in a brain fog.

See? Brain fog is real & I want to discuss this subject. SOOOOooo:


Brain fog is “a term used for certain symptoms that can affect your ability to think. You may feel confused or disorganized or find it hard to focus & put your thoughts into words.”

{ VIA: webMD }

Brain Fog Symptoms:

Memory: short-term memory such as where are your keys or wallet. May also have trouble remembering conversations, the right word to describe something or images.

Concentration/Attention: inability to concentrate & trouble focusing. This may impact your ability to learn new skills. It may also cause routine tasks to take longer. Individuals may also lose their train of thought & have feelings of spaciness.

Confusion/Depression: brain fog may cause fuzzy thinking which can lead to confusion & disorganization. Mental confusion can cause individuals to feel depressed or anxious.

{ VIA: livestrong }


+ nutritional deficiencies & eating the wrong foods

+ lack of sleep & stress

+ health conditions such as thyroid problems, anxiety, depression, etc.


If you’re suffering from brain fog there are few things you can do right now to start feeling clearer. For immediate relief begin with essential oils- I’ve read this on MANY SITES. Next, make sure you are getting enough sleep. We all know how important sleep is ( I probably shouldn’t be writing this at 1 AM but what can I say? I’m creative at night. Kill me ).

Anyway, after that, evaluate your nutrition. Are you eating nutrient-dense foods & do you need supplements? Let’s really get into it though…like go in-depth?


I AM FAN OF essentials oils. There’s endless combinations, they smell amazing & have the ability to enhance your mood. PLUS THERE’S NOTHING BETTER THAN A BOSSANOVA, ESSENTIAL OIL, CANDLE-FILLED MORNING.

I’m going to break down the top oils to use for brain fog. However there’s an oil for every type of occasion: work, social hour, sleeping, relaxing, working out, you name it, there’s an oil. Play around, you know?

Sage: helps to improve memory & insight. Very stimulating/cooling.

Rosemary: supports memory & mental exhaustion. Inhalation has been show to improve speed on cognitive tasks.

Peppermint: helps to alleviate tension headaches & stimulate the mind to enhance focus. More reasons why I love peppermint oil. I LOVE THIS OIL FOR CONCENTRATION.

Tangerine: helps to soothe the central & sympathetic nervous systems. Promotes bliss in a calming & uplifting manner.

{ VIA: mindbodygreen


Aromatically ( my favorite ): I personally like to use a diffuser. The diffuser I have is from Whole Foods. It’s like this crystal ball. I don’t know the brand- I just found it one day while shopping for blue corn chips & hummus.

If you don’t have a diffuser, you can just rub 2–3 drops of essential oil between your palms & inhale deeply.

Topically: Like I said, rub a few drops on the desired area of your body. Peppermint is JUST AMAZING FOR COLDS & headaches or neck aches. I honestly can’t believe how much it helps. Breathe it in or rub it on your neck ache. It’s magical.

Dietary: Add 1-2 drops to your water, tea, juice, or any beverage! You can also add a few drops to your meals when cooking or use it in smoothies or yogurt. Always make sure there are instructions for internal use. I drop grapefruit oil in TSC Detox Drink every AM ( it’s known to speed the metabolism but more on that later ).



Food Additives

+ artificial sweeteners
+ MSG ( more here )

Food Reactions

( you might have a food allergy- try an elimination diet or consult with a doctor ).

+ dairy OR eggs
+ fish & shellfish
+ wheat
+ soy or corn
+ peanuts or tree nuts
+ certain chocolate
+ strawberries, citrus fruits & tomatoes
+ histamine rich foods- vinegar, cured meats, aged cheese ( red wine sometimes too )

Blood Sugar Spikes

+ REMOVE simple carbohydrates ( sugar, flour products, refined foods, etc. ).
+ CONSUME complex carbs, protein & healthy fats to create stable glucose levels.


cacoa: high in antioxidants that may increase learning & improve memory.

how: use cacoa nibs in my favorite crunchy pb smoothie.

nutritional yeast: great source of B vitamins which are linked to cognitive improvement.

how: make cheesy red lentil pasta. combine EVOO, nutritional yeast, salt & cayenne to cooked pasta.

+ turmeric: the antioxidant curcumin makes turmeric a powerhouse. Seriously, it’s been proven to stimulate new brain cell production.

how: drink a soothing golden turmeric milk latte in the morning. 

+ avocado: full of healthy fats, avocado can help improve the absorption of vitamins from leafy greens. Also rich in Vitamin E which can slow cognitive decline. True story.

howadd some kale to this lentil & avocado salad. Then blend up the seed ( YES !!! ) and add it to your collagen smoothie.



+ B Vitamins: B vitamins IS MY FAVORITE FOR BRAIN FOG. B12 is your best friend. I sometimes take the liquid one which is great. Beware though: sometimes the shots can cause pimples ( I still like them once in & while ). The non-GMO liquid form works great though.

+ Vitamin D: optimize Vitamin D levels through diet & supplementation to preserve brain health. If you must go in the sun PLEASE wear SPF & a hat. I always take Vitamin D with healthy fats- it’s known to really be activated by foods like avocado or olive oil.

+ Rhodiola: this is found to protect against physical & mental stresses, fatigue, & toxins. Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that will improve your overall mood. ALSO it helps increase serotonin levels AND may increase energy.

+ Bacopa: referred to as “natural Adderall!” NO REALLY! Bacopa is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries to enhance memory.

+ Omega-3: since your brain is made primarily of fat, Omega-3s are essential! I always take Omegas. Basically they help decrease inflammation & improve the number of neural connections in your brain. You know I need all the help I can get when it comes to inflammation, LOL.

I really researched this one for you because I feel like it’s a question that gets asked A LOT. We are living in an era where a lot of people are having brain fog…or brain farts. Really though, you wouldn’t believe the number of e-mails I get on this topic. Hopefully after trying these methods you find some relief to the cloudiness. As always please consult a doctor before try any new methods.


We just got back from The Polo Bar Restaurant in New York City…where Michael has just discovered oysters ( which is highly annoying because he now calls himself a connoisseur. He’s being rather bougie about it- asking if “they’re West coast or East coast oysters?” Which of course, he has no clue of the difference ).

Anyway, couldn’t be more excited because I’m here for a keynote speech with BrunchWorks ( COME! ) on Monday & for a TSC Meet-Up with YOU GUYS on Tuesday ( info on my IG Stories or click HERE– email me to R.S.V.P.: ).

Hope I get to meet you guys in New York City. Would love to hang out & get to know you!

Happy Sunday!

x, lauryn

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  1. Hi Lauryn –

    Thanks for this. I had severe brain fog for a while (as a side effect from hypothyroidism) – the only thing that helped me was getting OFF a certain prescription – but it’s nice to read about ways to help it additionally!

  2. Yes! Totally get this, and I for sure think it has to do with my lack of sleep and poor eating habits. Definitely looking to create a healthier diet to improve everyday life 🙂 

  3. I think it happens to everyone once in a while. In my case it’s usually a lack of excercise issue. If i’m sick or injured and can’t do anything more serious in a while…bam! Fog 🙁 turning up the good foods usually helps. But i love the essential oil suggestion!

  4. Are you aware it might be your breast implants causing brain fog? I had a friend who that happened to. Had to get breasts removed.

  5. Hey girl ! I’ve heard a lot of recent talk about brain fog being a side effect of breast implants… not sure if that could be a source of your issues ! Xo

  6. I had these symptoms a lot of times, but I never realized that it’called brain fog. Thank you for this very informative article.

  7. Interesting information on essential oils but I would like to add mindful meditation to get rid of brain fog, it enthuses you and gives you mental clarity in a few minutes. Bur to be more effective you need to practice it regularly.

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