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Later, Bloat!

The Skinny Confidential talks bloating tips.

Sometimes I have a lil love-handlie, muffin top that comes over my black skinny jeans ( thanks to my last New York City trip!! I mean, the calorie intake there is real ).

And sometimes I don’t.

And when I don’t it’s typically because I’m eating super clean, working out at least four to five times a week, drinking a boatload of water, getting enough sleep……AND practicing some key no-bloat tips. Meaning I have a real list ( weird ) of tips I utilize when I want to feel my absolute BEST.

Ultimately, I feel like my tips are relatively easy, but I guess you guys can decide.

And by the way, this is my stomach not bloated with a spray tan ( which quite honestly is one of the best skinny tips ever ). The bloated pic we’ll just leave to the imagination, ya? Post-bloat:

The Skinny Confidential talks bloating tips.

The Skinny Confidential’s Tips For Beating Bloat:

If there’s any kind of bikini holiday ( AKA Fourth of July ), I drink hot water with lemon every morning. It’s a natural diuretic ( << which is huge when it comes to de-bloating ).

Reach for berries & grapes instead of apples or melons. Berries & grapes are easier on the digestive system. For dessert lately, I’ve been snacking on frozen green grapes. SO yummy.

Forget about fake sweeteners/sugar alcohols/diet soda…they will all cause bloating. Use stevia for sweetener instead. Soda is F-ing nasty anyway, so no thanks, bye.

I LOVE sparkling water. Pelligrino & I are BEST BEST BEST friends. I drink it alllllll the time & it keeps me very full. BUT. It tends to cause bloat. If I’m in a bikini, I’ll drink vodka/water with lemon ( << natural diuretic! The lemon, not the vodka! ) instead of vodka/soda…and I’ll stay far away from Mr. Pelligrino.

Skip the salt. Salt= maj bloat. I use fresh herbs, lemon juice, or curry powder instead. Also, anything spicy can release stomach acid. So ( unfortunately ) stay away from spicy foods to prep for a bikini or crop top!

♡ I’m not a huge gum chew-er in general. But I really stay away from gum because it adds more gas in your GI tract. Imagine blowing up a balloon inside your tummy.

Stay away from alcohol, if possible. Oh yes, the above picture of me is after not drinking for a little bit. Alcohol causes bloat– so sorry, guys— say ‘no way, rosé ( BOO ).’

But the truth is I always go back to the basics: eat less pizza, more kale. Less sitting, more Pilates. TRUST ME, Pilates is just the shit. It tightens in all the right places. Oh! & a little spray tan never hurt a flea.

Ok, phew!

Now you guys, your turn: what’s your de-bloating tips? x

  1. I gave up sugar free gum recently too”. Realized it was giving me gas and bad stomach cramps. Never thought about apples though. Kinda wishing I didn’t eat those 2 apples today now.

  2. I get cleanses 2-3 x a year (the real thing= colonic), to not only detox my insides but clean out stuff thats been there for way too long. A lot of bloating is caused by toxin build up inside that needs some major release.
    Clean living and basically staying away from crap processed foods and sodas arent even allowed in the house!

    1. Hi, i do pretty much all of this things she listed up, but my bloating is not going away. For a long time now i’m searching for a cleanse i could do, but i’m not sure which i should try.. there are so many different. Can i ask you what kind of cleanse do you do? What do you eat and/or drink while the cleanse?
      Hope you have the time to answer me, i would definitly be happy about 🙂

  3. I never realized that apples and melons caused bloating! I eat a ton of both so that’s probably not helping me. I’ll have to try the frozen grape idea. That sounds yummy!

  4. In the afternoon I drink hot lemon water with a teaspoon of honey to give it that sweet, fresh taste. At night I go to my all time favorite green tea. Again with a teaspoon of honey.
    I gave up using sugar a long time ago. Having lost a lot of weight it just didn’t sit right with me to use sugar. So try out diffenrent kinds of honey, agave or stevia 🙂

  5. Number one way for me is to make sure I drink lots of water. But I also eat lots of veggies.
    Side of Veg for bfast,lots for lunch & dinner. I have noticed the raw veggies are kinda knarly on the tummy too, so I’m sticking to steamed/roasted for now!!

  6. A spray tan is THE best, but water is my go-to, too! Especially in the morning, I try to guzzle as much lemon water as I can. Green tea helps too! Xo, Sarah

  7. I gave up gum a longgggg time ago when I read about how it can cause bloating! The only time I ever carry it with me is when I’m flying. Love all of these tips!

  8. Love these tips please keep them coming!

    One question. I want to start drinking water with lemon every morning but I heard from a bunch of different places that the acidity in Lemon is not good for your teeth and should be consumed in moderation…. is there a happy medium??

    xo Stephany from New York

  9. You know I was a huge gum chewer up until about a month ago, and honestly, I don’t notice any difference from not chewing it. In order to decrease bloat, I like to drink a lot of water, get in plenty of cardio and lay off heavy carbs in the evenings for a few days. Good tips!

  10. Hi, I’m a newbie around here, came across your IG and now stalking you here (in a non-creepy sort of way). Love your blog and your honesty!

    I love lemon & water, but fare warning, if you drink too much of the warm water & lemon, it has a rather bad effect on your teeth, strips the enamel and makes them uber sensitive. Just a heads up! Use pro-enamel toothpaste! 🙂

    Also, my biggest bloating food experiences are: brown rice, broccoli and anything reaaaally fiber rich. Asparagus is a good diuretic, and yes, it makes your pee smell, but great at getting rid of extra water storage. Alcohol in general doesn’t cause bloat (unless it’s margaritas, but pure alcohol) it actually de-hydrates (is that a term?!) and causes you to look leaner…the next day, after a few too many, you will usually look lean, but hungover, and get bloated by drinking water, as your body tries to hold on to the water you expelled. 🙂

  11. I am soooo surprised you didn’t mention La Croix, if you haven’t had them you should immediately go find them and get obsessed. They’re canned sparkling water which I am so into because they taste more zippy or something than sparkling water out of a plastic bottle and then also the size is more manageable. I’m really into the Mixed Berry flavor & Apricot & Mango too. I can usually find them at Target or Whole Foods.

  12. One of the best tips I have received is Food Combining- changed my life….the order in which I eat and combinations….Always eat fruit on an empty stomach

    and Heather’s Tummy Tea is another lifesaver

  13. I personally love chai tea as a way to reduce bloating…and obviously green tea! Thanks for this post, a little reminder of some tips I need to keep in mind in the upcoming days to a family event!
    Grandiose Days Blog

  14. ‘no way, rose’ haha!
    I try to go by ‘if you can’t kill it or pick it, reduce it’. I think I heard that from Carly Rowena on youtube. I have a lot more energy and generally feel better if I haven’t eaten anything processed. I also use agave instead of sugar but have tried stevia too.

  15. I love how Honest you are! “This is me with a spray tan” lol. As a pasty PNW girl, I know the power of a
    Spray tan! But my fave de-bloat slash daily ritual: bulletproof coffee. Coffe+grass fed butter+ MCT oil. Keeps me full and energized all morning so I don’t have to eat until lunch. That means I feel super lean and tight alll day❤️

  16. I’m all about my hot lemon water right now <3 But it's such a buzz kill that when I'm headed to places where I want to minimize bloat–the pool, the beach–I usually want to have a drink or two, or…

  17. Watch out for certain type of creamy cheese and if you’re eating it with bread (a la Paris style) you’ll be bloated for sure. If you still want some cheese try some of the harder styles of cheeses along with some Nordic style crackers.

  18. All very great tips! I didn’t know about melon and apples so I’m sure glad I bought some grapes the other day.

    I gave up gum almost ten years ago when I learned it caused bloating. Now I carry mints for those in-case-of-emergency situations like drinking coffee or eating tons of garlic. The artificial sweetener probably doesn’t help but I bet the person I’m talking to is thankful that I have fresh breath!

  19. Hi Lauryn! Super curious as to what you think of colonics (semi embarrassing/weird topic I KNOW, but curious nonetheless). Big fan of your blog!! xo

  20. I love this post but I think I love your Calvins more, where did you get them?? I’ve been searching everywhere and for some reason I can’t find them!!

  21. Warm lemon water is my everything. I swear by it and drink it every single morning. It helped me quit caffeine altogether, and now it makes me feel alive awake alert and even sometimes enthusiastic. 😉 It also keeps things *regular* if you know what I mean.

    Where do you go for spray tans in SD? Looks amazing on you!!

  22. Hi all and great post! (yes, I often suffer from bloating as well..). For those who have been thinking of doing a detox cleanse check out our website at I tried JJ’s cleanse and it really worked! The book is full on useful tips and delicious recipes. And it’s not only about loosing weight but more about cleaning your body and feeling healthy and less bloated. I really recommend! 🙂

  23. Never have full meals-
    I usually have 6 small portions instead of 3 meals a day…..this way your digestive system is constanly working and its a great way of never feeling hungry during the day 🙂

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