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south of france fashion picks | by the skinny confidential

So you guys asked for it: South of France outfits- part ONE.

( I’m a little late but what’s so new with that, right? ).

If there’s one thing about St. Tropez & the South of France, it’s that everyone looks on point. So on point it kind of makes you step up your game. People are dressed all beach-y chic in the most effortless way. The whites are brighter & the fabrics are softer. Of course there’s a lot of pastels too!

SO turn on the bossanova & grab a chilled glass of rosé- because it’s time to talk France outfits.

south of france fashion picks | by the skinny confidential

Wide Leg Pants

I wore these white pants pretty much the entire trip. They’re AMAZING. They’re comfortable, PLUS the high waist creates flattering curves & elongates your legs. You can wear them all day long even when you’re full of pasta. I feel like they’re VERY forgiving which is always ideal. Use the pants as a base to easily create new outfits by switching your top, wearing different jewelry and changing your hair. This is PERFECT when you’re trying not to overpack and want variety.

Crop Tops

High-waisted bottoms & crop tops are a match made in heaven. The combination of a cinched in waist with some skin, highlights all the right features. Flattering too. From the silky to off-the-shoulder look, to all lacey crops- there’s really a crop top for every occasion. Finish off the look with some comfortable loafers & you’re all set. You will definitely get your steps in St Tropez so choose wisely. These have been a staple of mine for years.

white | nude | lace

White Bodysuit

A sexy bodysuit is a staple & this trip was no exception. Take this plunging white bodysuit and pair it with your hair up and a long necklace for a dramatic daytime look. Layer some additional necklaces for added depth. I chose my favorite Gemini pendant. I LOVE IT.

south of france fashion picks | by the skinny confidential

Ruffle Dress

How adorable is this dress? It reminds me of Madeline & all things French. Imagine wearing this under the Eiffel Tower with a baguette and some cheese? UM HELLO! In St.Tropez all of the girls wear super cute string bracelets. Stack a bunch on your wrist in bright colors for a surprise touch. I’ll do a post breakdown with specifics on this for ya.

Navy Ruffle Suit

This blue ruffle bodysuit is actually a bathing suit. It’s another great piece to pack because you can wear it out to the pool AND out during the day. I LOVE LUNCH. Lunch is my favorite thing ever. This is a lunch look. Anyway, you can wear this anytime & it just works. With a skirt, high-waisted pants, shorts, you name it.


Sunglasses are a necessity ( I have an addiction ) & this pair barely left my face. Kind of an updated twist on the classic aviator, these sunnies work with any look. If you want to spice it up even more you need to get a pair of jeweled sunglasses. They’re all the rage in France. More details coming in part TWO.

Michael & I have been back in San Diego for a few days now. It is back to work! If you’re looking for some more inspiration check out Mimi’s sassy San-Tro outfits here.

I’ll just be over here sipping on the Fab Four Smoothie– so needed after TOO MANY lunches. Happy Saturday! & enjoy the fight if you’re watching ; ).

x, lauryn


  1. I love the fact that you spent a month in the South of France, I loved following you and Susan around!! Your looks were on fire!!

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