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Party In Your Mouth!!! 3 Ingredient Ice Cream!

The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

Got a sweet tooth?

Nice. Me too.

And this little, easy-ass recipe really hits the spot. It literally takes seconds to whip up + 20 min in the freezer & you’re good to go.

But first things first: bananas are the shit.

Basically they’re the best fruit…ever. I use bananas in everything!!!

Seriously though, everything.

I eat them pre/post workout, for a snack, before a big dinner ( never show up hungry to dinner! ), &/or randomly. What does randomly mean?

Welllllll…I mix them with different foods. I make a banana ‘jam’ ( think mashed bananas & cinnamon on toast ), blend them in smoothies, &/or make the fruit into…wait for it…ice cream.

YESSSS. Ice cream. I know I shared my absolute favorite peanut butter ice cream recipe in The Skinny Confidential book, but this is definitely a close second.

Ok, so let’s start with the base. Obviously you all know my obsession with Coco-Roons ( remember this lemon berry crumble & three ingredient pumpkin pie? ). To refresh your memory they’re these cute little balls with super clean ingredients, this flavor is ‘Brownie’:

The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

I know, I know…balls & bananas…some phallic symbolism going on, right?


I added three little chocolate Coco-Roons, a mashed banana, & two teaspoons of unsweetened coconut flakes to a heated pan for until the Coco-Roons softened. Afterwards, I added the mixture to a bowl & put it in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes ( << don’t freeze longer than 20 min! ). Put a couple raspberries on top and you’re golden. For extra garnish add more coconut flakes.


So good it hurts. Chocolate, banana, coconut ice cream. Parrrrrr-tayyyyy.

Best part?

It’s super low-cal, low sugar, & contains zerooooo, yes zeroooo chemicals.


The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

Oh, & if you’re looking for super cute ice spoons, check these out.

I just got a packet off those cute wooden spoons & suddenly ice cream is more fun to eat.

Happy Thursday!

xx. L

{ More Coco-Roon recipes found here & here // P.S. this isn’t some paid endorsement, I just freaking LOVE Coco-Roons!! }

The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

  1. Oh my god, this look amazing! Especially in the super hot weather we’ve been having in the UK at the moment!

    I’ll have to see whether we can get something similar to the Coco Roons here though – is there anything else you could recommend using instead?
    Leah at heteroheroine

  2. So simple! I’ve seen those CocoRoons before at Whole Foods and have been so tempted. I didn’t know they had a brownie flavor, as well! I love how there are brands out there that actually care about producing items without nasty chemicals and just pure ingredients!!

  3. I make banana ice cream often…though I freeze the bananas first and then put through the food processor. Makes a really great soft-serve.

  4. I LOVE bananas! I have one or two almost every day… mashed for my pancakes and topped with bananas, or with tahini, honey and cinnamon. Yum. I can’t leave them in the freezer because I forgot about them. 😛

  5. Wahh I miss cocoroons like major! The first thing I do when I land in the states is visit the nearest whole foods and target 🙂 will try this next time i am in Cali xo C

  6. GIRLLL! I just made the most amazing CAKE BALLS today – for a post coming this week, for my birthday! The easiest thing ever – just like this dessert of yours 🙂

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