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Party Dress Shopping: So Many Fun Options

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I have so much wedding content to share I’m slightly overwhelmed.

When I get overwhelmed…I get in my head. Anyone else like this?

So I guess the best way to go about this is to start with square one.

From there I’ll kind of take you on the wedding journey, peppering in non-wedding posts. If there’s anything SPECIFIC you want to see please, PLEASE let me know below. We’ll talk planning, the fake wedding, the 4 day Cabo extravaganza, decor, vibes, music, Michael, guests, etc. Sound good?

With that let’s start with the planning.

As for finding the dress, I was very mellow. I saw it & just knew. I barely had to try it on. We’ll get to those deets but for now let’s talk about something that took a little longer ( weirdly? ): The Welcome Dinner & the after-party dress. This is so insane but it was more difficult to pick these two pieces that the actual wedding dress.

If you’re doing a destination wedding, I highly recommend starting with the other outfits first so you can get the overall vibe. From there you can choose your dress with clarity.

You know I love to keep it on brand…HA.


TO BE HONEST, I had given up hope. I was un-inspired for the events surrounding the wedding.

Thank God for The Dress Theory in San Diego. If you’re in LA, it’s worth the drive.

First of all, they serve you ALMOND champagne while you scoop all their dresses. The women that work there aren’t pushy. Very anti-bride almost. I liked the vibe.

It’s the cutest setting. Just very intimate & chic with feminine decor. Think charming little pink chair rimmed with gold, a big vintage white fridge stacked with champagne, candles, & tiny details everywhere. The whole store is magical.

We went through a bunch of dresses to find the right dresses for the events. These pictures are some fun choices. I didn’t end up picking either because we were married in Cabo so the fabrics of each of these were too thick. I mean can you imagine how hot these would be?

However it was VERY fun to play dress up.


Another plus about the store: they have an on-site alterations lady ( shout out to Karen of Aussie Designer ) that JUST KILLS IT.

Speaking of alterations, THIS WAS IDEAL IN MY CASE.

Because surprise fucking surprise I wanted to design my own after party outfit.

The Dress Theory was AMAZING when it came to designing my after party dress. I wanted a lace top & a mini skirt bottom. Simple. Reason being: didn’t want to over saturate the wedding dress. You know I didn’t want to end up partying in my wedding dress & ruining its moment. So after we had dinner at the wedding, I went to my room & changed into the dress I designed with The Dress Theory. The cool thing was they immediately got what I wanted & I only needed two fittings. WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM.

Just how I like it.

As for The Welcome Party, I ended up find a two-piece get up. You’ve seen a sneak peek of The Welcome Party top/skirt on Instagram ( full post to come! ). The after party dress I designed is coming. If you want more specifics, feel free to e-mail me! I will always make sure to respond : ).

Ok we are off to a mellow dinner for Michael’s cousin’s birthday. It’s stupid how excited I am for the oysters. I feel like you either get oysters or you don’t. If you don’t, TRY THEM WITH horseradish, lemon, & Tabasco. Will definitely be ordering a half-dozen tonight.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend. More to come, lauryn x

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  1. Mimi and Jordan rocking their black dresses to contrast the white wedding looks- I see you. Jordan’s hair is crazy long! love it

  2. I worked at The Dress Theory in Seattle for a couple of months, it was seriously THE BEST. So many gorgeous dresses it was like a wonderland!

  3. HI. First off, I am eating up all of your wedding related content… its so fresh and unique and you. Its inspiring even for non-bridal-related events and styling. LOVE IT. Keep it coming.
    Second, thank you for posting to TSC on the weekends. Other blogs that I follow are very regimented with their M-F posts….I get that ‘readers want consistency’ but that’s honestly thats become boring. Its so nice to have something to read on a Sunday night!
    Last, you looked incredible in everything, its a miracle you were even able to choose. xx

  4. Lauryn, where did you get your wedding day dress? LOVE LOVED IT! Loved following via snap and would love to hear your recs for shops to go to in LA/SD area for dresses for the big day!

  5. Being stylish and trendy is what sets you apart from the crowd. And yes who wouldn’t like to be famous. Thank you for sharing these images. Love that look!

  6. This post is very informative for online shopping users. Thanks for sharing, your topic cover so many important tips and trick for online shopping users.

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