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the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ living room }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ gothic vanity }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ living room vibe | wishbone }


That’s right we had you over to our house in part I…& now it’s time for part II. Maybe even part III in a couple of weeks?

So I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: merging two styles…is rather difficult. Especially when Michael legit thinks he’s the male version of Martha Stewart ( between us ). I learned very, VERY quickly to lead the horse to water…but let him/Martha think he led himself there.

You know, let him think like it was HIS idea we were going with the purple rug……..

When let’s be real, it was mine.

That’s the trick with guys, you let them think it’s their idea. When it’s just NOT.

ON THAT NOTE, let’s hop right into it & talk about art.

A lot of you guys have e-mailed me regarding the art in our home.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ the man cave }

the skinny confidential at home 2| by the skinny confidential{ whiskey & cola candle }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ entry way }

The truth is, it’s kind of everywhere.

Which is JUST how I like it.

There’s nothing I hate more than living in a space that looks like it’s all from one store.

Does that make sense? I love mixing highs/lows/flea market finds/travel additions/artwork/whatever. Putting a home together takes time. Besides going to one store in one day is, well…kind of boring don’t you think?

A home is a sanctuary & an experience. It should depict who you are so you can feel as comfortable as possible.

The goal with our home is to tell a story.

Each section is an experience.

So back to the art, the art is from everywhere. Places that are so fucking random that it’s maybe a bit bizarre.

For instance?

OK BUT DON’T THINK I’M WEIRD. I mean I am weird but don’t think I’m weirder than I already am.

Michael is very difficult to shop for. Impossible, really. I have to get very creative. You know, with like threesome cakes? Anyway two birthdays ago I found a fourteen year old artist who was a painter.

I asked him to paint a black & white cartoon-ish, demon drawing of Pixy.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ the 14-year-old artist blew me away }

Basically I wanted a painting of Pixy stabbing Michael’s heart with a long black dewclaw & black blood squirting everywhere.

As you can see, he delivered.

Yes, we are weird. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Anyway the random piece of art ended up being one of our favorites. And it was 160 bucks. Cool, right.

Other art pieces around our home:

“Pink Cat” | by Simone Berrini from Italy
“Never Quit” ( cigarette painting ) | by: Thomas Saliot from France
“Porca” ( red whale-pig ) | by Simone Berrini from Italy
“Pink Square” ( boob photo ) | by Natalia Lewandowska from the UK
“Tals IV” ( guy on the piano ) | by Alessandro Pagani from Italy
“Mick Jagger” | custom artwork

+ if you have questions regarding artwork, e-mail

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ “Porca”…isn’t he the cutest? }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ The Skinny Confidential office }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ two separate paintings— that go together }

Along with that we also have the Kate Moss wallpaper in Michael’s bathroom which is basically Kate, butt-ass naked with hard nipples. HA.

Speaking of breasts, we have a photo of woman who is fighting breast cancer & carefully covering her scars. It’s a BEAUTIFUL piece!

For Christmas a few years ago I had Michael’s aunt, Karen Hasler, paint us dressed up as skeletons. This piece is in the ‘man cave’ bathroom. It’s super dark & intense.

LASTLY, I commissioned an artist Taylor Scott Dunfee to draw a custom, VERY detailed tattooed arm for our living room. The arm reminds me of Michael’s arm & it’s done in black pen.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ “Pink Cat”…we call him Bigglesworth }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ Michael’s man cave + bathroom }

See? All different kinds of art from everywhere.

Some is sentimental, some pieces are found at flea markets, some from young artists, & some from overseas. We mix it up!

On Instagram you can find pictures of our black & white wall. HONESTLY this wall was so inexpensive to create guys! Literally though. I just went on Etsy & Society6 and found some cheap black & white photos and framed them myself at Aaron Brothers.

If you’re like me you always hit Aaron Brothers during their insane ‘Penny Sale.’

Basically you buy a bougie frame for your cheap Etsy black & white picture ( for instance, I LOVE this lip pic ) and then get ANOTHER frame for a penny. So about it.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ black & white wall }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ up close }

My advice with art is to LET YOUR IMAGINATION GO CRAZY.

Ask your sister to paint something. Ask a friend to draw shapes. Shit, go on Etsy & stalk young artists. Even Instagram can prove to be super inspiring. Go wild.

Art is whatever the hell you want it to be. It can be anything really.

Make a wall full of random-ness.

Frame anything & everything. Dried flowers, old memories, vintage posters, children’s book covers, business achievements, family drawings, newspaper clippings, mood boards, Instagram feeds, get crazy.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ our black sheep…Boone growls at him, LOL }

The Skinny Confidential At Home:

+ gold bar cart
+ whiskey & cola candle
+ lipstick holder
+ tall gold lamps
+ yummy candles ( also love the more masculine ones too )
+ coffee table books ( Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Chanel, & TSC Book ; ) )
+ black & white stick diffusers
+ gold cutlery ( what up TARGET )
+ white frames
+ lucite trays
+ furry pillows ( gotta love texture at $14.99! )
+ Beverly Hills Hotel palm print pillow
+ gold wishbone
+ black & white inspo
+ lace dog tipi, SO fun
+ faux fur throw

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ man cave }{ office flow }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ vintage camera }

One of my favorite finds is a naked woman from Home Goods. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: it’s just so ON vibe. It was 10 dollars but every single time I look at it, I’m immediately happy. The naked women is just black & plain but pulls the whole living room together. Loveeeee using things like this as paperweights or to add on top of books. Home Goods is just the shit. Especially if you’re styling your home.

You can’t go wrong.

Let’s talk about the furniture for a sec: the furniture around our home is from everywhere. No really, everywhere. We found A LOT of the mid-century furniture at estate sales in Palm Springs. Again, you can’t go wrong. Palm Springs is just insane for furniture shopping. Most of the pieces are unique, which clearly I love!

Also, Julie, my stepmom is VERY talented when it comes to taking an antique piece & making it look fresh. She helped bring a lot of pieces to life. On a similar note, our friend, Courtland, revamped an OLD gothic, vintage vanity for me. We painted it a shiny black & it really is the sexiest piece of furniture we own. I like to keep acrylic makeup organizers on the vanity & because they’re clear they don’t take away from the beauty of the piece. Julie & Courtland’s contact info is below.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ his & her bathroom }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ favorite find x light-up table }

Michael designed our living room table with our best friend, Westin. He owns the most amazing design company called Westin Mitchell. Together they created a black table that lights up with bulbs INSIDE the table! Crazy, right? It’s fun to open a bottle of pinot noir, play some Bossanova, & turn on our table…that lights up!

( Michael’s quite the designer apparently? ).

Clearly I’m a fan of trays, basic— but they sure do the trick when it comes to styling tables.

Underneath the table is a purple Turkish rug that completes the whole room. Color is fun when it’s not overwhelming, you know?

Watch the peek inside our home here:


Ok, ok, I could talk for hours & hours about this but it’s 1:04 AM & I REALLY should go to bed. I’ve been pretty good at going to bed early-ish lately but this post got me way too excited.

Check out Part I of this post here.

Off to drink some tea & listen to some meditation music. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Huge giveaway going on too— be sure to enter!

Chat soon,

– lauryn x

+ huge thanks to my stepmom, Julie Evarts & our friend, Courtland Bascon who helped us every step of the way. If you’re interested in using Julie & Courtland for your own home ( they do phone & online consultations ), e-mail me at

{ photos | video }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ office flow: mellow, whimsical, & feminine }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ TSC office bar cart }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ the chihuahua’s tipi }


  1. I never would have thought to paint a wall black but it looks really cool. Great selection of art work. It looks great. 😉

    1. Thanks Jessica! The black for a man cave totally worked out. I’m glad we went for it and so glad you like it! xx

    1. Thanks for reading Alexis. It’s fun to share our home. We haven’t shared very much of it until lately honestly. I’m so glad you guys like it! xx

  2. Love your decor posts! This is coming from a girl who takes minimalism to the extreme and won’t let her bf decorate in case we have to move it all back to NYC 😛 I love that you both mix and match bold pieces against minimalist backgrounds, it really creates a unique and super personalized feel. Feeling inspired!! xx

    1. Thank Jill! Your comment means a lot. It’s fun to share the house. Michael and I definitely went back and forth a few times on everything but it all worked out! xx

  3. Omg I love your home! I would’ve never thought to commission a kid to draw something but it’s a great idea! Did you find him on ETSY?

  4. Your house is decor dreams… that’s coming from an interior designer! Love all the little details, well done!


    Tamara –

    1. WOW, Tamara! Coming from a pro that really means a lot! Any tips for us? Where could we step up our game? xx

  5. Your office space and the Man Cave are my favorites! My boyfriend would LOVE to have his own area where there is no girly accent hahaha

    1. Hi Hayley, thank you! Where do you guys live? Is a man cave doable? Honestly, I love that Michael has a man cave. The manliness is contained! HA!

  6. Great post, Lauryn! You and Michael have exquisite taste but I love how different areas of your house reflects you both, individually. My FAVOURITE decorating tip that you are already doing are the candles in clear wine bottles – I love that look! I also TOTALLY agree on finding art all over the place, wherever it inspires! It really brings in so much personality. LOVE the custom art, as well – from Pixy to the skeletons, and others you mentioned. Your house is so rad… now all I wanna do is get out to Home Goods 😉 x Shannon

    1. Hi Shannon! I seriously live in Home Goods! LOL!! It’s so bad! Even though the house is done I still find myself there waaay too often. Thank you for the sweet comment

  7. Literally obsessed with everything! I’m moving in a couple weeks and definitely need all the inspiration! You’re house is amaze.

    1. Thanks Esther! Good luck with your move! Moving can be a real pain but also kind of fun. I love throwing things away, HA! xx

  8. Lauryn, you are always so incredibly creative and inspiring. Random and weird is so beautiful, and it’s so nice that you share with everyone. I’ve been following your page and instagram for so long and will continually do so. Thank you for being so weirdly you!

  9. Lauryn, Love your blog and your home! Can you let me know where you got your book shelves for the TSC office?? Thanks!

  10. Your apartment is amazing! I have been looking for a large, vintage gold mirror for a year! Could you please tell me where you got yours? I’m sure it’s one of a kind but I’m obsessed! Thanks!!

  11. I loooove everything about your home! Where did you get that amazing blue velvet bedframe? I’m obsessed and need it.

  12. Girl I know this is an old post but where is that long black console table from under the picture of the dog stabbing the heart??

  13. I love all your decorating ideas. Especially I love the Black Sheep. Cool 🙂
    Please tell something about your next plan in next post..i m waiting to see ur next you so much dear…i am a huge fan of yours 🙂

  14. Just seeing this post and ADORE your home but where is the white console table from underneath the tv?

  15. These home decor posts are some of my favorite. Would love your tips on how you organize your clothes (do you put away winter/summer clothes?), how you organize your kitchen (aside from your pantry tips), and what is the best way for us shoe lover ladies to organize our shoes?

  16. All I can say is, I would have expected nothing less from the most stylish fabulous couple on the planet! I fucking LOVE your style so intensely, minimaly, gorgeous home(s). ??

  17. Love the mashup of the two styles! I can’t wait to buy our first place and have more room to infuse more of our flare. I’ve been waiting to see this house tour !?

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