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the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ living room }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ kitchen }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ morning light + Mick in the entry way }

YES, YES, YES it’s true.

If I could ‘be’ something other than a blogger, I’d for sure be an interior designer.

There’s something so satisfying about having a finished home. Although it’s really never finished is it?

Do you guys remember my home in this post? I lived alone ( YES, sans Michael ) & loved every second of decorating MY OWN place on MY OWN terms ( also featured on Apartment Therapy here! ). It was really fun, even liberating.

…so it’s no surprise that SHIT, moving in with someone HAS PROVEN TO BE QUITE THE CHALLENGE.

At first I thought I may stab him in his sleep…………I kid, I kid but let me put the fucking white tufted couch where I want the fucking white tufted couch, k babe. THX— LOVE YOU.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ TSC office }
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ office vibes | lipstick stand }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ living room art }

& GUYS, since I have SO many pictures to share with you, I broke it up into two posts. Part II coming next week.

Ok, let’s get started with tips for YOU.

Here’s the thing: if you’re decorating your home on a budget but still want to be chic as shit, I feel you HUNNNNAY. Trust me, when I lived alone my budget was as TIGHT as RHONY Ramona’s facelift. But I still made some home styling happen because A.) it’s your HOME, it needs to be YOUR sanctuary, B.) having a pretty home is a happy home, ambience is key, & 3.) YES, YOU CAN DECORATE YOUR HOME ON A BUDGET.

Home styling is easy, peasy. You can make something look pretty in minutes. It just needs a little TLC.

Ok so let’s get started, shall we?

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ bedroom details }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ Michael’s man cave }
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
{ kitchen }



I won’t bore you with this one for too long BUT just want reiterate the importance of difference heights, dimensions, & textures. Really…it makes ALL the difference. I learned this early on from my step mom, Julie ( Julie was a HUGE help in this home so she knows her shit! ). The more heights & textures the better. Opt for tall candles, flat books, medium stick diffusers, & HUGE flower displays. For textures go for anything your heart desires.

I prefer velvet, marble, steel, gold, & a little faux fur. HAVE FUN WITH IT!


You guys already know how I am about ambience. Basically a psycho. Ambience brings me peace. I play my Bossanova music, light candles, & burn tangerine oils on a diffuser. I find candles at T.J. MAXX all the time. Seriously, there are so many good ones.

If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, check out Voluspa. There’s this one French looking candle that’s so yummy. The scent is pretty, it’s white/chic, & has the perfect scalloped edge. We keep a couple of those around the house. Also, I love a masculine + feminine vibe so it’s no surprise I have a couple of Whiskey & Cola candles around the house for Mr. Bosstick. Lucky him, he can get buzzed off candles.

Also, adding tiny things like books, fake flowers, & a couple of stick diffusers MAKE A SHITLOAD of difference. If you put a little thought into it, you won’t believe what happens.

When I was on a MAJOR budget I shopped at Home Goods all the time…in fact, I still do shop at Home Goods all the time. No one is paying me to say this: HOME GOODS MAKES ME HAPPY. To roam the aisles & find special tiny trinkets for the right price calms my soul. #THERAPY, OK. Look for fake plants, crystals, candles, fake flowers, pretty pillows, chaise lounge chairs, you name it— freaking Home Goods has it. GET CREATIVE, it’s your home, your sanctuary, your mood.


If you’re on a budget, head over to Etsy. The black & white art is insane. Or hire a young artist who’s just starting out on Instagram ( I actually have a story about this, but that’s for next week ).

I love a good foil print too. This one is in my office now. Also, I LOVE my ‘Hustle’ print. Definitely a favorite.

Biggest framing tip: USE AARON BROTHERS. When I was dead broke I would do their ‘penny sale’ all the time. Buy one frame, get the other frame for a penny. Can’t beat that.


Wallpaper is making a comeback, people & I’m there to embrace it with open arms. Wallpaper is COOL. Get wild. I’m a fan of just doing ONE wall, not all four.

We did a HUGE wallpaper picture of Kate Moss butt naked in our guest bathroom. Julie, my stepmom, decided to hang a gold round mirror ( from Target, I believe ) above the sink to reflect the wallpaper. Just so smart right? She’s very talented!

If wallpaper is out of your budget, you HAVE to check out decals. They’re VERY affordable & will cover an entire wall. This Kate Moss one is fab.


Maybe it’s basic but every girl in the world needs a roll-y, vintage gold bar cart. I was shopping online today & came across this one, it looks just like the one I have. Sex it up with all your favorite liquors ( remember: the cuter the bottles, the better ) & keep the colors synchronized, you know? I like to have light blues ( gin ), light pinks ( rosé ), & clear/whites ( vodka ). Add a classy bowl of fake lemons & some rose gold coasters and you’re good to go.

Don’t drink alcohol? No prob. Stock the bar with grapefruit Perriers, kombucha, &/or fake herbs.

…OR turn it into a bathroom vanity.


Things like a lipstick stand aren’t going to cost you a million dollars & they’re cute as hell. Plus they add a personal touch…who doesn’t love a personal touch. There are so many tiny details you can find at Home Goods. For instance: last year for Michael’s birthday I found him the most BEAUTIFUL silhouette of a naked woman ( seems to be the theme in our house, huh? There are A LOT of naked women. Lucky Michael ). Anyway, the silhouette was black, simple, big, & perfect. It was also $12.99. Get creative.

Where to SPLURGE:


Where to SAVE:


My OVERALL point: just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s cool. Honestly, I could care less how much something is, I EITHER LOVE IT OR I DON’T. Mix & match highs & lows for the perfect home.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ Kate Moss wallpaper reflects in our guest bathroom mirror }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ tiniest peek into our bedroom ; ) }
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ bar cart…in my office, YES PLZ }


Well, well, well isn’t this the question of the year. Moving in with someone is NO JOKE. I don’t care how tight your relationship is, if you don’t have a couple of fights over moving in together…who are you? Where do you come from? Send in tips?

Moving in with Michael was difficult at first because WELL, we both are VERY picky & VERY type-A. Especially when it comes to our style.

How did we figure it out? We combined the right balance of masculinity & femininity.

There’s nothing & I mean nothing I love more than contrast. Just look at the new site, it’s BLACK and PINK. I love contrast. In fashion, homes, in people, even in hair, you get the drift. So our home is one big contrast.

Michael has his man cave which is EXTREMELY masculine. Think smokey whiskey bar with  electronics ( sorry babe, I hate all your dreadful cords ). While TSC office is VERY feminine. Softer. Pale teal with hints of pink & gold. A bit of baby blue. AND WHITE. I didn’t want to push Michael out. I wanted him to WANT to bring his friends over for pepperoni pizza & a beer…and gently tuck them away in his man cave……..


Julie & Courtland ( an interior designer & friend in LA ) really helped Michael & I merge our styles. Their contact info is below. They both are INSANE.

…& kept us SANE when styling our home together.

 A tippity-tip: if you’re moving in with someone make sure you have an area that’s your own. I don’t care if it’s a minuscule corner of the room. Make it your own. You know?

Nothing worse than not having your own space. NOTHING.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

“{ Michael’s man cave + TSC office }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ artsy | this is a piece by a woman who is fighting breast cancer }

Michael is very much into art.

He chose a lot of the art in our home…& he really does have fantastic taste…in art. HA.

For the record, I have like 20 stories about the art but I’ll leave those for next week because I’m sure at this point, I’m a tad overwhelming?

Before I wrap it up…

A few things I always look for when picking the ‘right place’:

+ natural light ( I can’t live in a dreary house, it’s gotta be LIGHT, BRIGHT, & HAPPY ).
+ a place to walk the dogs, thank God for the park next to us!
+ the right coloring, I go for whites/lights over darks. Everyone has their own opinion on this, do what works for you.
+ the less carpet, the better.
+ a space for time out for the guy ( man cave…or even a big corner would do ).
+ the more windows, the better.
+ screw the closet, how’s the fridge?
+ lastly, a place that feels homey…you just know when you know on this one.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ black & white wall }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ kitchen vibes }


+ gold bar cart
+ lipstick holder
+ tall gold lamps
+ yummy candles ( also love the more masculine ones too )
+ coffee table books ( Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Chanel, & TSC Book ; ) )
+ black & white stick diffusers
+ gold cutlery ( what up TARGET )
+ white frames
+ furry pillows ( gotta love texture at $14.99! )
+ Bev Hills Hotel palm print pillow
+ gold wishbone
+ lace dog tipi, SO fun
+ faux fur throw

Note: I’ll break down in the next post where we found a lot of furniture & art, so stay tuned.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ bedside + bathroom vanity }

Quick video too for you guys. I figured what better way than to actually give you a tour?

Before I show the video though, I was thinking of filming a TSC CRIBS…thoughts? Suggestions? Requests?

Regardless, here’s a sneak peek at home, ENJOY:


OH, speaking of moving in together, have you listened to EPISODE 6 of THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST? It’s all about passion, boob jobs, & MOVING IN TOGETHER. Fitting with today’s blog post.

Listen, subscribe, & Snap us any feedback.

PHEW, that was a long one, I know.

OF COURSE, I’ll be back for round II next week. Also, we’ll be sharing a peek inside our LA condo soon too, which is VERY masculine with a hint of sex appeal. Stay tuned for more home tips.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ bedroom, lots of black & white }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ wide view of TSC office }

If you could pick your BEST home decor tip, what would it be? What’s your home-style-vibe? Do you have one?

Off to bed to finish up my latest book, When Breath Becomes Air ( << highly recommend ).

Chat tomorrow, lauryn x

+ huge thanks to my stepmom, Julie Evarts & our friend, Courtland Bascon who helped us every step of the way. If you’re interested in using Julie & Courtland for your own home ( they do phone & online consultations ), e-mail me at

{ photos | video | part two }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ wall paper in our guest bathroom }
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ dining room }


  1. your flat is so perfect with the Windows and all. it really Looks as if it reflects both your styles 🙂 love it.


    1. Thanks Debi, we definitely wanted to mix the feminine & masculine. The light definitely helps when taking pictures! Thanks for reading

  2. OBSESSED with your decor! I’m also glad to know I’m not the only crazy one who has a white tufted sofa. I have one too, and my boyfriend hates it because I’m so crazy with anyone who sits on it lol… Especially him. But ugh, white sofas are just so pretty!

    1. HAYLEY! So glad someone feels my pain. A part of me wishes I could just cover it up with plastic to avoid any mishaps ( HA! ). White is just too pretty. It’s worth the stress, don’t you think??

    1. Hi Suze, believe me YOU will love when your man has a man cave because then you have your own space too! It’s perfect! The lipstick stand is both chic and functional. I’m obsessed. Thanks for reading

  3. Your home is absolutely breathtaking! I love how white, bright and airy it is! I would love a white couch, but my bulldog and husband would ruin it in 5 seconds for sure lol. In fact, they are both really hard on things, so I have a more rustic vibe in my home now. You may have talked about this before, but where did you get those white chairs in your office? Loving those!

    1. Hi Alexis, I got them forever ago at vintage store! Here are a few similar options though:

      So glad you like this post, & our house! xx

  4. Great post Lauryn! It’s so obvious that you both have put careful thought into each piece in your home to make sure it not only reflects your personality, but looks great with everything else. You’d be horrified that my minimalist tendencies have spilled over into my home decor to the extreme (two paintings – that’s it!) and my fiance just takes it! We should hire you! xxxx

    1. Hi Jill, minimalistic is a style in itself though! I’m sure it looks great. Thanks for reading Jill

  5. LOVE your place!!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics of yours! You’ve def nailed the mix of feminine & masculine. That’s key for me too…with interior design, with wedding planning (gah!), everything. Come to Austin and decorate our place, okay? 🙂

    Also ran across this and couldn’t help but think of SUSAN… is this accurate or no? HA!

    1. Hi Alexandria, HA! That article is hilarious and 100% Susan. So funny! Thank you for sending it over. So cool you live in Austin! Would love some recommendations for where to eat, drink, shop, & play in Austin! Michael & I have been once but would love to go back and see more. Thanks for reading

  6. your home is seriously stunning!! i love how you combined the feminine and masculine. i moved in with my (now) husband last year and we are still struggling with unpacking and fitting all of our shit into one apartment (since we both lived alone before moving in). do you have any tips on how to declutter and organize when you have too much stuff for a small space? thx!! xx

    1. Hi Lauren, honestly the best thing is to throwing or GIVING anything away that doesn’t bring you serious joy, or that you haven’t used or in the last month. Have you read the magic of tidying up? I definitely recommend you read it! There’s more on that book & regarding organization HERE:
      I hope this helps! xx

    2. Thanks so much Lauryn!! I will definitely check that book out. And btw, I think it’s so awesome that you respond to all of the comments on your blog – really shows how you value your readers! Keep up the awesome work!!

  7. Damn, I’m obsessed with your home! It’s so chic and every corner is just perfect!
    Also, just listened to the new episode of your podcast and I absolutely love it! In fact, your podacast is my new obsession, I always want more!


    1. Hi Alina, EEEK! I’m so glad you like the podcast & this post! What do you want to see more of on the podcast? Have you sent us a question yet? We will answer it! Tweet us using #askhimandher on twitter!
      Thanks for reading, lady! xx

  8. Oooh those black and white prints – come to mama! Your home is so inspiring, it’s the perfect balance of soft and hard, modern/elegant. When my bf moved in he did not give one shit about decorating, so I’m still trying to merge our styles. Thanks for the tips!!

    1. Hi Mindy, that’s rad that you could take control though! If your man had a strong opinion on it, it might be more difficult! He probably let’s you just do your thing, no? Thanks for reading and definitely feel free to email me if you have any other questions. xx

  9. your home is amazing! Totally inspiring. Can you send me the link/information for obtaining the Kate Moss wallpaper? I like the decal but I like the idea of wall paper better. Thanks love! <3

  10. What a MAJOR POST.

    I won’t bore you with this one for too long BUT just want to reiterate the importance of different heights, dimensions, & textures. Really…it makes ALL the difference. I learned this early on from my step mom, Julie ( Julie was a HUGE help in this home so she knows her shit! ). The more heights & textures the better. Opt for tall candles, flat books, medium stick diffusers, & HUGE flower displays. For textures go for anything your heart desires.

    That part is SO SO TRUE.

    It’s all about the lighting and different dimensions, on clean and white or bare backgrounds. I love how you let Michael do his thing to here, it’s so good to see!

    A huge goal of mine in 2016 is to makeover our place, but it is a challenge to incorporate Justin (my boyfriends) taste – LOL. He has like a basketball on our shelf next to my candles and books. I die.

    Beautiful beautiful. Love the tiniest peek into the bedroom 🙂


    1. Hi Krista, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I think you’re TOTALLY right. Dimension is everything. Maybe send Justin this post, so he can see that the basketball on the shelf is oh so grade school, and ready for retirement HA! Maybe just take over while he’s out at work one day, I’m sure you’ll do such a good job that he’ll love it! xx

  11. what a gorg home! i love that living room rug – a nice subtle pop of color. and love the differences between the two spaces – yours and michael’s – that really show off your personalities. thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kerri, I think that’s probably my favorite thing as well. Michael’s space really shows his style, and my space is totally opposite. Then we try to blend in the shared spaces. I’m so glad you noticed! Thanks for reading

  12. Ugh such a gorgeous place! Room after room, i couldn’t figure out which one i loved best!! Even as a female obsessed with pink, I gotta say that man cave looks prettyyyyy dope. Taking tons of inspiration from this!

    1. Hi Beverley, so glad you like the man cave! Michael loves it too. He just posted an Instagram about how much he loves his man cave, it’s pretty funny! Go and read it you’ll think it’s funny! Thanks for reading! xx

  13. Literally in love with everything about your guys’ home. WHITE IS KEY. My boyfriend is the same way about the dark/masculine colors…and his art..haha gosh will definitely be using this for inspo in the future! P.S. Home Goods is always definitely a good idea no matter what the price.


    1. Hi Ashlin! Totally agree. I love Home Goods! You can find so many great pieces in there. YES, WHITE IS KEY! Thanks for reading

  14. Yes, yes, yes – everything about this! Your taste is exquisite and I LOVE the balance of masculinity & femininity. This post came in at a perfect time since soon our spaces will be meshing soon and I am very much like you where I am OBSESSSEDDDDDD with living alone! I love the mention of making a corner YOURS. That’s dead on! Love the different height dimensions too. It really is so optically pleasant.

    You should totally be an i-designer, seriously! Something to still consider for the TSC brand – you’d kill it!

    Can’t wait for Part 2!

    1. Thank you, Shannon! It’s good to know other ladies out there agree with me. Living alone is great, but living together is great too if you make your own spaces and create balance. Let me know how it goes for you guys? Definitely keep me in the loop! I can’t wait to see how your place comes together too! xx

  15. YASSS!! I requested this post on twitter and I am SO glad you shared. You have got me ADDICTED to Society 6. It’s not shocker I’m in LOVE with your apartment because I’m very minimalist, love me some black and white, and adore simple, chic, masculine décor… And I just checked out Aarons Brothers (never heard of it before) and they are having that deal! Mama is going shopping!

    1. Eeeek! Have so much fun house shopping Tara! Let me know what you get! Send me Snaps!! As much as I’m so happy our place is pretty much finished, I sometimes miss the shopping! Although, I’m always shopping for the house, it never stops ( HA! ). Thanks for sharing & reading

  16. Your home is reaaaaally pretty! I love how you mixed and matched feminine and masculine vibes. And there is so much light it’s almost surreal!!! (SD weather might help with this one). Well lit houses are everything.
    Another tip for tight budget is to use masking tape and pretty pics from magazines so you can dress the walls for virtually nothing. I always did this in my student rooms where I wasn’t allowed to punch holes in the walls.

    1. Hi Anne-Alexandra, great tip! A few question about your tip. Do you use pictures that are all the same size? Or different sizes? Also does it peel off? How do you get it to look flat? Do you overlap them all? LMK!! Thanks for sharing! xx

    2. Hi Lauryn! Thanks for your reply!
      I use pictures that have different sizes and different orientations (portrait and landscape). If you are careful it peels off without destroying the picture nor chipping the walls (although I must say some masking tape brands require more care than others…).
      The key to achieving a flat look is patience and blutack so you can keep perfecting the positionning and stretching the edges without going insane. Then depending on the look you want to achive you can either keep the blutack and make a fake frame around the picture with the masking tape (something about 1-2 inches wider looks great), or you can replace the blutack for making tapeif you want the frame to be on the picture.
      Usually I overlay pictures when I only use blutack otherwise I feel like it’s too much information on one spot. If I separate them I switch to a total control-freak and I don’t rest until the spacing between pictures feels perfect.
      I don’t know if I’m clear, I hope this help! Xoxo

  17. Great , very well done. Loved the video tour and the content excellent. Links tough to read, another color? xo

  18. Hi lauryn! Love love love your style. In fact I was curious if you happened to still have the name of the paint color you used in your office. That pretty pale blue ish color. My daughter is due in August and would love that for her nursery wall color. Thanks so much!

  19. OBSESSED! your style is perfection! …but i have an odd question. i have a boyfriend, a large dog, and a cat and it is a daily job to keep everything clean! & i don’t even have kids yet! how do you do it?!

  20. LOVE this post! You have such a gorgeous home, and you write about things in such a real way. Breath of fresh air, as always!

  21. AHHH yes, TJ MAXX and candles. So on point. I literally cannot wait for part II. —And Kate Moss’ reflection in the bathroom mirror topped it off. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.

  22. by far one of my favorite posts so far! I will be moving in to my apartment in a few months so this is perfect! Cannot wait to get more tips from you. Thanks so much!

  23. I absolutely love this post so much, I’ve been waiting for you to do this! I always see bits and pieces in your snaps, and I’m dying to know where you found everything. Thanks for sharing this, I can’t wait for part II!

  24. I love how your place is so very you. I can see your personality written all over it. I am struggling with too much clutter right now. I love the stuff that I have but there just needs to be less of it! How do you handle stuff that you get as gifts that just doesn’t work with your home?

  25. I love this post! I have so much new inspiration! As far as your question, my hubby and I were together for 4 years before we got married this last July, lived together for 2 years now. We didn’t actually fight over moving in together or anything (he is totally hands on when it comes to design to so this surprised me). We do have quarrels when I want his junk OFF THE DAMN TABLE but that’s besides the point lol. I think the reason might be because we got married young – I’m 20 and he just turned 24 – so we didn’t have all the financial capacity we wanted to be super picky, and we have almost the exact same tastes: natural light, modern Oriental flair (he’s Korean so we have lots of that), glass, and metal.

  26. I LOVE the music that you play on your videos. I am always looking to see if you shared the artists…..Do you have some favorites that you can share or share below the videos?

  27. Impeccable taste, Lauryn! ♥ I’m wondering, I’m on a budget and I can really afford to only do one room at a time. I’m torn between my bedroom and my living room. What would you start first? Thanks!

  28. Can we please talk more about your frig? Seriously how is it that organuzed? How do u keep it that way?

  29. Lauryn! Loving this post.. where did you find your purple carpet? Love the idea for a pop of color!!

  30. Hi Lauryn! I have to let you know, my girlfriend loves your home. It has great “pizzazz” she says. I’m also interested with the framed artworks, we wanted to know where to get such pieces since we’re planning to decorate our living room very soon. Cheers!

  31. Hi, Nice write-up MILFs. There’s an matter together with your website in traveler, might examine this? For example nonetheless is definitely the sector chief in addition to a big aspect of individuals will overlook your own wonderful producing just for this trouble.

  32. Your home is stunning. I am a guy and have found a ton of inspiration for my home from you!!!!
    I was hoping you could tell me were you purchased the Kate Moss wallpaper and what the name of the jacket print is in your husbands den is. Thanksd so much!!! Keep up the great work!

  33. Wow! such an amazing post. I like it quite much. Keep posting such incredibly outstanding posts. Keep it up!

  34. Peeking back thru some old posts for decor inspo… How/Where did you find the Kate Moss wall decal? Thanks!

  35. Im obsessed with all your home decor! you seriously have a true talent! I need to know where your bedside lamps are from! They are perfection!

  36. Such a nice home! I really want my house to be just like that but first of all I’m not a creative person so may I ask how you’d guys manage to design them like that? Lol. Anyways, nice set of photos and art you’ve got there.

  37. Love your home! I very much relate to this post. I think one of my husband’s and my biggest fights after we got married and moved in together was about how high to hang artwork on our walls. I like gallery height. He disagrees. I have loved piecing together our apartment over time. The home is such a reflection of the people living in it.

  38. Wonderful blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. Check out for the platform 🙂 As for writing- I like to just go for it. Planning out too long becomes time prohibitive after a while.

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