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The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In
Currently in Paris, enjoying double espresso, & oh SO jet lagged.

I love this city so much!! Not going to lie, I’ve been in a total slump lately with my recovery & even though I’m still not fully recovered ( actually I really think it will take a full year for my swelling to go ), it’s still refreshing to be here. Especially with the cooler weather.

Michael & I flew here from New York City & WE ARE SO JET LAGGED. Do you guys have any tips? I’ve been drinking water, lemon tea, walking, AND I even did The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide, which has come in handy since we’ve been traveling ( a full post on this soon ). Really though, the jet lag struggle is intense.

By the way, I’m so into Snapchat right now, I really cannot stop snapping. Not surprisingly, with my swelling situation, I’m more of a Snapchat director, who’s casually trying to catch Michael ( AKA PANICKY SUSAN ) doing weird shit. Ha! I’m so glad to finally share with the world how panicky he is about being on time. He’s literally absurd.

If any of you have any recommendations of where to go, what to see, where to grab a drink, etc. in Paris, SHARE! You all always have great travel tips.

We are off to find some lavender gelato! Talk soon, x

* Snapchat username is ‘laurynevarts.’

  1. Once you’ve seen all the sights and has all the baguettes and amazing cheese you can eat a must try taco joint with a secret lounge in the back

  2. PANICKY SUSAN KILLS ME. I actually can’t handle those snaps, they’re so funny. Love it, have an amazing trip! xo

  3. I can’t stop opening snapchat for your latest snaps!!! >.< Paris is my favorite city too and I am living vicariously through you at the moment. Seriously nice decor from the restaurant last night- reminded me of the restaurant from the movie Ratatouille! Don't forget to practice any French you know, I found trying any little bit I knew was much appreciated by locals. I haven't been, but I read the massive flea market on Saturdays is definitely worth checking out. We loved seeing the Picasso museum in le marais. The museum guard we talked to while we were there was so enthusiastic about sharing information about his artwork and history and it really added to our experience. The building itself is noteworthy with the grand staircase being an excellent spot for a photo op. Take the walk up to Sacre-coeur bascilica then enjoy the surrounding Montmarte area- the atmosphere seems so authentic Parisienne. I'll leave the food recommendations to the more knowledgeable but I'll just mention the beef tartare at Le Petit Poucet (very close to the Moulin Rouge) was memorable and the escargots all around were unforgettable. If you come across frog legs, try them! *Homer Simpson drool* Charcuterie and as much cheese you can eat is a must (we can't get unpasteurized cheese here in the states of course). Looking forward to reading other readers' recommendations and gaining inspiration from you for our next trip in January!

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you so much for all of these recommendations. They are SERIOUSLY appreciated. Sending love from Paris! xx

  4. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous! I haven’t been to Paris since my 17th birthday. Definitely check out the Quartier Latin, I remember finding some really cute bistros in that area. I love museums and I think Musee d’Orsay is my favorite as they have the blue water lilies by Monet. Ohhhh and Laduree is a must for the ever cliche yet must have instagram photo op. Have fun! I hope the cooler temps help with your swelling. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself even while traveling! Enjoy!!
    x Nora

  5. I’ve never been so have extra fun. Love the nickname, lol. I am sure you look fine, stop being so hard on yourself.

  6. so excited you’re in Paris!! Me and the husband had a Europe adventure this summer and Paris was one of my favorite stops! The view from the sacre coeur basilica was unforgettable. It was hot when we went so we just had some Stella’s on the grass and enjoyed the view for hours.

    Also, the Moulin Rouge was in that area too, we saw the show one night and it was like a musical with boobs! So much fun!

    And melatonin helped me with the jet lag. I forced myself to stay up during the day and then when I’d perk up at 2am I’d pop a melatonin to get me on their time zone. Have fun!!!

  7. I follow you on snap chat and check in everyday just to see the new adventures of Panicky Susan. LOL! You guys crack me up! Enjoy Paris x

  8. I LOVE that you talk about pannicky susan. I was worried that my boyfriend and I weren’t compatible because he is equally pannicky about time, and I respect your attitude about it. You handle it so well and I am going to take a page from your book and relax about my pannicky susan… Love it.

  9. Bon Jour, Lucky You?????? my favorite hotel in Paris is Hotel Costes for champagne and to people watch. Then I’d go to THE NEW RL(Ralph Laurent)restaurant for lunch or dinner. For the best hot chocolate and deserts I’d definitely go to Angelina’s….

  10. LAVENDER GELATO sounds amazing!!! And I love your snaps, they crack me UP! Sam definitely has some weird idiosyncrasies too! So i feel like we can totally relate!

  11. You are in my favorite city! If you can make it, my dear friend (Scottish and crazy) Tim Johnston and his gorgeous daughters Margaux and Caroline own and operate ‘Juveniles’, a super fab intimate restaurant in the 1st arrondissement. They hand pick all the wines and the food is outrageously wonderful: (47, rue de Richelieu Paris )

    Also – you’ll see an impromptu wall mural my husband (Wayne Ensrud) painted on their wall!

    Another suggestion nearby is ‘Willi’s Wine Bar’ and ‘Maceo’ – –

    Owned by Tim Johnston’s former partner, a wild Englishman named Mark Williamson.
    Both have superb wine lists and phenomenal menus. (My husband Wayne also created two of their iconic yearly lithographs for the years 1989 and 2000.)

    None of the above are touristy at all but well-kept secrets by the Parisians.
    Other places I love:

    Favorite museums: Musee Rodin and Musee Maillol.
    Favorite authentic Paris Sunday market: Rue Mouffetard (in the Latin Quarter).
    Favorite old school cafe: Cafe de Flore
    Favorite little specialist shop (I covet gorgeous notebooks!) : Papier +( in the Marais, a cool shopping district.
    One-stop shopping: Le Bon Marche (

    Feel better and have fun !!!!

  12. I love Paris. The food and people are amazing. You will love it. I stumbled upon It when we walked by our hotel. Every night it’s packed. It’s easier to get a table when it’s just a party of 2. The most delicious tender steak the green mustard sauce is unbelievable we went in 2009 and recently went this summer. Brought back so many memories! Always start with a bonjour every where you go. I don’t speak a lick but it helps break down barriers they are willing to work with you. You have to hit up Pharmacie they are every where and stock up on Avene and other products!!!

  13. I love all your snaps from Paris!!! It is one of my very favorite cities in the world to visit! That hotel looks GORGEOUS!! Hope y’all have a fab time!

  14. Love that you are in Paris! The pictures/instas/snaps seriously look textbook-esque. What a gorgeous city. So funny about Michael too – I totally get it, and feel for you! Especially when he called you a snail lol. He & my boyfriend sound like 2 peas in pod. ESPECIALLY in the freaking airport. But I have my fun with it too – once, I tricked him when I was meeting him on a connecting flight somewhere, it was a less than an hour connection and he went out 3 days before I did, and I told him I missed the connection (as I was sitting in my seat about to take off) because I was too slow and didn’t make it in time from the other terminal because I grabbed a Starbucks (total lie). I’m sure you could imagine his freak out for the 45 minutes while I was in the air! #worthit I can’t wait to see more of this trip – def get to some of the wine regions. If you have time for a day trip, it’s about 4 hours away – get to Provence aka the land of rose! Listen to your body – Paris is fantastic, but don’t feel bad if you need to take a long bath in the hotel with some tea on some days rather than sightseeing. <3 xx

  15. Go to L’Avenue restaurant and get the tuna tartar and prosciutto burrata, to die for!!!. The Monet Exhibit at the Museum De L’Orangerie was my favorite. And you have to do the champagne toast at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Have so much fun!

  16. ooooh emotional throwback to good old paris times… used to live and work in 9th arrondissement for 6 months.

    i recommend to go have breakfast at coquelicot in abesses/montmartre. the bread is sooo delicious and my french friends and me always loved the busy atmosphere. afterwards nice walk down the stairs of montmartre. oh and dont miss the wall of love which is just around the corner!


  17. oooh aaaaand make sure to check out 5th arrondissement near panthĂ©on. the market on rue mouffetard (oldest street in paris) is great, the “cave de la bourgogne” on the corner is my fav resto in paris, they used to have a delicious salad with potatoes and fried egg ?❤️ and its so nice sitting on the heated terasse watching people stroll by 🙂

  18. Go to Buddha-Bar. It’s a really cool lounge/restaurant/bar. It has a really cool vibe with dimmed lights. It’s a great place to chill and have a drink and a bite to eat. Plus, all of the usual touristy stuff is always fun if you haven’t been to Paris before…baguette, croissant, art museums. And for the kid in all of us go to the Carrousel de la Tour Eiffel…and you always have to get as many glimpses as possible of the Eiffel tower when in Paris. One of my favorite things to do is find a good spot at a cafe, blend in and just people watch. Enjoy!!!

  19. I take Melotonin to help regulate my sleep whenever I am doing travel outside of the states, I like legit just take a day to fully sleep so much then regulate it and hope for the best!

    It’s always a combination of the lack of sleep, sugary ass shit I eat on vacations and not working out (why TSC Bombshell guide is good) that makes me sooooo sleeeepyyy.

    Respect Michael for his on time-ness! I LOVE THAT.

    Have so much fun! Post pictures for us! 🙂


  20. Hey Lauryn! Totally jealous that you are in Paris right now!

    Restaurants: Verjus (located in the 1e arrondissement, near the Louvre), Afternoon Tea at the Dali (in the Meurice…incredible), Le Verre Volé (casual, but great)
    Pastries: Pâtisserie des Rêves (multiple locations throughout Paris), Ladurée
    Chic Shops: 7L (Karl Lagerfeld’s bookstore in the 6e), Christian Louboutin (duh! I prefer the store on rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, though the Saint-HonorĂ© location is much larger), Fragonard
    Museums: My all-time favourite museum in Paris is the Musée Rodin, beautiful sculptures and garden
    Places to Visit: Le Jardin du Luxembourg, The Catacombs (Michael might like this too!)

    …and you MUST visit Versailles!

    Have fun!

  21. I remember a yoga teacher told me that to help with jet lag, lay down and put your legs and feet up against the wall. Hold for 5-10 minutes. Not sure why it works, but doesn’t hurt to try!

  22. Lauryn Google ‘Kong’, you will not regret a visit to the restaurant! Wait until you see the ceiling of that place, too good to miss. Have a blast!

  23. There’s a hammam (turkish bath) in Paris, that’s amazing for jet lag!
    Go off the beaten path to Le Musee de l’orangerie and to the Picasso museum.
    Falafel in Le Marais
    Shop the “stock” shops throughout the city for heavily discounted Parisian and designer clothing
    French Market cooking classes
    All you can eat steak frites in Saint Germain
    Champagne at lunch
    Night time walks

  24. how exciting! I take melatonin when I convert time zones – either for work or play, and find it really helpful!

  25. The best way to get over a jet lag for me is to eat at the regular time of the place you are at (it regulates your hormones and you’ll adjust faster! Also, I was in Paris just two weeks ago, such an amazing city! <3

  26. Jet lag – I’ve always heard put your bare feet on the grass. haha let me know how that goes. Apparently it grounds you!

    Le Comptoir Du Relais is my FAV restaurant – classic french fare. there is always a line -get a glass of wine at the tapas bar next door while you wait (so seating at the tapas bar, all standing, it’s fun).

    Hotel Costes for fancy cocktails in the courtyard.

    Le Mary Celeste for tacos, cool cocktails, and a fun vibe.

    Have a gorgeous time. xx


  27. Melatonin works wonders for jet lag! It resets your body’s internal clock, helping you adjust to the time zone you’re in!

  28. Paris! How lucky are you 🙂 Have a wonderful time. And I love the panicky Susan snaps, I actually laugh out loud when I’m watching them!

  29. bonjour! I get jet lag really bad too , amd we flew all the way from Hawaii to LA , LA New York , New York to Paris and well , that pretty much sucks …. The French pharmacy sells donormyl if it gets real bad and if you can’t sleep for days …. It works and can help reset your clock . The natural stuff doesn’t work sadly . Talk with pharmacy , there all over with the green cross symbol in windows .enjoy

  30. The rooftop bar in Primtemps Beaute is one of Paris’ best kept secrets, beautiful 360 views, inexpensive, and you can browse the beauty section of the store on the way up.

    Falafel/Schwarma in the Marais is a must – L’As Du Falafel is the best (in my opinion).

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