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All about the ice lately…I mean ice rollers, ice facials, FREEZING MY ENTIRE BODY. If you follow along on Snapchat


If you haven’t tried silicone straws, you haven’t lived really. Sorry, they’re just THAT good. Especially when they’re chic as

Mini DeLites

{ Weekend wear } { Seriously obsessed with this new mouse…rad, right? } So I spent my weekend crying. But not like

Just Thank Me Later: Three Ingredient Apple Pie ‘Dip’

I’m going to get all Caption Obvious for a sec…k? An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But really though.

Mini DeLites

{ Delicate flowers } { Pretty Target goodies } You know when you literally can’t stop eating something? For some

Meet Babetown, Amber Kekich— Owner of AGAIN Clothing

Hi guys. Super excited to introduce you to this rad, avant-garde brand called AGAIN. Amber Kekich is the girl behind

Mini DeLites

[ Snip, snip…loving these gold scissors ] [ Just because-flowers ] [ A peak at my copper cooking set ]

Birthday Recap: The Skinny Confidential Style

A lil peak inside my birthday… The night before my BD we headed to my parent’s for a delicious, home-cooked

Mini DeLites

[ Bedtime necessities: berries, an eye mask, chap stick, & some reading material ] [ A delicate, pretty bracelet ]

Get Rid of Those Pesky LB’s: Ten Reasons Why You Should Take Action in 2013

Hiiiiii. Back to the grind! Boo. Hoo. Ok. So. I’ve received a lot e-mails from peeps who are on the

Better Than Sickie Oreos! A Healthy Dessert that Takes 10 Seconds

Ok…who’s as sucked into Homeland as I am? We just started the show & So, naturally I needed a

JNB Jewelry Giveaway #Hot #Sexy #Obsessed #I.Die

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with jewelry. Every kind of jewel gets me: big, sparkly, gunmetal, vintage, small, weird, delicate,

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