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How To Organize Your Thoughts

If you’re like us, you have about a million different thoughts and ideas throughout the day. Like, how many tabs

The Power Of Setting Intentions

Ask yourself this… Are you living your best life? Are you feeling fulfilled?  We’re sure you have a ton of

The Unexpected Benefits Of Going to a Foot Spa

Today I want to let you in on a little secret that has changed my life. That secret, my friends,

Loren Gray on Navigating Social Media With Your Kids

The lastest episode of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show was just released and we want to touch on

Why Resistance Training is Important for Health and Longevity

You may know that in the last year Lauryn has gotten super into weight training. It’s something she never pictured

How To Survive a Hangover

The sun is out, the vibes are high, we’re looking cute – it’s so easy to be ‘over served.’ LOL.

Candice Barley on Why She Got Her Breast Implants Removed

If you’ve seen Lauryn’s Instagram Stories over the last few days you know that she recently had her breast implants

How To Be Grateful In Hard Times

There are great times and there are shitty times. But what if there was a way to maximize the times

The Benefits Of A Dream Journal & How To Get Started

Have you ever thought of keeping a dream journal? Dreams are so crazy, it’s kind of hard to even wrap

21 Unique Productivity Tips

Saddle-up & hold on tight because today, we’re talking about GETTING SHIT DONE.  Keeping your productivity up is essential for

The All-In-One Daily Skincare Planner of Your Dreams

Today, we’re talking all about skincare planners.  Honestly, having a skincare planner can help you in a major way. You

The Benefits of Connecting with Nature

Ever since I moved to Austin I’ve noticed that my cortisol has gone WAY down. Austin just has the most

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