the skinny confidential free printable goal setting worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet + Free Printable


Goals are cute but what’s even cuter are systems to get to those goals.

This worksheet is for anyone out there who’s looking to take it up a notch, go out there & EXECUTE.

“If systems aren’t put in place, it’s very hard to keep everything organized and consistent. To achieve a goal, consistency is very important. We have all set out to do something, only to get off track.…

Facial Massage Tools, The Skinny Confidential.

3 Beauty Tools You Really Shouldn’t Live Without



I’d rather talk about skin tools more than anything. You know how much I love my facial manipulation & the tools really come in handy when you wanna tighten & contour the face.

Some of you have been DMing about my favorite standouts & I wanted to talk about 3 that I’m loving right now.

This video was one of the most fun for me to film because it’s completely in my comfort zone.…

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Ten Tips For Health, Beauty & Wellness with Rachel Katzman


Rachel Katzman is a total boss.

My introduction to Rachel came through her husband, Stephen Pasterino of P.volve. Rachel helps Stephen run P.volve but she also has her own business, Cuvée Beauty. What did I tell you…total boss.

You can tell right away that Rachel is very much into health & wellness & very particular about the ingredients that go into her products.…