Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need to Know


Hello hello. Boy am I excited for this post.

I met Helen though the beauty of social media & fell in love with her through her Blender Bombs. If you guys haven’t had them, let me tell you, they’re the most efficient way to make a smoothie. They’re full of all sorts of goodness & a great thing to throw in a blender when you don’t have time to add 6 million things into your concoction.

Blender Bombs are Omega-3 Rich Smoothie Boosters designed to make your smoothie the ultimate meal replacement! “Blend ’em” in your smoothie,”Break ’em” over your bowl, or “Bite ’em” for a snack. Hushup X Hustle built & approved.

& they’re sooooo good. I’m a huge fan of the Acai

Anyway recently we interviewed Patricia from Southern Charm & we ran into Helen at a tiny hotel called Zero George Street Hotel. We sipped on skinny margs & talked …

The Fake Gucci Headband You Need


Let’s keep this straight & to the point. This headband that I wore on vacation is insane.

First off, it looks exactly like a Gucci one but doesn’t cost $500. & it comes in a 3 pack with different colors.

I just love a good RICH GIRL/POOR GIRL moment. Inspired by my bf, @fashionlush, these have always been my OG favorites especially when I was a broke bartender on a budget. Like literally budgeting for a Rubio’s fish taco- u feel me?

This headband is something every girl needs. Here’s the deal: even if I were a billionaire like Kylie Jenner, I would still buy this pack of headbands. Who wants to spend a gazillion dollars on a Gucci headband that you only wear 4 times?

When I was packing for France, I strategically packed the baby pink one because, let’s be real, we needed it to fit with my feed’s theme. SO for …

The Summer ‘IT’ Drink: à la Piscine de Champagne


Let’s just start off with a little history on this amazing drink. I was first introduced to it by, you guessed it, Ingrid. She lives in Monaco & we were at this cute little restaurant called Petite Maison in Nice. Ingrid casually ordered ‘à la piscine de champagne.’ Immediately I had 100 questions.

A big goblet of champagne showed up, packed with ice cubes. As I was guzzling, Ingrid explained this is the chic way to drink slower. & while you’re drinking, you’re hydrating from the ice & staying cool in the heat.

I very much liked this idea because I’m someone who will down a flute of champagne in 5 seconds because it’s so easy to drink. But when it’s in a goblet with lots of ice, you tend to drink it slower. You don’t get buzzed a quickly.

No fear, this drink isn’t just for women, men enjoy it too. Michael loves …

10 Life Hacks For The Softest Face, Cleanest Laundry, The Fizziest Champagne and More


Today we have Jule from Jule The Bee sharing her top 10 life hacks with us.

Jule & I were introduced by our friend Ingrid de la Mare-Kenny ( who is fabulous ). Ingrid raved about Jule & told me I had to meet her & that I would absolutely love her. When Jule was featured on Julie Lauren’s podcast Hashtag No Filter, I immediately fell in love & started watching her Instagram Stories. After watching Jule, I saw she had a real gift of connecting with her audience on a fun level. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, & she gets it. She’s smart as a whip, she’s fucking funny, & she’s totally someone I would hang out with in person if we lived on the same coast. 

ACTUALLY !!!! We did hang out in person. We met at The King Cole bar in New York City. I’ll let Jule tell that