Holiday Shopping Tips, Tricks and Secrets


HI HI HI HELLO GUYS. Ho ho ho, the whole thing. Christmas, Hanukkah, the holidays, they’re coming. 

& it’s so much easier to get prepared online.

Ya ya ya, you know I like to keep it quick & efficient & always like to save time.

So here are 5 tips that are going to streamline things for you during the holidays.

If you’re anything like me you have a jam-packed schedule so anything you can discover online is the way to go ( bonus points if it’s a subscription service for your loved one ).

Finding unique, niche ways to talk about the holidays & finding something different for everyone is really fun for me. Like, let’s keep things different from what everyone else is doing, ya know? Your boyfriend doesn’t need another red flannel & Aunt Suzie has enough black sweaters. 

These are ways to help you keep it creative, FESTIVE, & stand out

The Entire 2019 List of Lauryn’s Favorite Things


You guys might remember that I did a post on my favorite things of 2018 last year.

& because I was so inspired by Oprah’s favorite things list last year, I promised to deliver a yearly list for you guys to reference. So here we are.

As you all know, I am VERY fucking specific. I know what I like & what I don’t like. I’ve said it before, & I’ll say it again, I don’t want you guys to do the work to find the best of the best. Leave it to me & The Skinny Confidential team to find them & showcase them for you.

You should know that this year I recorded a podcast to go with this list too. Be sure to head over to hear why these products deserve to be on this list.

NONE of this is sponsored. These are all things I use all the time that are …

Cyber Monday Picks You Need In Your Shopping Cart



It’s Cyber Monday. I’ll just tell you guys right now…I’m not going to bore you with some big intro to waste your time. Let’s get right to my picks of exactly what you have to have.

These are things that I’ve either talked about a lot on the blog or have really thought about. Ones that I think are life-changing & make all the difference when it comes to time management & productivity.

Let’s go.


Bose noise-canceling headphones
( only the best headphones ever, which why they were on the Black Friday picks too. )

Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee maker
( for home or the office- either way, it’s the ideal situation for an inulin, cinnamon, almond milk cappuccino. )

Nest thermostat
( an energy-saving thermostat that you can control right from your phone- efficient. )

Fujifilm Instax
( this polaroid camera is …

5 Tips For Launching a Podcast in 2020


You know my advice guys: launch fast & adust to consumer feedback. That has always been my & Michaels thing. Pull the trigger, launch, throw it out there, & adjust to what your consumers say & want. Even if you only have 2 consumers, listen to them, change & adjust, then you’ll see things grow.

Today I’m excited to have Julie Lauren on The Skinny Confidential. Julie is a podcaster, author, & writer. Her background includes working in the fashion industry ( Intermix & Oscar de la Renta ) followed by working with Petra Nemcova.

She started freelance writing, as well as her blog ( originally titled “from prosecco to plaid” ) in 2011, & still writes at Her first book, “Oops!” came out in 2015 & it’s an insider’s guide to dating, sex, & relationships in your 20s, & she’s currently working on a novel.

Julie’s podcast …

5 Hustlers You Should Follow On Instagram


As you grow as a brand I think it’s really important to support other people in the space. For me, it’s almost like a game to find who is on the pulse, who is killing it & who is being a total hustler. I like to bring other hustlers & small business owners on the podcast or the blog so the other day I was thinking that I never really talk about Instagrammers to follow.

When I started blogging, I would’ve died of happiness if another blogger in my space shared my Instagram handle on their platform. This industry can be so competitive when it doesn’t have to be at all. There are 7.5 billion people in the world & there is room for everyone. I like to give credit where credit is due.

With that, these are 5 people who are hustling their face off, busting their ass, crushing the game, & who I …