Mini DeLites: ASPEN…& A Weed Massage


Weed Massage ASPEN | by the skinny confidential

Weed Massage ASPEN | by The Skinny Confidential { snow bunny pink }

Hi, hello from Aspen!

We decided to take a quick trip to one of our favorite cities to SKI. The weather is ideal right now & it’s also incredibly romantic. Of course Michael went crazy last November & bought too much snow gear so at last it’s being put to good use?

If you follow along on Snapchat you know we’ve been skiing, eating, exploring the snow…& EATING.

Since Michael is a way better skier ( don’t worry he reminds me every 10 seconds if I forget ) I decided to have a spa day yesterday & kind of shut off of social media while he hit the black diamonds.

No problem there because there’s really nothing better than a spa day.

Now here’s the thing about spa days: they come with different experiences.

To be real, you never really know what you’re going to get…

I feel like I’ve had my fair share of diverse spa situations while traveling: a male masseuse getting too close, the therapists who talked throughout the entire massage ( NOOOO! ), lots of lympathic drainage, & a facial with snail in China. …

Face Yoga: AKA Free Facelift


Have you heard? Face yoga is all the rage. That’s right. I’m serious. Face. Yoga. You know, like yoga for your face.

In this post you’re going to learn 5 face yoga exercises that you can do at home. I did not invent these. These are all from the face yoga expert, Danielle Collins who developed face yoga to tighten the skin & defy gravity.

She created The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method after a couple years of teaching yoga. “Clients were enjoying the health benefits of yoga for their bodies & minds. I was getting more & more requests for a similar natural way for the face to look & feel healthier too. As well as my drawing on my training [in Pilates & yoga], I spent many years researching & trialing face techniques from ancient Eastern medicine, the latest studies on facial composition & renowned wellbeing strategies, & created The Danielle Collins Face

10 Things I’ve Experienced In Pregnancy So Far


Hey guys, what’s up? I wanted to come on & give you a little pregnancy update. I kinda did one on Instagram but wanted to hop on the blog to go into more detail. So far I am having a pretty easy pregnancy. No nauseousness in 6 months- I did get sick once ( not from pregnancy though ). With that, let’s get right into it.


♡ Food

Meat & fish sound gross, carbs sound good. Like a peanut butter & jelly sourdough sandwich sounds iconic- so it’s like the kid’s menu galore over here. I sneak greens, minerals, herbs, & nutrients in by making a huge green smoothie every day- it’s filled with things like magnesium, iron, inulin, fiber, greens, berries & a date for good measure. I trained Michael to make it for me to streamline things because it’s important for me to rest …

How To Get a Pregnancy Glow Without The Pregnancy



But I will tell you one thing: The pregnancy glow is real. Perhaps it’s because I’m not drinking alcohol ( which can make you look like a dried-up prune ), but I’ve totally noticed my skin is way more glowy from being pregnant. So it got me thinking how I can maintain this glow forever because I never want to give it up. Then it got me thinking even further, how can someone who isn’t pregnant get this glow all day, every day. I’ve broken it down to 3 products that I’ve been using religiously while I’ve been pregnant. These are all pregnancy safe, clean products that I feel so comfortable with. So comfortable in fact, that I even rub them on my stomach.

Before we get into specifics I want to give you a few ways to make your skin …

The French Way to Maintaining Youthful Skin


As you guys know, I have discussed facial massage at length. This is by far THE beauty tip of the century. But when I travel I find it interesting to observe other cultures & see how they implement specific beauty tips into their routine & I like to see how it differs from Americans.

Anyway facial massage is LITERALLY everything. My friend, Jules Wick first told me about facial massage when I was recovering from double jaw surgery & was experiencing major swelling. It totally changed my skin! It drained my face, smoothed out wrinkles, plumped up my face in the best way, & got rid of bloating.

Today though, I want to talk specifically about the way French women utilize facial massage because it’s different than Americans. I’ve been reading Ageless Beauty the French Way: Secrets from Three Generations of French Beauty Editors by Clemence von Mueffling.

& she states that facial massage is …