The French Way to Maintaining Youthful Skin


As you guys know, I have discussed facial massage at length. This is by far THE beauty tip of the century. But when I travel I find it interesting to observe other cultures & see how they implement specific beauty tips into their routine & I like to see how it differs from Americans.

Anyway facial massage is LITERALLY everything. My friend, Jules Wick first told me about facial massage when I was recovering from double jaw surgery & was experiencing major swelling. It totally changed my skin! It drained my face, smoothed out wrinkles, plumped up my face in the best way, & got rid of bloating.

Today though, I want to talk specifically about the way French women utilize facial massage because it’s different than Americans. I’ve been reading Ageless Beauty the French Way: Secrets from Three Generations of French Beauty Editors by Clemence von Mueffling.

& she states that facial massage is …

Why Your Skin Needs Baby Wash Cloths


You guys.

Today I have the hottest skin care tip to share. But first, I’ll tell you how I found out about this amazing hack.

I was listening to Jule of the Jule The Bee on the Hashtag No Filter with Julie Lauren podcast & Jule gave the most amazing recommendation. She discussed how instead of using a dirty, nasty-ass towel on your face she uses another very specific towel. & not only is this a towel for your face, it’s actually a towel meant for newborns.


Now, this is a good idea for so many reasons. It’s going to be gentler, softer & just better overall for the fragile skin on your face. The ones Jule uses are pre-rolled with this cute little ribbon so they’re perfect to have on display in your bathroom & they’re ready to go for when you want to take your makeup off.


The Best Beauty Deal For Amazon Prime Day


Facial Massage Tools, The Skinny Confidential.

You guys… read this post fast. Because you need this beauty tool & I want you to score it for the insane deal on Amazon for Prime Day. It’s 40% off, but only live for another few hours. That means you have until 5pm PST to get this deal.

My favorite, my standout star, my ride or die, the CLARISONIC FACIAL MASSAGER is only $177. That’s down from $299. That’s $120 of savings that you can save for other hot Prime Day deals. Not only do you get the facial massager head, you get the whole set that includes the scrub brush & eye massager.

I’ve written about this gem so many times because I love it. It’s an investment that I think is totally worth it, & with this deal for Prime Day, it’s the perfect time to make the splurge & add it to your skincare routine.

I’m OBSESSED with this. …

How to Get Rid of Those Jowls in 5 Minutes



Hi, hello, we meet again, & SHOCKER…we’re talking about skin.

Facial massage is something I get asked about over & over. & yes, we’ve talked about it many times on The Skinny Confidential but I wanted to show you guys how to do it without a tool, just your hands & a bomb ass oil. This way you can do it anywhere, anytime, for practically free.

This specific oil we’re using is one of my favorites. I’ve talked about it before- it’s Superfood by Elemis. I’ve talked about it 100 times, yada yada, I know, BUT IT’S SO GOOD. It’s one I’m constantly going back to. Superfood is lightweight, really gets into the skin to nourish it, & reduces fine lines & wrinkles which makes it perfect for facial massage.

Benefits of Superfood Facial Oil by Elemis:

♡ highly concentrated vegan formula.

♡ contains antioxidant & omega-rich broccoli, flax seed & daikon radish to …



The truth is the last couple weeks I have been going through some debilitating anxiety.

I feel like it has to do with the fact that I have packed my schedule to the brim along with some family stuff ( which isn’t my story to tell at the moment but maybe sometime soon ). The combination of my calendar being overwhelming & the family stuff has just been a lot for some reason.

I go through seasons with anxiety.

It’s funny like that, you know.

One minute you feel completely normal & then a random ( Monday ) you will wake up…feeling ‘off.’

This morning particularly I noticed that the feeling was creeping in. The anxiousness has been hanging out, like I said, for the last couple months but today it just really set in.

Again: the combo of the jammed packed schedule with the family shit sent me over the edge.

Stupid me, being …