Ohhhh Ya: FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL of TSC Bombshell Body Guide


TSC Bombshell Body | by the skinny confidential
Boy oh boy do I have a treat for you guys!

A ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL OF The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide.

…Because a little sample never hurt a flea. And let’s be honest everyone wants a little taste before they make a purchase, ya know.

Like tell me one person who doesn’t like roaming the aisles of Costco for samples? I mean I for SURE need to test out the veggie hot dogs before I buy them, HA ( I F-ING LOVE COSTCO SAMPLES! ).

Ok so, here’s a little fitness TSC sample for ya.

Test it out & lemme know what you think!

ALSO, I’m giving away a full membership, signed copy of TSC Book, MY FAVORITE TENNIS SHOES (!!! ), & a bottle of TEASE Victoria’s Secret perfume to THREE of you! Just leave your e-mail below in the comment section & follow The Skinny Confidential on BlogLovin’. Extra credit: comment why YOU HAVE to win on my latest Instagram picture!

SIMPLE. I’ll pick 3 ladies at random on Monday.

TSC Bombshell Body | by the skinny confidential

On TSC program, you’ll find nutrition tips, my favorite fitness moves, a full supplement list, AND MORE. Right now my team …

TSC Bombshell Body Guide: Hottie Blogger Reviews


The Skinny Confidential talks blogger reviews.
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Some amazing readers/friends/fellow bloggers have done some fabulous, oh-so-cute reviews of The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide.

The guide has changed my body in so many ways so it was cool to read about how the guide is changing bodies all over the world ( one reviewer is from Thailand! ). TSC Bombshell Body Guide is only 27 minutes and I’m going to be honest here: I’ve literally done the guide in my underwear, in my bedroom, while Michael was pretending not to watch a Vanderpump Rules reunion part 2 out of his peripheral.

Basically I created this guide with celebrity trainer, Jaime McFadden, because they’re the exact workouts every woman on the go needs: quick, simple, effective.

Anyway, here’s a further explanation of the guide:

For a full in depth post on the guide, click here & here. And to see how I utilize TSC Bombshell Guide on vacation, click here.

Also, when I’m feeling better I’ll do a full post on how ( & where ) the guide has changed my body. Pictures and all. Let’s just say my …

Socks For A Cause x A Bombshell Body Guide Sample


The Skinny Confidential Talks Badass Bombas Socks And Gives A Sample Of The TSC Bombshell Body Guide

The Skinny Confidential Talks Badass Bombas Socks And Gives A Sample Of The TSC Bombshell Body Guide

A lot of you guys have asked for TSC Bombshell Body Guide sample plan, so today I’m sharing that AND more!

Firstly, let’s talk socks.

Ya. Socks.

As a blogger you have a platform to share information with people from around the world so when Bombas socks approached me to collaborate I was super excited to pass along their information to YOU.

Basically they’re a fitness sock company that’s changing up the freaking sock game. They’re all about a healthy lifestyle but in a cute, fun, not too serious, get on my feet-kinda way.

But here’s the cool part: Bombas donates one pair for every one sold ( kinda like Tom’s shoes ).


Well because socks are the number one clothing item requested at homeless shelters. So like I said, I have a platform to share an awesome brand that is giving back. Check them out. These ones are by far my favorite.

The Skinny Confidential Talks Badass Bombas Socks And Gives A Sample Of The TSC Bombshell Body Guide

I’m a fan because they have a ton of support & they’re made from the most comfortable sock fabric known to mankind: Long Staple Pima Cotton. LOVE.

Anyway, I’ve been wearing these cutie socks while doing my 27 minute Bombshell Body Guide workouts. Here’s a sample …



The Skinny Confidential talks Zella.


A LOT of you guys have asked questions about The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide…SO your wish is my command.

Here are all your questions answered…PLUS at the end of this posted I’ve announced the top 10 bloggers who we randomly picked to review the guide. Please e-mail me at Lauryn@TheSkinnyConfidential.com to receive your free blogger code.

Since you guys are so rad, I’m giving away TSC Guide to ANOTHER TWENTY bloggers who are interested in doing a review. SO on that little note, leave your first/last name, blog name, & e-mail below & I’ll pick the next 20 next week ( I’ll also share your reviews on my social channels ; ) ).


Ok here ya go:

• Explain the fitness section:

The fitness section is a full, 28-week program, divided into two sections and targeted workout plans to hone in on specific areas of your body or fitness you want to work on.

Phase one is meant to take a user from beginner stage to intermediate stage.

Phase 2 will take a user from intermediate to advanced.

The workouts use body weight resistance, and get progressively more intense, so even if you already work out …



The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.


Are you excited?




I mean, GEEZ. If I had know how gnarly it was to create a full fledged nutrition/fitness plan for you guys, I would have booked a casual trip to the moon instead.

Here’s the deal: I’ve been working with celebrity trainer, Jamie McFaden ( an interview to come on Miss Jamie!! She worked with Jillian Michaels’ for years & knows her shit when it comes to wellness ) for the past seven months to bring you all my favorite fitness moves/foods in one bundle. ALSO!! NBD, she was named one of the 50 hottest trainers in America by Shape Magazine (!!!).

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

There will be an online community that comes with TSC Bombshell Body plan where I’m like your virtual trainer connecting with you via a TSC chat room. You can ask any questions, share opinions, or even exchange recipes tips/tricks with other members. Basically a Skinny Confidential community, fun right?!

♡ For the workout section:

These are 27 minute workouts, three days a week, that are quick & will tone you up FAST. They’re all workouts that can be done at home or …