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Packing is a Bitch…So Make Your Life Easier With This Lil Guide

The Skinny Confidential talks packing tips.

Ok, we can all agree on one thing, right?

Packing is a real bitch.

& don’t even get me started on unpacking.


Here’s some of my must-have-or-I’ll-die-a-painful-death-necessities when it comes to travel.

In my bag to Dallas, TX:

The Skinny Confidential talks packing tips.

White oxfords are my jam. They’re so cute & can be worn with anything. Just make sure you pack them in a box or a handbag bag because they will get dirty & no one likes dirty, white shoes.

The Skinny Confidential talks packing tips.This clutch is so good it hurts. Why? Because you can use it for a carry on bag, a purse at night, & to hold your chihuahua ( kidding, kind of ). I love this because it goes from day to night. MEOW.

The Skinny Confidential talks packing tips.

AHHH! Kabuki’s save my life. They’re the ultimate blender & seriously give you that dewey, not overdone make up look. Every girl needs a good kabuki.

The Skinny Confidential talks packing tips.

This is where the magic happens. I throw all my carry-on items in my leather backpack & I’m ready to rock. This backpack is super airport-friendly.
The Skinny Confidential talks packing tips.

Eye masks are your bestie when it comes to flying. When you’re high in the sky, it’s dehydrating. So do yourself ( & anyone around you ) a favor & use depuffing eye mask. There’s a version that all the celebs have been using that are $110 bucks…um, thanks but no thanks. These will run you $6 dollars & seriously have the same exact results.

& if you’re anything like me & have black, puffy circles when you fly ( << boo ), use these & thank me later.
The Skinny Confidential talks packing tips.

SUNSCREEN! IS! GOD! I’m so annoying about sunscreen that I annoy myself. This unscented brand is one of my favorites & it’s overly gooey ( yuck ).

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  1. I’m getting on a plane tomorrow (TO CA! WOOOOO!) and I considered bringing one of my full-face Korean face masks. Ugghhh lost courage last minute! Thanks for the advice, maybe I’ll pick up a more modest eyes-only mask before boarding…

  2. Brilliant list! I agree, I adore Oxfords and they go with EVERYTHING. I’ll have to try out some of the other products on your list!

  3. Totally agree on the leopard clutch! And COOLA makes my favorite BB Cream (featured in my March Birchbox )

  4. I have a big clutch like that with my monogram on it that I just love. It fits so much!

    The backpack is also nice. Because I’m always walking the streets of San Francisco I have a Northface backpack on me at all times, but I’ve often thought of getting a cuter backpack that’s not so sporty. Great recommendation.

  5. Packing can be a chore but here’s some tips that make it so much easier. Hope you like them…..just ignore that it says it’s for Spring Break because they work any time of year.

  6. I love the backpack and the oxfords! Although I don’t think I could pull off white shoes, they’d be dirty in a week because it’s so dusty where I live

  7. that sunscreen looks life-changing…if only I knew BEFORE I left for my trip!

    For me I can’t travel without my tinted moisturizer (w/ SPF 20). For when I don’t feel (or have time!) like putting foundation on, but want to look a little more even-toned. Life saver!

  8. i LOVE the white oxfords! I recently purchased a nude pair but I love the white. Where can that specific pair be purchased?

  9. I am obsessed with all of your obsessions!
    I bought the white oxfords – SOOO cute BUT they are way too small, they say they are size 7 but are closer to a 6. They came from China so I wont bother sending them back. Is anyone interested in buying these little cuties???

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