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Overcoming Adversity with Burn Survivor Solara Jaafar

Overcoming Adversity with Burn Survivor Solara Jaafar

Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.

Today on the blog we have a very special guest: Solara Jaafar. I found Solara on Instagram & after stalking her page & reading her captions I immediately DM’d her.

Solara’s story is one that needs to be shared. It’s gut-wrenching but SO inspiring. What really caught my attention is how Solara calls herself a burn survivor not a burn victim. I found that so aspirational & knew she had to come on the blog to share her story.

With that, I’ll let Solara take it from here to tell her incredible story & how she is living life to the fullest today.

Overcoming Adversity with Burn Survivor Solara Jaafar

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Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience & tell us your whole story.

Solara Jaafar: Hey everyone, I am a 26-year-old wife, a mother of 2 boys, and a burn survivor.

I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, to a Sri Lankan mother and Sudanese father who met in Lebanon, fell in love, and had my brother and I. My parents had a Christmas party that ended in terror on the night of Christmas. That night the house exploded due to a kerosene explosion. I was only two years old, and my brother was nine months. Of those that were in the house, I was the only survivor. I sometimes have survivor’s guilt.

After the explosion, I was in a coma for six months. After awakening from the coma, I couldn’t see for a few months due to the intensity of the lights, I couldn’t hear due to the impact of the explosion, I had to re-learn how to talk, and I couldn’t walk due to the burned skin being fused together on the back of my right leg.

I love how in your Instagram bio you say that you’re a survivor, not a victim. Can you speak on that?

SJ: I am not victim to the explosion. I survived it, I overcame it, I prospered and reclaimed my life!

What are some resources you turned to when you experienced major adversity?

SJ: I turn to God and also lean on family for support. I think of my children and husband during those times. I also have a tattoo on my right arm that says “she conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings.” That tattoo is a reminder that I have, and can, overcome anything and will wear the adversity beautifully afterwards.

Burn Survivor Solara Jaafar family
Solara Jaafar with kids

What are some tools you use every single day to practice gratitude?

SJ: Self-affirmation, meditating, and yoga. I also love to give back and perform good deeds. I volunteer at the food kitchen, and I donate often.

When I was younger, my son and I had to stay at a domestic abuse shelter. Although those women did not know me, they protected me and picked me up when I was at one of my lowest points. I’m thankful for them.

Every summer, I would attend a burn camp that firefighters and locals sponsored. It allowed me to be with others who went through similar experiences. I’m thankful for them.

I am thankful for the doctors who performed all of the procedures and surgeries on me so that I can do things like walk again and live a normal life. I am grateful for every single person along the way, and I will never forget where I came from. And so, I give back and that is my way of practicing gratitude.

children of Solara Jaafar

You wrote a post about how the doctors told your mother to kill you or let you die. That story had a big impact when I read it. Can you share that story with the audience?

I still cry when my mother tells that story, I actually cried writing it on Instagram. When I was in a coma, the doctor told my mother that she should allow me to die. He told her that I would never live a life worth living because I would be disabled and covered in scars and that she would later regret her decision.

My mother did not give in and she is the reason why I am alive today. I always wanted to go back to Lebanon and find the doctor… I want him to see what I have become and the woman I am today.

Solara Jaafar inspiring story

You recently had a baby! Congrats! What are some lessons you want to teach your child?

SJ: So many lessons! I want to teach my children to be kind. It never hurts to be kind. Be the person that lifts others up and not tear them down. I want to teach them the importance of having perseverance and grit. Do not ever give up. I want to teach them humility. Always be humble and express gratitude. I have so many things I want to teach them!

I love how you say you’ll never be ashamed of your scars. Talk to us about how you’ve persevered & have such inner strength.

SJ: At one point in time, I hated my scars. I hated that I got bullied. I hated the stares, the whispers. And I hated that people screamed when they saw me. I hated that I couldn’t live a normal life. And that my scars were a constant reminder of the traumatic experiences I had to endure.

I attempted suicide several times when I was younger & inflicted self-harm on myself. My arms and legs are covered in burn scars and self-inflicted scars. I wanted it all to end. But I had to push through the negative thoughts; I had to push through and think about everything I had to overcome. And I survived so much, and it was only right that I started living and embracing all of myself! I will never be ashamed of my scars again!

Solara Jaafar life story

What are you working on right now? Tell us what you’re passionate about & how you spend your time.

SJ: When I am not working as a project manager or studying (I’m still in college), I spend my time with my husband and children. I also want to grow my social media, so I think I will start posting content and doing that again soon. When I first shared my story, I had so many people reach out to me and share their stories. It was the most incredible thing.

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out! 

SJ: You can find me on Instagram @yeetgod!

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Be sure to follow @yeetgod on Instagram & forward this blog post & Solara’s instagram page to anyone struggling who needs some major inspiration right now.

Solara is someone who I really admire, so I hope you loved this blog post as much as I did.

x, lauryn

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